10 Stunning Bikepacking Destinations in the U.S.

From rocky mountain trails and glacier views in Idaho to lush forests and mountain biking routes in Georgia, the United States has it all when…

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From rocky mountain trails and glacier views in Idaho to lush forests and mountain biking routes in Georgia, the United States has it all when it comes to bikepacking.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, bikepacking is an exhilarating experience that lets travelers explore new places. However, with so many destinations to choose from, finding the best place to start can be tricky. 

That’s where we come in!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 stunning bikepacking destinations in America to inspire your next adventure. Each place has something different, so pack up your bikepacking gear and get ready to explore!

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1. Denali Park Road, Alaska

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Denali Park Road is a popular bikepacking destination with endurance cyclists. In typical Alaskan fashion, this destination is jam-packed with rolling hills, mountain views, and incredible wildlife. 

Along the 92-mile Denali Park Road Trail, you might encounter caribou, moose, wolves, and grizzly bears. Regarding riding conditions, you can expect easy-riding gravel and quiet roads.

In fact, after the first 15 miles or so, the road doesn’t permit private vehicle traffic, so you’ll only see the occasional tour bus, which is a bonus.

2. Oregon Outback, Oregon

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In the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find Oregon’s 360-mile route called the Oregon Outback. This route winds through the state’s picturesque landscapes, leading up to the Columbia River from Klamath Falls.

In Oregon, you might ride through lush forests one day and explore the vast central and eastern high desert the next. If you enjoy solitude, cycle along the Cascade Range to experience remote backcountry roads at their finest.

The diverse terrain and impressive views of crystal-clear lakes and volcanic peaks help make this route a spectacular bikepacking destination.

3. Colorado Trail, Colorado

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Colorado’s breathtaking landscape is the perfect setting for a bikepacking adventure and the 486-mile Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango is where you want to be.

Most of this trail sits above 10,000 feet, with the highest point reaching 13,271 feet above sea level. The challenging terrain is best explored in summer when the trails are dry and the weather is warm.

You’ll cycle through the Rocky Mountains, tackling rugged paths and steep climbs. It’s also worth noting that there are no official campsites along the trail, so pack a tent and enough food and water for your trip.

4. Black Canyon Trail, Arizona

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Let’s face it: with a landscape that includes the Grand Canyon, Arizona was always going to make our list. The Black Canyon Trail is perfect if you find yourself near Prescott and enjoy desert bikepacking.

This adventure through the Sonoran Desert will see you cycle 76 miles through rocky scrub, vast desert, challenging canyons, and across rivers. You can ride in Black Canyon all year, but it’s best in autumn and early spring when the temperatures are pleasant. 

Most bikepackers follow the point-to-point route, but experienced riders also enjoy a 277-mile variation called the Fool’s Loop, which leads straight out of central Phoenix.

5. White Rim Trail, Utah

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Utah’s deserts and canyons are also fantastic places for bikepacking excursions. One of Utah’s best places to bikepack is Moab, where you can find picturesque canyons and a seemingly never-ending network of trails.

This is a bucket list location for mountain bike enthusiasts, and the White Rim Trail is a must-visit destination. This is a 100-mile ride through Canyonlands National Park. 

It usually takes two to three days to complete and comprises diverse terrains. You’ll cycle along gravel paths, dirt tracks, rocky trails, and sandy roads as you explore the vast wilderness and pass unique rock formations.

6. Trans North Georgia, Georgia

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Georgia offers bikepackers an excellent blend of scenic mountain peaks and stunning coastlines, so if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, make sure you head to the Peach State.

One of Georgia’s most popular bikepacking destinations is the Trans North Georgia trail (TNGA). This 350-mile route is seriously hilly and weaves through the southern Appalachian Mountains. 

With over 56,000 feet of climbing, this route is challenging, but the epic views and endless National Forest roads are worth it. When you’re not cycling through dense forests and along nerve-wracking ridges, you’ll explore small towns and admire waterfalls.

7. Virginia Mountain Bike Trail, Virginia

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Experienced riders looking for a challenging place to ride should also consider traveling to Virginia. Here, you’ll find a mountain bike-specific trail called the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail. 

This route consists of more than 850 miles of gravel, single-track, and double-track roads in the Appalachian Mountains. Because this is a dedicated biking trail, riders can expect well-maintained trails, a variety of different terrains, and challenging tracks. 

As far as locations are concerned, this destination traverses some of Virginia’s most mountainous and rugged landscapes. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the Appalachian Mountains and the surrounding wilderness.

8. The Mickelson Trail, South Dakota

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If you want to explore the beauty of the Midwest, your best bet is to head to the Black Hills in South Dakota. You can do this by riding the Mickelson Trail, a 109-mile route along a former railroad line. 

This picturesque trail is perfect for all levels of bikepackers. It leads through vibrant towns like Hill City and Deadwood, as well as some of the most stunning landscapes in the Midwest. 

You’ll be treated to rolling hill trails, lush pine forest tracks, and boardwalks that pass through mountain pass tunnels. The route passes through four tunnels and over 100 bridges in total.

9. Green Mountain Loop, Vermont

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The penultimate bikepacking destination we have for you is Vermont, arguably one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Famous for its natural landscape, Vermont features vibrant forests, acres of mountain terrain, and endless trails to explore.

The Green Mountain Loop is a solid choice for a bikepacking weekend. This loop spans 350 miles of pristine countryside and allows bikepackers to enjoy the great outdoors and learn more about Vermont.

You’ll ride through quaint New England towns, admire panoramic Green Mountain views, cross a handful of over 100 19th-century bridges, and ride along quiet backcountry trails. 

What else could we ask for?

10. Ojito BLM Area, New Mexico

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Finally, we have New Mexico, a state best known for its vast landscapes that feature rugged mountains, pine forests, mountain streams, and meadows. Because New Mexico ranks fifth among the US states for total land area, it’s a great place to go bikepacking if you’re seeking escape, adventure, and a challenging ride.

One of the best places to ride in New Mexico is in the Ojito BLM Area. This 100-mile trail is famous for its high desert landscape with sandstone cliffs, volcanic landmarks, and deep canyons, all of which help create an outstanding riding environment.

The area is best ridden between October and May when the weather isn’t too hot. 

What do you think of our list? Have you been to any of these destinations? Have we inspired you to check some of them out? If we have, why don’t you plan your next bikepacking adventure? 

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