15 Top Off-Road Campers to Take Your Wilderness Adventures to the Next Level

Ready to jump in the off-road camper game? Here are our top picks for the best off-road camper trailers for sale.

off-road camper trailer parked along the road on a mountain area

Designed for durability, off-road campers are your go-to for navigating rugged landscapes while offering the convenience of easy setup. With a diverse array of models and sizes available, these camper trailers come equipped with various features to suit your needs.

For those yearning to venture off the beaten path and immerse in off-grid camping without sacrificing comfort, a compact off-road camper presents the perfect blend of adventure and luxury.

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1. Taxa Outdoors Tiger Moth

Photo Credit: Taxa Outdoors

The Tiger Moth off-road trailer was made to sleep two adults but has the option to add a rooftop tent for two more. The simple design is incredibly rugged, earning it the distinction as one of the best and most adorable lightweight trailers under 2,000 pounds for different terrains.

Features include a full-size bed & couch, under-bed storage, wireless brake controller, roof tracks, LED interior & exterior lights, fresh water tank, USB outlets, all-terrain tires (with a 5-year manufacturer warranty), and more.

With all these features, this small off-road camper trailer offers large-sized comforts. Available add-ons include the rooftop tent, birch plywood camp kitchen, mesh screen door, rear awning, and a portable 2-burner stove.

2. Escapod TOPO2 Voyager Off-Road Travel Trailer

Photo Credit: Escapod

The TOPO2 Voyager is a four-season camper built with structural composite materials. It offers the same fully-insulated, minimalist design as the original TOPO Series, making this camper brand a great choice for difficult terrain. The interior boasts a true queen-sized mattress, a designated space to be used as a mudroom or coat closet, and a Truma Combi Eco combination water heater and forced air furnace to keep the interior cabin at your desired temperature. 

Available upgrades for this small off-road camper include a rooftop tent, a second awning, an air conditioning unit, blackout door screens, and an articulating hitch for your tow vehicle. These upgrades enable you to fully customize your camper for your off-grid needs.

3. Opus Camper OP4 Off-Road Inflatable Trailer

Photo Credit: Opus Campers

The Opus off-road camper trailer was built to take you to distant mountain peaks and sparkling lakes with an upgraded all-terrain chassis, heavy-duty tires, and independent coil suspension. It’s a unique design and it’s the only “inflatable” pop-up camping trailer on this list.

With the OP4 off-road camper, you can stay off-grid for up to four days and sleep up to six people comfortably. The inflatable design features a built-in air pump that inflates the structure in roughly two minutes. I was glad to see the pump built-in, as this was one of my largest concerns when I first saw this rugged trailer.

Cook outdoors with this off-road camper’s external slide-out kitchen that includes a four-burner stove, a foldable dish rack, easy storage and pantry access, a chopping board and prep deck, LED outdoor lights, stainless steel wind guards, and a 12-volt fridge and freezer combo. You’ll also enjoy storage, power, and onboard water for your camping adventures.

4. Airstream REI Special Edition Basecamp 20X Off-Road Camper

Photo Credit: Airstream

The Airstream Basecamp off-road camper was made for all terrains, from snow to rough woods. It’s small and sleek, making set up and clean up a breeze. The REI Special Edition floorplans (16X and 20X) offer upgraded features and more interior space than the standard Airstream Basecamp campers. 

Upgraded features include a three-inch lift kit, off-road tires on sleek aluminum wheels, stainless steel front rock guards, and solar protection for the front windows. It also boasts a built-in UV-LED water filtration system and a 21-gallon onboard fresh water tank. 

Each Basecamp off-road camper interior is equipped with a functioning galley kitchen, tons of versatile storage, and a convertible rear living area that goes from benches to a bed to an open storage area with ease. The Basecamp 20X also can be customized inside to suit your style preferences.

