15 Jaw-Dropping Drives in Europe

If you’re into road trips, Europe offers some of the best ones on the Planet.

If you’re into road trips, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Europe. Taking a road trip is a fabulous way to get to see much of a country in a short time and take in the local culture.

Side note. Be aware: most European cars have a stick and some of these roads are quite narrow and windy.

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1) German Alpine Road, Germany

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The German Alpine Road takes you on a panoramic tour of the Bavarian Alps, from Lake Constance to Königssee. It’s 280 miles long and Germany’s oldest tourist route. Expect stunning mountain views and lots of castles.

2) Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

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This 36-mile drive takes you through colorful villages and stunning seascapes, with plenty of breathtaking sea cliffs. It sarts in Sorrento and ends in Salerno. While you’re here, you have to taste a traditional Neapolitan pizza and buffalo mozzarella.

3) The Ring Road, Iceland

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Iceland’s Ring Road joins most of the cities of the country, taking you through a huge variety of landscapes, like fjords, waterfalls and lava fields. It’s 825 miles long and located right by lots of natural wonders, so you won’t need to walk around much.

4) Bergen to Trondheim, Norway

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The route between Bergen and Trondheim winds its way across fjords, waterfalls and tiny villages. Along the way, you’ll be able to see Geirangerfjord, “the world’s most beautiful fjord”, according to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

5) Les Corniches, France

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Tour the French Riviera by car and take in the dramatic coastal landscape by driving along the mountainous stretch from Nice to Menton. Pick between three routes: the Corniche Inférieure, the Moyenne Corniche and the Grande Corniche. Don’t forget to stop and eat a crêpe en route.

6) Grimsel Pass, Switzerland

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This 24-mile road zigzags its way from the Hasli Valley in the Bernese Highlands and the Goms district in the Swiss Valais. It takes you through remote mountain terrain, quaint villages and pristine landscapes.

7) Romantic Road, Germany

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290 miles long, the Romantic Road is loosely based on an old Roman route. It takes you from Würzburg to Füssen through Medieval walled towns and stunning countryside.

8) A82 Road, Scotland

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The A82 goes from Glasgow to Inverness via Fort William. It’s a great route to take if you want to visit Scotland’s most famous attractions. You’ll be able to see Loch Lomond, Loch Ness and Ben Nevis.

9) Athens to Delphi, Greece

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Drive across the Gulf of Corinth and take in the incredible Mediterranean landscape. You’ll be able to peek into the Corinth Canal and visit the Temple of Poseidon. Don’t forget to stop in a local taverna (a simple eating establishment) to sample some local delicacies.

10) Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

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This 1,600-mile drive winds its way along the west coast of Ireland. It’s one of the longest defined coastal routes in the world, starting from the Inishowen Peninsula and ending in the picturesque town of Kinsale (Cork). Expect ancient monuments and enchanting villages.

11) Route Napoléon, France

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This 200-mile drive takes you from the Golfe-Juan, on the southern coast of France, to Grenoble, a famous city in the Alps. It’s part of the route Napoléon Bonaparte and his army took when they made their way home from Elba to Grenoble, after the exile, in 1815.

12) Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

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This 94-mile-long paved mountain road in Romania crosses the southern section of the wild Carpathian Mountains, in the Transylvania region. It’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful mountain roads in the world.

13) Grande Strada delle Dolomiti, Italy

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Taking you from Bolzano to Cortina D’Ampezzo, the Grande Strada delle Dolomiti traverses the Dolomites passing through South Tyrol, Trentino, and Veneto. Expect alpine meadows, dramatic rocky peaks and quaint towns. 

14) Ring of Kerry, Ireland

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This circular scenic drive is only 111 miles but takes you through impressive rugged coastal landscapes and rural villages. The route is well-known in Europe for the contrast between the elemental nature of the place and the warmth of its people.

15) Verdon Gorge, France

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The Verdon Gorge is Europe’s version of the Grand Canyon. It’s a deep canyon formed by the Verdon River. Along the way, there are 14 belvederes where you can stop to admire the cliffs and river.

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