15 Rad Ford Transit Camper Van Conversions That Will Make You Want to Start Van Life Today

Ford Transit camper vans continue to grow in popularity amongst the van life community. They might not be as Insta-worthy as other van conversions (specifically…

Ford Transit camper vans continue to grow in popularity amongst the van life community. They might not be as Insta-worthy as other van conversions (specifically a Mercedes Sprinter conversion), but they have a lot to offer.

For example, Ford Transit campers offer loads of comfort, space, and excellent fuel economy. They’re also more affordable than the Mercedes Sprinters. 

If you’re considering converting your first Ford Transit, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you 15 amazing Ford Transit camper van conversions that will make you want to start your van life journey right now!

Let’s dive straight in!

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1. Sportsmobile’s Ford Transit 4×4 Camper

black Sportsmobile Ford Transit camper parked outdoors
Photo Credit: Sportsmobile

This Sportsmobile Ford Transit 4×4 camper conversion has dozens of different configurations. You can choose from various kitchen, window, bed, and seat layouts to customize your camper to your style.

The sleek and stylish penthouse pop-top design provides lots more space in the camper and can be configured to fit an extra bed – perfect for families. The options available for electrical, heating, and plumbing systems make creating the perfect van life rig much easier.

2. Vandoit’s Ford Transit Camper Conversions

VanDoIt 4x4 Ford Transit camper van parked in the snow
Photo Credit: VanDoIt

This Vandoit conversion is based on a modular T-Track skeleton that lines the van interior. The kitchen area is attached to the T-Track, which can be easily moved to fit where needed.

Vandoit’s LIV conversion includes a neat hydraulic bed that can be lifted to create space for another bed or to provide extra storage space. On the other hand, the DO conversion has an impressive open design, complete with modular Murphy beds that help create more space. 

The Murphy beds even have an attachment feature that can be used to place shelves, tie-downs, and hooks.

3. Modvans’ CV1 Ford Transit Conversion

Photo Credit: ModVans

Next up, we have Modvans’ CV1 conversion. This Ford Transit conversion is built on a 150-chassis low-roof van. It has a convenient pop-top design and an interior that’s simple yet modern and elegant.

Ideal for families, this clean conversion features upstairs and downstairs sleeping and removable accessories, seats, and cabinets. As far as amenities are concerned, the conversion includes a fridge, stove, and toilet.

It can also be customized in countless ways. What’s not to like?

4. Colorado Camper Van’s Ford Transit Conversions

Ford Transit Camper van parked in a facility
Photo Credit: @colorado.campervan

Colorado Camper Van has some of the best Transit conversions on the market. They offer three different types of conversion:

  • The Base Camp 
  • The Adventuremobile 
  • The Road West

The Base Camp is Colorado Camper Van’s most affordable option. It provides flooring, ceiling, walls, insulation, wiring, LED lighting, and lots of storage space.

The Adventuremobile conversion is better if you want a more liveable camper. This conversion takes the interior a step further and features a small kitchen, a convertible bench/bed, and slider windows. 

Finally, the Road West conversion is similar to a classic VW camper. It has rear seats that convert into a bed and lots of storage space.

5. TouRig’s Ford Transit Campers

Tourig Ford Transit Campervan with pop top parked in the mountain area
Photo Credit: Tourig

TouRig is one of the best camper conversion companies, so you can expect the camper you’ve always dreamt of. They offer conversions that can sleep up to six people and feature exclusive storage solutions and clean, modern appearances.

This fantastic Ford Transit camper conversion from TouRig features the company’s ‘Airliner Storage Cabinets,’ convenient storage solutions, customized seating, and custom-tailored mattresses.

As you can see, the exterior is also pretty special. TouRig has provided thermal window tinting and a roof rack. You can also opt for an awning and ladders on the exterior.

6. Converted Van Co

Ford transit camper van parked near a lake
Photo Credit: @ConvertedVan

Next, we have Converted Van Co’s epic Ford Transit conversions. This camper conversion company offers modular builds that can be customized. They also provide installation help for beginner campers.

This van conversion, fitted with a custom-built kitchen, storage cupboards, a roof rack, and a bed, was built using Converted Van Co’s custom-built conversion estimator. The estimator lets campers choose their make, model, and customizations.

Every aspect of Converted Van Co’s conversions uses high-quality materials to ensure your van lasts for years. 

7. Freedom Van Go

Freedom Van Go Ford Transit conversion showing its interior
Photo Credit: Freedom Van Go

Freedom Van Go offers partial and full Ford Transit camper van builds. They’re well known for assisting campers with small DIY tasks and monumental van overhauls.

What makes Freedom Van Go stand out is its van part warehouse, which has an in-person showroom jam-packed with the company’s best work. 

The Smid Ford Transit build is a fantastic example of the high-quality work Freedom Van Go does. This beast of a camper includes a hard-shell rooftop tent, sliding windows, an electric cooler, a custom bed frame, an accessory rack, and more. 

8. Vanworks Ford Transit Trail

Photo Credit: VanWorks

Vanworks has three Ford Transit layouts: Basecamp (seen above), Basecamp Plus, and Switchback.