5. Black Series HQ12 Off-Road Travel Trailer

Photo Credit: Black Series

The Black Series HQ12 is one of the more rugged enclosed off-road travel trailers in this collection. It has an eye-catching exterior, but the interior is what we’re excited about. This is one of the only models on our list that offers a wet bathroom, meaning you won’t need to do your business outside in the great outdoors. 

The Black Series HQ12 compact off-road camper sleeps a family of four and features a robust suspension system and custom-designed trailing arms that allow each wheel to move independently over rough terrain.

It also has enough room to move around, with convertible beds, solar panels, a full kitchen, a removable table, and power to keep you comfortable off-grid. Black Series also offers a lifetime warranty on the A-frame chassis and a 15-year structural warranty.

6. MORV Explore Off-Road Camping Trailer

Photo Credit: @manleyorv

This off-road camper is made to be taken to the most remote areas. It has an aluminum lid, a trailer rack, a rooftop tent, 31″ all-terrain tires, a 2″ hitch ball coupler, and a Manley toolbox.

The first thing that caught my eye about the MORV off-road camper was the easy access to the storage compartment. The entire trailer lid lifts on assisted supports to make grabbing your gear quick and easy, facilitating a fast, efficient campsite setup. 

It also features a three-inch RV mattress, LED lighting, a military-tested independent torsion axle, a trailer stabilizer, and a patented tailgate design. Available upgrades for this off-road camper trailer include a rear hitch trailer stabilizer, lid tie-down kit, and a third trailer rack with uprights and/or a bar.

7. Terra Trek Australia

Photo Credit: TerraTrek

The Terra Trek Australia off-road camper trailer is designed to handle rough terrain and weather. It’s light & compact for easy maneuverability. The camper also sets up quickly and doesn’t require much time to clean out on shorter trips.

One of the first things that caught my eye when researching this off-road camper was the inclusion of not one, but two, spare tires. This may seem like a small deal, but any off-road enthusiast knows that tire blowouts happen, and this trailer keeps you prepared when they do.

The best features of the Terra Trek include a combination fridge and freezer, a side-access pantry, a solar panel, mud-terrain tires, a slide-out kitchen with pumped water, internal storage, an outdoor twin burner cooker, and more. Some features are optional and will change the price of your camper.

8. Boreas XT Off-Road Camper by Into the Wild Overland 

Photo Credit: Into the Wild Overland

The Boreas XT off-road camper trailer is made to be the perfect backcountry base camp. It is specifically designed to handle sandy, muddy, rocky, and other rough terrains. The camper is designed to hold all the supplies you need.

Exterior features include electric brakes, an aluminum roof rack, a fiberglass exterior, an instant hot water shower, LED lights, rear stabilizer jacks, and more. Inside, you’ll find PVC cabinetry, a memory foam queen bed, full insulation, an air furnace, and a USB power source.

This off-road travel trailer has a pull-out galley complete with a 2-burner propane stove, a sink, a freshwater pump, an electric refrigerator and freezer, and more.

9. Schutt XVenture XV2

Photo Credit: Schutt Industries

The Schutt XVenture XV2 off-road camper trailer is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum, making it durable in extreme climates. All Schutt trailer models are backed by a 10-year factory warranty. Each one is made in the USA and is designed with military engineering basics.

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to have faith in the build quality and construction of a trailer that’s “born of military engineering.” When you’re camping in remote locations, I think you’ll also love the 360-degree campsite illumination provided by the XV2’s lighting package. 

Standard features include a heavy-duty fold-down tailgate, max coupler hitch, large toolbox, LED lighting, and electric brakes. The available optional upgrades are a water system, propane system, water heater, lighting systems, and power upgrades.

10. Turtleback Trailers Expedition Off-Road Trailer

Photo Credit: Turtleback Trailers

The expedition trailer is the largest off-road trailer that Turtleback offers. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I love the many exterior color packages available for this trailer. From a functional perspective, the massive water tank, an impressive electrical package, and a super useful kitchenette make this off-road camper stand out. 

