10 Tiny House Kits That Won’t Break the Bank

The beauty of a tiny house kit under $5,000 is that it comes with the materials needed to easily construct the shell of your tiny home, from walls, to roofing to all required fasteners. Let’s take a look at five top tiny house kits under $5,000. As you’ll see, each offers darling minimalist design appeal.

Front facade of the Saltbox shed tiny house under 5k

Are you fantasizing about a budget-friendly DIY tiny home? Prefab tiny house kits could be the solution you’re searching for.

Tiny homes come in a vast array of designs and dimensions. And for those on the hunt for economical options, you’re in the right place—we’ve uncovered tiny house kits that won’t set you back more than $5,000!

Opting for a tiny house kit simplifies the process of constructing a cost-effective tiny home.

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1. Glen Echo Cabin

Photo Credit: Summerwood

The Glen Echo Cabin tiny house kit under $5,000 is a Summerwood Products classic. This prefab cabin has an extended gable roof that provides shade outside and room for a loft bedroom inside.

Spruce framing gives this affordable dwelling structure, while vinyl windows welcome natural light. The exterior of this home features cedar siding with an option to add French doors.

There are many versions of the popular Glen Echo Cabin, and many of the smaller versions come to you in tiny house kits you can buy for less than five thousand dollars. 

These affordable tiny house kits can come pre-cut or pre-assembled and offer an affordable way to build a DIY small home.

2. The Sonoma Cabin Tiny Home Kit

Photo Credit: Summerwood

The Sonoma Cabin tiny home kit is another tiny house kit under five thousand dollars you can turn into the affordable tiny house of your dreams.

This is another kit house option with many versions, so you can find the size that fits your budget and the tiny house design that matches your aesthetic.

This stylish kit home can be purchased with memorable features like unique doors, window boxes, and cupolas for roof ventilation. So don’t think sticking to your tiny house budget has to be boring!

3. MiniBarn Shed Tiny Home Kit

Photo Credit: Sheds Unlimited

Do you love a good barndominium? So do we. That’s why we were so excited to find a cheap tiny house kit that would allow us to build one! 

This MiniBarn Shed tiny home kit by Sheds Unlimited is not only cute but offers a way to build affordable tiny homes for less than 5k! (Well, for the exterior structures, anyway!)

If you plan to live in your MiniBarn, you’ll want to account for the cost of adding windows, insulation, plumbing, and other finishing details. Still, this affordable tiny house kit for under 5k will help you build an affordable tiny house while sticking to your tiny house budget!

4. Saltbox Shed Tiny Home Kit

Photo Credit: Sheds Unlimted

When you build a home using an affordable tiny house kit for less than 5k, you will have room in your budget to add striking tiny home design features.

A saltbox house with its unique roofline will give the neighbors something to talk about. And with this Saltbox Shed tiny home kit by Sheds Unlimited, you can get them talking while keeping your tiny house building costs down.

This saltbox kit home allows you to choose your size and siding, but no matter which you choose, you have a saltbox home built with an affordable tiny house kit under 5k!

5. Cabana Garden Shed Tiny Home Kit

Photo Credit: Outdoor Living Today

This Cabana Garden Shed tiny home kit will help you build an affordable DIY tiny house without blowing your budget. 

Just be prepared for the fact that this particular affordable tiny house kit only builds a 9×6 structure. So, this home-building kit might be better suited for those building an auxiliary bedroom. 

Either that or a teeny-tiny house!

6. Arched Cabin LLC Tiny House Kit

Photo Credit: Arched Cabins LLC

Arched Cabins LLC has multiple sizes for their arched cabin tiny house kits, but if you’re looking for tiny house kits under $5,000, they have two sizes: 8′ and 12′ that will meet your needs.

And have you ever seen an arched cabin kit this amazing? 

We love the metal roofs, the high-grade wood, and the detailed information they have available on their website. 

Somehow, this Arched Cabin tiny house kit is both whimsical and modern, and we’re here for it!

7. Allwood Annika Tiny House Kit under $5,000

Allwood annika tiny house
Photo Credit: Allwood Outlet

The Annika Cabin tiny house kit is just barely under $5000, but we know you’ll forgive us for maxing out the tiny house budget when you see how pretty this tiny home is!

This affordable tiny house kit uses wood joinery to connect the walls- all six of them because this tiny house is hexagon-shaped!

Surprisingly few assembly tools are needed to put this tiny home together. Better yet, the tiny house-building instructions are clear and easy to read.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know there are Scandinavian tiny house kits under 5k, there is nothing standing between you and your tiny house dream!

8. Northwood Storage Shed Tiny House Kit

A blue and white shed house
Photo Credit: Sheds for Less Direct

The Northwood Storage Shed tiny house kit is not only cute, but it’s also one of the bigger options you’ll find in terms of cheap tiny house kits. 

This 14×10 shed can be turned into a cute DIY tiny house with faux Dutch doors and a hexagon window.

According to the reviews, the lumber is quality, and this kit can be used to build a cheap tiny house in a single weekend.

9. The Dollhouse Tiny House Kit

Photo Credit: Jamaica Cottage Shop

If you were the kid who loved dollhouses growing up, get ready to lose it with the DollHouse Kit by Jamaica Cottage Shop. This affordable tiny house kit can build you a real-life dollhouse to complete your backyard oasis!

This 10 x 10 tiny house kit under $5,000 will build you a shell, but if you’re willing to put some extra money into plumbing, electricity, and insulation, your Barbie dream house could become real.

So pick up this affordable tiny house kit for under 5k, and let your inner child go wild. 

(We will not judge you if you also buy one for your bestie.)

10. DIY Beach House Shed Tiny House Kit

A cedar tiny house in a backyard
Photo Credit: Cedar Shed

This DIY Beach House Shed is a tiny house kit for under 5k that you can turn into the backyard cottage you’ve always wanted. 

This cheap tiny house kit is less than $5,000, but keeping the cost low doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice a light and airy feeling. 

This tiny beach house has six awning-style windows to let in fresh air and natural light. 

Six-foot panels will build the walls, and for your convenience, the roof panels come with pre-attached shingles.

So if you’ve been in the market for tiny house kits under $5000, this kit will build you an easy DIY tiny house where you can soak in summer.

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