15 European Camper Vans You’ll Wish We Had in the U.S.

Check out this list of amazing camper vans that are turning heads all over Europe but have yet to make their way to the US.

There’s plenty of great camper vans on the American market. But have you ever taken a look at what we’re missing out on. Across the pond, some European conversion companies are innovating campers, creating unique vehicles with features we’ve never seen before in the U.S.

Think huge lofts with 180-degree views, inflatable pop-tops, and mid-size vans with a permanent toilet. Say what?

With European roads often being narrower and windier, designers have had to develop new ideas to maximize the available space and allow people to camp in luxury.

Buckle up; we’ve gathered a list of amazing camper vans turning heads all over Europe but have yet to make their way to the US.

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1) Hymer Venture S

Photo Credit: Hymer Venture S

The Hymer Venture S has to be the most unique camper van available in Europe. Just look at it–it’s like a space shuttle on wheels! Almost every detail is unique.

The Infinity Screen at the back of the vehicle extends on all three corners, offering a 180-degree panoramic view. The tailgate opens to reveal a yacht-style sun deck and a roof above it, expanding the living room located at the back of the vehicle. This can also be used as a dinette since it’s next to the kitchen.

The pop-top, which they call “Instant Loft,” is inflatable and made of a sound and temperature-proof two-chamber system. It inflates in under three minutes using an integrated compressor and can be dimmed to make the bedroom dark even during the day.

If those features weren’t enough, the Hymer Venture S, which is based on a Sprinter 419 CDI, is 4×4 and comes with an integrated light bar above the cab, so you can take it anywhere.

2) Ford Nugget Plus

Photo Credit: The Wayward Home

The Ford Nugget Plus must be the only professionally converted mid-size van in the world with a permanent bathroom and an L-shaped kitchen.

The captain’s chairs turn around to face the front bench, while you can place a removable table in the middle, creating a dinette that seats four people. The bench turns into a double bed, but there’s also a pop-up roof. An L-shaped kitchen at the back has a double-burner hob, a top-opening fridge, a generous countertop, and a sink.

At the back of the van, there’s a washroom featuring a fold-down sink and a cassette toilet. While the area is not enclosed to conserve space, you can add privacy by pulling a sliding screen across to the kitchen counter. If you need a shower, there’s an outdoor one in the rear tailgate.

Some people might not like having the toilet close to the kitchen; however, if you prefer small vans for boondocking and can’t live without an indoor toilet, the Ford Nugget Plus is the ideal solution.

3) VW T6.1 Calfornia

Photo Credit: Volkswagen

The VW T6.1 California is the modern, luxurious version of the legendary Westfalia. The floor plan is pretty much the same as it was in the 1970s and 1980s, with a contemporary look and upgraded gear. Why change something when it’s perfect as it is?

Inside the California, there’s a rock-and-roll bench, which turns into a double bed. The size of this bed is limited by the narrow kitchenette and cupboards on the left-hand side of the vehicle. So it’s ideal for kids or couples who don’t mind sleeping close to each other.

The kitchenette is small but has everything you need to cook a warm meal in the comfort of your little van. You can eat inside using the removable table or set up the included camping table and chairs outside to eat al fresco. A pop top also allows you to stand up inside the van and sleep in a wider berth.

Something you wouldn’t have found on a EuroVan is the 3-zone Climatronic climate control, which allows you to use the heating and optional AC in the front, pop-top, and back of the van.

4) Dethleffs Globevan TRAIL

Photo Credit: Dethleffs Globevan TRAIL

The Globevan TRAIL by Dethleffs is based on the Ford Transit Custom Trail; a mid-size van popular in Europe.

Because the vehicle is quite small, every inch counts – and the guys at Dethleffs nailed the floor plan. They fit a couch that serves as a dinette, a double bed in the back, and a pop-top on the roof.

Behind the sliding bench, there’s a storage area divided into two parts. If you need to carry large equipment or even a motorbike, you can remove the couch and leave it at home.

The kitchen is at the back—it slides out under the tailgate. The top-opening fridge-freezer is also on a slider, so you can access it from inside and outside. Dethleffs mounted a camping table by the sliding door that takes up virtually no space.