The water tank holds up to 42 gallons, and the camper has more than 50 cubic feet of storage space. Features include a shower, stove, slide-out kitchen, steel fold-down tables, LED lighting, standard roof rack, electricity, and more. Available upgrades include inverters, solar systems, awnings, and off-road tires.

11. Timberleaf Trailers Classic Teardrop Camper

Photo Credit: Timberleaf Trailers

The Timberleaf Classic Teardrop Camper has a cute, eye-catching design that makes it an obvious choice for our list. But what sets this trailer apart from the competition is the fully insulated cabin. That goes a long way for extended-season camping on cooler evenings. 

For someone who loves to cook on any camping trip, the rear galley offers a built-in sink, an 11 or 17.5-gallon onboard water storage tank, multiple drawers for storing kitchen essentials, and options to include a two-burner cookstove, a pull-out tray for a cooler or portable fridge, and three cooler or fridge models.

12. Hickory Expedition Off-Road Trailer

Photo Credit: Hickory Expedition

The Hickory off-road trailer was designed with convenience and durability in mind. It has an aluminum body for strength and tube fenders for maneuverability around trees and over rocks.

Every Hickory off-road camper trailer comes with an aluminum tongue box that can be modified to suit your specific needs. The base model includes off-road tires, a urethane coating, an adjustable hitch, LED lighting, battery breakaway and safety chains, and four jacks.

The camper also has the option to add a roof rack for added storage. Other add-ons include two different water packages, two different propane packages, a solar package, a portable solar package, a shower package, a power package, a heat & AC package, and more.

13. TAXA Outdoors Wooly Bear

Photo Credit: Taxa Outdoors

Taxa’s Wooly Bear off-road camper is everything you need in a backcountry base camp. It’s lightweight, versatile, and has a ton of storage for your outdoor gear. Plus, the adjustable risers create an elevated rooftop tent platform while providing storage space below.

I mainly chose this off-road camper for its gear-hauling potential, but it comes with a pretty nifty camp kitchen too. You may not be cooking on a multi-burner cooktop like in a traditional RV, but there’s plenty of room for kitchen essentials, dry goods, and your backcountry stove.

This hardy, high-clearance trailer features a full-size outdoor kitchen, storage, a pull-out for your cooler, and a platform to install a 2 or 3-person tent. You can easily tow this off-road travel trailer with any rig, including 4-cylinder vehicles. The large cargo deck stores bicycles, boats, or boards.

14. Coleman Rubicon 1200RK

Photo Credit: Camping World

I added the Coleman Rubicon 1200RK to this list because so many of the other models rely on the addition (or inclusion) of a rooftop tent for a sleeping area. With the Rubicon 1200RK and the 1400BH below, you have a fully enclosed area with a comfortable bed as your retreat after a long day of camp adventures. 

The 1200RK is a better model for couples or solo travelers, as there’s a single entry door, a couch that converts into a bed, and just enough storage inside for weekend getaways. You also have an electric fireplace to use when connected to shore power or a portable generator. 

The rear kitchen has a hatch that flips up and provides coverage on rainy days. The height of the hatch extends to a little over six feet, so most campers should have enough headroom while cooking. But there’s also plenty of space to pack a portable griddle or stovetop and loads of perishable storage in the included fridge. 

15. Coleman Rubicon 1400BH

Photo Credit: Camping World

The Coleman Rubicon 1400BH is the slightly larger brother to the 1200RK, making it better suited for couples that want more interior sleeping space, or small families that don’t mind snuggling together at night. It’s technically a bunkhouse floorplan, but only the smallest of campers will fit into the bunks. 

Like the 1200RK, it has a fully enclosed sleeping area that converts into a living area with a small table during the day. The 1400BH has entry doors on both sides, which is a huge plus if you don’t want everyone tripping over each other when going in and out. Inside, it has the same electric fireplace and A/C unit as the 1200RK and the outdoor kitchen is also comparable.

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