13 Must-Have Campfire Cooking Tools for Awesome Meals

If you love cooking over a campfire, check out these tools to make your meals even better.

Cooking over a campfire is one of the great joys of camping, but it’s essential to have the right tools for the job. Whether you’re an experienced camp chef or a newbie, we’ve got you covered. Here are 13 must-have campfire cooking tools to help you whip up delicious meals in the great outdoors. Let’s get cooking!

1. Camping Pocket Torch

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Before you can cook a meal over a campfire, you need to start one. Campfire experts might use lint and some fabric fluff to start a fire, but using a camping pocket torch is easier (trust us).

Camping pocket torches are more powerful than traditional lighters, and they often come with butane containers you can easily refill, so you won’t need to keep buying a new lighter when your fuel runs out.

This essential cooking tool allows you to start a fire in seconds. It’s a must-have for your cooking kit.

2. Fire Side Gloves

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Fire safety is essential to me, as it should be for you. While we should always strive to protect our entire body, our hands are exposed to the most risk of burn injury. 

I recommend purchasing a high-quality pair of fire-side gloves to keep your hands protected.

Wearing fire-side gloves is an easy way to ensure you don’t burn your hands when handling hot logs and moving a grill or pan from your fire. You’ll also reduce the likelihood of spilling your food.

3. Utensil Set

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After you’ve started the fire and prepped all your ingredients, you’ll need a good set of utensils to cook your food safely. Without basic grilling tools, you won’t be able to rotate sausages, flip burgers, or handle food without burning your hands.

You should at least pick up a set of tongs and a long spatula. If possible, avoid any utensils with plastic or rubber handles since they’re prone to melting. Instead, stick to wood and metal so you don’t end up with a melted tong in your hot dog. 

If you can, pick up a metal fork and spoon, too. These two things will help you move bigger food items.

4. Cutting Board

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A high-quality cutting board is crucial for prepping vegetables or pulling cooked meats off your grill to check their readiness. 

While buying a cheap plastic cutting board might be tempting, I recommend opting for something more sturdy. I’ve made that mistake before, and flimsy plastic boards don’t hold up.

Opt for a solid wooden cutting board to save yourself any headaches. If you can, get a foldable one so you can store it more easily. 

5. Fire Grill

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Purchase a fire grill if you prefer to cook over an open fire. After all, you can’t cook over an open fire without one. 

Admittedly, many campsites have metal grates you can use, but it’s never a good idea to rely on them. The last thing you want is to arrive at a campsite after a long drive and discover they don’t have what you need.

Be prepared and take your own metal grill with you. Otherwise, you could be cooking your steaks or burgers on a hot stone. 

6. Firepit Griddle

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If you dream of waking up to the smell of bacon cooking on a roaring fire, you need to buy a firepit griddle. Oh, and you need to find someone willing to get up before you to get the fire started and the bacon frying!

Buying a firepit griddle might sound easy, but finding the most suitable option is essential. Regular griddles aren’t always easy to use for cooking on a campfire.

For example, moving a regular griddle without spilling oils, fats, and grease can be difficult, which is obviously a serious safety concern. Therefore, if you want to cook bacon and eggs safely over a campfire, go for a much deeper griddle.

7. Dutch Oven

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If you want to improve your campfire cooking, I recommend purchasing a camping Dutch oven. It is easily one of the most reliable and coolest cooking tools. 

A Dutch oven can cook almost anything, from stews and mac and cheese to enchiladas and pasta. I even know people who use their Dutch ovens to make bread and pizza. 

And that’s not even the best bit! With Dutch oven cooking, you do the prep and leave the oven to do the rest. Campfire cooking quickly becomes easier and more enjoyable with a Dutch oven.

8. Pie Oven 

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Despite the name, pies aren’t the only thing you can cook in a pie oven. As a child, I used to cram them with peanut butter, marshmallows, Reese’s, chocolate, and Fluff.

From a healthier perspective, this cooking item can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, such as ratatouille, sandwiches, and veggie burgers. 

Using a pie oven is also an excellent way to cook ingredients that would likely fall apart over a traditional campfire. 

9. Waffle Iron

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This following campfire cooking tool might seem redundant, especially if you have an electric version you can plug into the outlet in your camper. However, it’s still a fantastic item to own if you want a more authentic experience.

They’re also handy if you camp off-grid since you don’t want to run down your battery by making waffles in your RV.

Making waffles in a waffle iron over a campfire is fun, particularly if you have children. You can create lifetime memories and keep your family outside for longer. 

Waffle irons look a lot like pie irons, but, they have a unique waffle-shaped design inside. 

10. Popcorn Popper

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Another fun campfire cooking tool to purchase is a popcorn popper. Popcorn is a tasty snack perfect for lots of occasions.

In fact, some of the best camping memories I have are sharing stories around a campfire while cooking popcorn. 

If you don’t have a van or RV, using a popcorn popper might be the only way you can make popcorn. Honestly, even when we travel in our RV, we prefer to cook popcorn over a fire.

A bonus tip – buy a popcorn popper with an extendable handle so you can use it safely over a fire. 

11. Extendable Skewers

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Skewers are useful tools for cooking over a campfire. Whether you want to make top-tier kebabs or roast marshmallows, a set of skewers is worth keeping in your campfire cooking kit.

But don’t settle for just any skewers. Invest in a reliable set of high-quality extendable skewers. 

Extendable skewers allow you to rotate and move them away from the fire without burning your hands. They are also much safer for children to use when roasting marshmallows.

12. Microfiber Dishcloth

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Sometimes, the little things we forget make a big difference. Where cleaning up is concerned, you must remember a reliable camp dishcloth. 

To clean up after a campfire dinner, you’ll need various cleaning accessories like sponges, a water container, and a dish basin. However, a microfiber dishcloth is also incredibly handy.

A microfiber dishcloth makes it much easier to wipe dishes. It helps remove debris to get your dishes cleaner. You can also use a dishcloth to wipe your hands while you cook.

What’s not to like about cleanliness while camping?

13. Portable Fire Pit

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The final campfire cooking tool we have for you is a portable fire pit. Have you ever prepared for a big cookout and arrived at your campsite to find out it doesn’t have any fire pits? 

We have, and the feeling of despair is real. To prevent this scenario, you should buy a portable fire pit.

Bringing your own fire pit avoids the need to adapt to another cooking source and means you’ll always be able to cook over an open fire. 

You can buy propane portable fire pits, but we recommend choosing a wood-burning one if you want to experience a traditional campfire every time.

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