12 Tiny Home Hacks Perfect for Staying Organized

4 shares Tiny homes are renowned for their snug and cozy living spaces, but their limited square footage often poses storage challenges. Fortunately, tiny home…

Tiny homes are renowned for their snug and cozy living spaces, but their limited square footage often poses storage challenges. Fortunately, tiny home residents have perfected some ingenious storage solutions that anyone can use, no matter the size of their home.

1. Loft Beds

Couch with a loft bed over it
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One of the best ways to make space in your house is by making storage in your bedroom. For that, bed lofts are a lifesaver! These clever structures will lift your bed while you can easily fit any other furniture piece below, like a chest of drawers. What’s good is that you can DIY it or get it from a local IKEA store.

2. Collapsible Bins For The Win

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You can find collapsible storage bins for all types of things! Crowded living room? Put a bin on an empty shelf or beneath a stool. There are multiple ways to utilize the humble storage bin.

3. Bed Linen Storage

bed with blue and cream linens
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If you’re thinking,’ It’s impossible not to buy a wardrobe for extra linens and clothes,’ then you’re wrong. Have you ever thought of storing your bed linens out of sight? Laying them beneath your mattress sure does the trick and keeps them wrinkle-free. That’s a two-in-one hack you will only find on rare occasions!

4. Hooks For Every Door

coats hanging on hooks
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Don’t underestimate the power of door hooks! They don’t ONLY need to be for coats, either. Place adhesive hooks on the backsides of every closet or cupboard door to hang washcloths, kitchen utensils, and much more.

5. Wall Envelopes

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If there’s one thing that makes a home look cluttered, it’s paper waste. We bet you have some utility bills or newspapers stacked around ‘in case.’ Save yourself the trouble and use a compact holder for all these papers. Mount a wall envelope for those miscellaneous slips of paper, and your space will seem tidier.

6. Ladder Shelf

ladder shelf in a bathroom
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Skip the traditional storage options and choose something that only takes up a little room, like a lightweight ladder shelf. This tool is necessary for extra bottles and jars in your bathroom or bedside table.

7. Pantry Portions

stacked shoeboxes
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Tiny homes have smaller pantries than standard ones, meaning your food items are somewhat scrambled everywhere. It may be surprising, but stacking up shoe boxes vertically in a pantry can maximize the area. Label boxes of Teabags, grains, and other snacks, and you’re good to go.

8. Wall Magnets

knives hanging on a wall magnet
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Now this hack is for the DIY moms out there; it will keep your kitchen looking spick and span. Visit a nearby hardware store and buy a pack of heavy magnets that can hold a certain weight. Remember that they should be sticky! Then, place them on the kitchen backsplash and suspend the knives in an orderly.

9. Ditching The Dining Table

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Even the slightest big shapes make the entire room feel smaller in a small home or apartment. For this hurdle, it’s wiser to remove your round dinner tables and make your countertop the star of the show. You can do this by placing tall stools along the slab to make a mini lunch, breakfast, and dinner table.

10. Maximize Counter Space

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People with small kitchens know the struggle present while cooking. Almost all kitchen spaces should have more space to keep your countertop clean. This is where this hack comes in. Measure your sink and find a cutting board bigger than the sink. Now, you may use these extended surfaces for your culinary tasks.

11. Shoe Holders

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Another hack that will be light on your pockets is this makeshift shoe holder. You can buy these hanging bags in stores, but it’s better to repurpose old plastic tote bags. Ta-da! Hang your flip-flops or sandals behind door knobs or coat racks, or even shove them below the bed. No one will notice the mess.

12. No Laundry Room Required

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This last idea is all about laundry, that room that can become an overflowing disaster. And while you try to manage space, a laundry room always takes more space than necessary. Portable clotheslines can easily allow you to do laundry in your sink and hang it. What a fantastic space saver!

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