These builds vary in size, power, and features. Additional upgrades, such as an exterior ladder, roof rack, or heater, can be added to each layout.

The simple Basecamp build includes a large queen-sized bed with an aluminum galley, bamboo countertop and sink, vinyl floor, and stackable panels. While the Switchback layout may offer more features, both Basecamp conversions include a large water tank, extra power, and more interior and exterior features than other camper builds.

9. Wayfarer Vans

two men with their dog outside a campervan
Photo Credit: Wayfarer Vans

Wayfarer Vans has two Ford Transit layouts: The Wilford and Wilma.

The Wilma is the more affordable conversion, and it’s built on a 148” mid-roof Transit. This conversion includes flooring, panels, insulation, a bed, furnishings (a kitchen, sink, cabinets, and table), and a handful of neat touches such as LED lights.

The Wilford build includes the same but is built for a 148” high roof Transit. Both builds can be upgraded.

10. Freedom Vans Short And Long Wheelbase Conversions

Freedom vans features beautiful interior designs
Photo Credit: Freedom Vans

The following Transit camper van conversion comes from Freedom Vans, a company that specializes in Transit vans with short and long wheelbases. 

The short wheelbase conversion maximizes the smaller space by including a loft-style bed platform with underneath storage space, a dinette bench seat with storage capabilities, a small kitchen galley, a stove, and a 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator. 

This conversion also features a 30-gallon water tank, a diesel heater, and 370 watts of solar. The long wheelbase layout is similar but has a more spacious design, tidier finishes, and more power.

11. Storyteller Overland’s MODE LT Ford Transit Campervan

photo of Storyteller Overland's Ford Transit campervan
Photo Credit: Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland’s Mode LT Ford Transit Camper is constructed on an AWD chassis. Its layout is the same as that of other MODE vans.

It features a reclinable Groove Lounge 2-seater sofa bed, a Dreamweaver work area/bed, a HALO shower, and a kitchen.

There’s even a portable toilet. That’s not all it has, either!

This camper conversion also has a Volta energy system, which features a touchscreen display, 90 watts of solar power, a 3200-watt high-output auxiliary alternator, and a 20+ gallon freshwater tank. 

It’s fair to say this Transit camper is ready to take off-grid!

12. Coachmen Beyond Ford Transit 350 HD

photo of white Coachman Ford Transit Camper
Photo Credit: Coachman

The luxurious home on wheels has a 3.5L EcoBoost engine, remote start, and 10-speed transmission, and Coachmen Beyond offers it in three different floor plans. 

Each beautifully designed layout provides many neat storage solutions, maximizes space, and includes a stove, kitchen, microwave, and fridge. The 22C design also has a compact lounge area, a convertible sofa bed, and a master control panel, making it much easier to control the camper’s temperature and lights. 

You can control most settings via a phone app! Other special features of this Transit conversion include an enclosed bathroom, a Truma Combi hot water and comfort system, and a 24” HDTV. 

13. Chinook RV’s Bayside Class B RV

Ford Transit Chinook RV parked in the mountain area
Photo Credit: Chinook RV

The Chinook Bayside B RV is built on a Ford Transit. It brilliantly combines functionality and high-quality amenities to create a real luxury camper. 

This design has a spacious walk-through. Van owners can open the back doors and move freely through the camper. 

It features a super comfortable bench seat that converts into a bed and is perfectly equipped for off-grid traveling. Amenities like the 30-gallon water tank, 400 amp AGM batteries, refrigerator, shower, toilet, and 200 watts of solar make van life much more enjoyable and hassle-free.

14. Pleasure Way’s 2024 OnTour 2.0 AWD

photo of Pleasure Way's OnTour Ford Transit Camper
Photo Credit: Pleasure Way

The penultimate Transit conversion we have for you is Pleasure Way’s 2024 OnTour 2.0 AWD, built on a Ford Transit 250 chassis. This Ford Transit camper offers a 76” rear bed, 78″ of headroom, and a relatively spacious bathroom.

Perfect if you don’t like stopping for rest stops, this roomy bathroom has a shower head, ceramic foot flush toilet, and mirror. This camper is also equipped with a kitchen that comprises a microwave, stovetop, fridge, and sink.

When it’s time to relax, the camper’s built-in entertainment system lets you kick back and watch TV. 

15. Thor Motorcoach’s Sanctuary

Photo Credit: Thor

Finally, we have the “Sanctuary” from Thor Motorcoach. This conversion is built into a class B Ford Transit camper and is designed for ultimate comfort, functionality, and luxury. 

It features all the amenities you need to live on the road and looks absolutely fantastic. Some things we love about this camper include the sliding window, outside awning, and large water tank. 

Admittedly, the kitchen area could look better, but the seating area that collapses into a bed is spacious and comfortable. This conversion also features a Re(Li)able® Power Pack Electrical System.

So what do you think? Have we convinced you to start van life? If so, why don’t you start your dream Ford Transit conversion? We can’t wait to see the results!

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