11 Camping Hacks for a Trip You’ll Never Forget

Setting off for a night of stargazing with pals or embarking on a family adventure across the country? Camping offers a delightful escape from the…

Setting off for a night of stargazing with pals or embarking on a family adventure across the country? Camping offers a delightful escape from the everyday hustle.

Yet, it’s not without its hurdles, especially for first-timers. From packing the essentials to setting up camp, there’s a fair bit to keep in mind. Thankfully, the wealth of knowledge online is here to guide you towards becoming a savvy camper!

A lively Reddit thread recently became a treasure trove of invaluable camping tips. We’ve sifted through the advice to bring you 11 top camping hacks that stood out. Let’s dive into these game-changing suggestions.

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1. Pack Things That’ll Keep Your Children Entertained

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There’s no denying it can be a challenge to keep children entertained on a camping trip, particularly during long journeys. However, if you pack the right things, you’ll be able to keep them occupied (and happy). 

Simple things like toys and treats usually do the trick short-term, but you could do something more unique to keep your children busy all day. One Redditor had a great idea. His comment on Reddit read, “National Geographic’s kid’s nature book and collecting kit for my kids. They easily spend the whole day being busy studying Nature.”

We like the idea of our kids being busy all day!

2. Pack Less

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A lot of Redditors believe the best camping experiences come when we pack less. The saying “less is more” sums up this hack perfectly. 

Overpacking reduces how much space you have in your vehicle and forces you to keep up with more things on your trip. This can lead to discomfort and increased stress levels. Other Redditors recommend packing less in order to have a more authentic camping experience.

One camper said, “Take less stuff. Remember that you’re going camping to be in nature. So don’t try to recreate home at the campsite.”

3. Keep A Hot Water Bottle In Your Sleeping Bag

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If you’re looking for ultimate comfort on your next camping trip, make sure you pack a hot water bottle. On a cold night, nothing beats the feeling of curling up in a sleeping bag that’s had a hot water bottle in it for the last hour.

The Redditor who mentioned hot water bottles said, “A hot water bottle in the bottom of the bed was a game changer for me when we started camping with our infant. Now we have a family set!”

Another Redditor recommended HotHands super warmers. In his opinion, they do the same thing but weigh a lot less and don’t require heated water. To be honest, we’d be tempted to pack both!

4. Use A Headlamp

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While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with using a flashlight, they aren’t as practical as headlamps. One of your hands is needed to use a flashlight, which can make it difficult to complete tasks.

On the other hand, a headlamp is completely hands-free and you don’t have to worry about dropping it. Why struggle to do something one-handed in the dark when we can have both of our hands-free?

When discussing using headlamps, one camper said, “Having your hands free and being able to see in any direction you look is a real game changer.” We agree!

5. Pack A Bandana

This hack might seem quite strange, but you’ll be surprised by the number of campers that swear by them. Why? Well, according to Reddit, “Bandanas are under-rated multi-purpose items.”

We can use bandanas for many different things while camping. Aside from wearing one to look good, we can use bandanas as a wipe, as a sling, to stop bleeding, or to keep insects out of our faces. 

As one Redditor put it, they’re “infinitely useful.”

6. Line The Floor Of Your Tent

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A great way to protect your tent’s floor and keep it clean is to pack a mat. One Redditor recommends packing two or three mats.

He says, “A cheap doormat goes outside the tent door so that no shoes go in the tent.” Then, you can place another mat on the floor inside your tent to protect the floor.”

You can even do what one community member does and pack a small carpet. This helps protect the floor and offers some extra home comfort. Obviously, this is a hack for car camping trips only!

7. Pre-Pack Your Camping Gear

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According to Reddit, one of the best camping hacks is pre-packing all your camping essentials. Having everything already packed makes things incredibly easy on the day you head out for your camping trip. 

A Redditor who has a family of five and two dogs uses this hack to get out of the house quickly. He told Reddit, “We have several heavy-duty tubs permanently loaded with various gear. Each tub is labeled and has a list of what’s supposed to be in it. One’s for rock climbing, one for swimming, one for general, one for winter, one for cooking, etc.”

You’ll need a large garage to store all your boxes, but you’ll be super organized!

8. Make Your Own Tinder

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Some seasoned campers over at Reddit make their own fuel to make fire-starting a lot easier. When asked about making tinder, someone on Reddit said, “I use cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly as my tinder, and it honestly feels like cheating.”

Someone else uses dryer lint and the cups from egg cartons. They then top the lint with wax. These weren’t the only recommendations either!

Other suggestions Redditors made to make tinder included pencil sharpener shavings, charcloth, and even crayons. This hack will turn you into a fire-starting ninja in no time!

9. Convert Your Vehicle Into A Mini Camper

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If you’re looking for a more luxurious camping experience, some Redditors recommend converting your daily driver vehicle into a cozy mini camper. One user converted his vehicle by “removing the rear seats and building a sleeping platform.” 

Now, his wife and dog sleep more comfortably and feel safer. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you could build small drawers into the sleeping platform as well. This extra storage will help organize gear, making your camping trip more comfortable.

10. Build A DIY Lantern Holder

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One clever Redditor has learned a fantastic way to hang his camping lantern. He uses a slingshot and fishing line to hang his lantern from a high tree branch.

Reddit loved the idea, with some readers suggesting other uses for his hanger. One user commented, “Damn, might use this to hang food high.” This could be useful in bear territory!

Another Redditor told campers to pack a pulley system. We like this idea too, if there’s space.

11. Use A Camping Checklist

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Using a camping checklist is the most upvoted camping hack from the r/Camping community. A camping checklist makes planning your trip much more manageable. 

You know precisely what you need to pack, and you won’t forget anything important. One Redditor has been using the same checklist for several years, and he’s become super efficient at packing.

Another Redditor who uses a camping checklist said, “Having a list helps me with packing anxiety, too! Multiple lists for the win. I’ve got sets of gear packed and ready to drop in the truck and go.”

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