The Globevan comes in two versions: the TRAIL One and the TRAIL Two. The main difference is that the Two features a second sliding door, which is very helpful if you don’t want to think about which direction you park in.

5) Mercedes Marco Polo

Photo Credit: Roadsurfer

Camping in a small van doesn’t mean roughing it. The new Marco Polo sets a new standard for luxury in the mid-sized van market. The Marco Polo is the European version of the Metris, and the new European version is super sleek. The seats and wheel are upholstered in black or white leather, giving the interior a premium look.

The Marco Polo features a bench that turns into a bed, a removable table, a kitchenette, and a pop-top roof. The bench seat can slide forward and backward, depending on where you need to create a bigger space.

The kitchenette is narrow, but it features everything you need to cook up a storm – a sink, double-burner, a top-opening fridge, and lots of storage areas. At the back of the vehicle, there’s a mini wardrobe for storing clothes and gear.

The Marco Polo also comes in an electric version with plenty of optional assisted driving features.

6) Hobby Vantana De Luxe

Photo Credit: Hobby Vantana De Luxe

The Hobby Vantana De Luxe fits modern comforts on a Fiat Ducato chassis. The interior is very bright and sleek while keeping everything functional.

The swivel seats in the front turn around to face the passenger seats and expandable table to create a spacious dinette. Above the passenger seats, there’s a flat-screen TV. Behind them, you’ll find a spacious wet bath.

On the other side of the van, there’s a large kitchen, which extends in front of the sliding door. This allows you to access the front-opening fridge from both inside the vehicle and outside. At the back, there’s a double bed. The standard package also includes a side awning.

The Vantana De Luxe’s roof hatches are pretty innovative—they’ve been inspired by boat design. They’re essentially large windows that open up to let in natural sunlight and lots of fresh air, which is handy during the hot European summers.

7) Etrusco Urban Camper

Photo Credit: Etrusco Urban Camper

The Urban Camper by Etrusco is based on the popular Renault Traffic passenger van. Nimble and agile, this camper can sneak into the best boondocking spots in Europe.

You’ll notice the floor plan is very much inspired by the legendary VW California campers.

The Urban Camper features a bench that turns into a bed or can be used as a dinette and front swivel seats.

The kitchen is next to it, so you can prepare and eat a meal while inside the vehicle. Behind it, a storage cabinet extends to the back of the van. The furniture is modern and practical, designed to make the most of the limited interior space.

There’s also a pop-top, so you can stand up inside while cooking and keep the lower “floor” set up as a living room if you like.

8) Bürstner Campeo 4×4

Photo Credit: Bürstner Campeo 4×4

The Campeo 4×4 is a go-anywhere camper van based on the Citroën Jumper. Its modern but warm interior is thanks to the light veneer-covered furniture and the beige and orange upholstery. Even the bathroom looks like it belongs in a real home.

The kitchen is compact, but it features a slideout counter space and a front-opening fridge which opens both to the right and left.

The bed in the back folds up, so you can walk all the way to the back of the vehicle or store large items, like bikes, in the back during the day.

There’s also a pop-top roof with a spacious bed inside, so if you’re traveling as a couple, you can sleep up there while keeping your gear safe inside the vehicle.

9) Carado CV540 PRO

Photo Credit: Carado CV540 PRO

The Carado CV540 PRO has to be the most dog-friendly campervan on the market. It has a dog lead attachment point on the right front door and a built-in dog house under the platform bed, which can sleep up to two dogs. How cute is that?

Another unique feature of the Carado CV540 PRO is the bike rack, which stores bikes vertically on the left-hand barn door at the back.

The floor plan includes a dinette in the front, a large wet bathroom, a compact kitchenette, a platform bed in the back, and a pop-top roof.

The interior is bright with light-colored upholstery, walls, and ceiling. The medium-dark wooden furniture provides a nice contrast.

10) Dethleffs Globetrail Performance

Photo Credit: Dethleffs Globetrail Performance

Built on a VW Crafter, the Globetrail Performance is an ingeniously designed camper kitted out with premium equipment and clever features.

This camper van is ideal for tall people. It features a French Murphy bed 6 feet 5 inches long and 4 feet 6 inches wide.

It’s also an ideal choice for anyone who loves to take a lot of gear with them—there’s continuous overhead storage throughout the whole vehicle, including in the back. Under the Murphy bed, there’s open storage and drawers you can access from outside the vehicle.

The generous and practical kitchen has expandible counter space and big modern handless drawers.

In the large wet bathroom, there’s a fold-away sink that allows you to take a shower in a big stall. There’s no step between the bathroom and the passageway, which is rare for campervans and RVs alike.

11) Bürstner Delfin

Photo Credit: Bürstner Delfin

The Delfin is built on a Renault Master and features a bright, welcoming interior with neutral upholstery and furniture.

The bed setup is pretty unique. Two single beds on either side of the vehicle can be joined to form a double bed. But here’s the uniqueness–one folds away to create a space for large gear, like inflatable SUPs or kayaks. Under the beds, there’s lots of storage space accessible from inside and outside the vehicle.

The kitchen is functional and comes with a slide-out counter, as well as a front-opening fridge and plenty of storage for crockery and food.

The wet bath is spacious and modern—it looks like a hotel bathroom!

12) Tourne Mobil 6.4

Photo Credit: Tourne Mobil 6.4

Built on a Peugeot Boxer base, the Tourne Mobil 6.4 features a Murphy bed, a dinette, a full kitchen, and a comfortable wet bath.

While there’s no permanent counter space, the kitchen area expands thanks to a slide-out countertop that allows you to do your chopping and food prep next to the hob. The front-opening fridge-freezer is located to the kitchen’s right, so it’s bigger than usual.

Something unique about the Tourne Mobil 6.4 is the optional Dream4System, which allows four people to sleep on board the vehicle without a pop-top. The Murphy bed isn’t the only sleeping area on board—the dinette bench turns into a double bed.

13) Sunlight Cliff RT Adventure Edition

Photo Credit: Sunlight Cliff RT Adventure Edition

The Cliff RT Adventure Edition by Sunlight is a practical yet luxurious van with light walls and modern, dark furniture built on a Fiat Ducato.

There’s a platform bed in the back and a pop-top roof, so it can sleep up to four people. In the front, there’s a dinette that comfortably seats four people. The table between the bench and the front swivel seats extends so everyone can use it, including the person in the front passenger seat.

The full kitchen is spacious and easy to use. The best feature is the window on the sliding door, which allows you to look outside while you chop your vegetables.

The bathroom has many cabinets, a large sink, a cassette toilet, a big mirror, and a shower head. A shower curtain helps you keep everything dry while you shower. There’s also a nice-looking wooden slat floor.

14) VW Grand California

Photo Credit: VW

Built on a VW Crafter base, the Grand California is the bigger brother of the classic T6. It’s a lot bigger, so the floor plan is completely different.

The Grand California is kitted out with two cozy beds—a platform sleeping area in the back and a double bed hidden in the high roof area. To use them, simply slide the bed platform. This is the main feature of the Grand California—it can sleep four people without having a pop top, which is pretty cool. It’s also a great van for taller campers.

There are lots of storage areas throughout the camper. Part of the platform bed folds away to make space for large equipment.

The front seats swivel to face the passenger bench and a big dining table. Behind the bench, there’s a wet bath with a fold-up sink and a cassette toilet. In front of it, there’s a full modern kitchen. Modern and practical, just like the T6.1 Calfornia.

15) Dethleffs Globetrail Advantage

Photo Credit: Globetrail Advantage

The Globetrail Advantage has to be the campervan with the most customization options on the European market. The camper features a platform bed, a modern kitchenette with an induction stove, a dinette that seats 4 people and turns into a single bed, and a bathroom. The interior is warm and modern, with plenty of handleless cupboards for storage.

The Globetrail Advantage is available on a Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper, and a Ford Transit base. The floor plan and features change slightly depending on which base you choose. For example, on the Ford Transit, you can opt to have a bigger bathroom, which can expand by reducing the size of the platform bed, and creating a separate shower stall.

On the Fiat Ducato and the Citroën Jumper, you can choose between a central shower and a shower on the right-hand side – both have a screen or curtain to keep the furniture dry. The pop-top roof is only available on the Fiat Ducato and the Citroën Jumper, but the Ford Trail offers the best headroom at 6 feet 3 inches.

For the kitchen, you can choose between having a fridge-freezer or a storage area accessible from inside and outside the vehicle.

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