17 Campervan Interiors So Beautiful, You’ll Want to Move In Immediately

Ever wondered what it would be like to quit your job, hop in a van, and explore the US on your very own home on…

Ever wondered what it would be like to quit your job, hop in a van, and explore the US on your very own home on wheels? Well, it’s time to get inspired. 

The Wayward Home scouted out 17 drop-dead gorgeous campervan interiors that’ll have you plotting your escape into the van life faster than you can say “road trip.” From boho chic to sleek and modern, these campervans are all about making the most of tiny spaces without skimping on style or comfort. 

Whether you’re a seasoned van lifer looking for redecoration inspiration, a newbie designing your first floor plan, or just daydreaming about hitting the road after a rough day at work, we’ve got you covered. Grab a cup of joe, settle in, and take a look at these beauties. 

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1) LivingInAdvance

Photo Credit: Living in Advance

This stunning Dodge Promaster belongs to Sarah and Brandon – two digital nomads who toured the USA with their three adorable dogs for a number of years. Their van interior could be featured in an interior design magazine. 

The kitchen is spacious, with lots of counter space, plus a cooker with four hobs and an oven. There’s even a front-opening refrigerator on the other side of the van. They can definitely cook up a storm in there! 

The bed is a classic platform bed located at the back of the vehicle, and it’s both spacious and cozy. Much of it is hidden behind a wardrobe, which means one person can keep sleeping while the other is up and about. Genius! We love how the couple decorated the space with boho vibes. Check out their build on their blog.

2) Entrega Ethos

Photo Credit: Entegra Coach

If you’re looking for a plan with the biggest camper van bed you’ve ever seen, you’ve got to check out the Ethos 20T by Entrega Coach. This is a professional build, so that’s why it looks incredibly luxurious. But you could easily replicate the concept DIY. Check out the size of that bed! It nearly takes up the whole interior. 

There’s a compact kitchen on one end of the vehicle and a wet bath on the other – the rest of the space is dedicated to two long couches, which you can join to make the huge bed we just mentioned. 

Imagine how cozy it would be to sleep in that space after a long day outdoors. And before you go to sleep, you can turn on the sat TV and enjoy an epic movie night–yes, there’s also a microwave oven to make popcorn in there! 

3) Tommy Camper Vans

Photo Credit: Tommy Campervans

Love a modern, practical, yet cozy vibe? Check out the interiors of custom conversion company Tommy Camper Vans in Phoenix, Arizona. They turn Sprinter vans into modern homes on wheels. 

We love how bright they can make the inside of a van while keeping it fairly stealthy by installing small-ish windows. They somehow fit a full kitchen, bathroom stall, and platform bed in a standard van. It’s like magic.

4) Aspen Custom Vans

Photo Credit: Aspen Custom Vans

If you want to take your van on cool adventures, like skiing, surfing, and rock climbing, get inspired by Aspen Custom Vans. It’s a conversion company based in the Aspen Valley in Colorado. 

Their vans are designed to carry lots of large gear, keep things tidy, and provide a comfy bed for the night. The guys don’t include a bathroom in many of their plans because they trust you’ll be somewhere remote where going to the toilet and showering outside is OK. 

The platform bed on this model is higher than on other rigs because you only need it for sleeping after a lot of fun activities–no need to sit up to read in there. We love how there’s counter space on both sides of the vehicle, which we’ve rarely seen before. The interior is finished with light gray soft panels to give the interior a modern vibe. Nice!

5) VW Grand California

Photo Credit: The Wayward Home

We couldn’t skip the Grand California – VW are masters at designing campervan interiors! The Wayward Home publisher, Kristin, traveled in one of these beauties for a week in Europe last year. She loved it! The European-style cassette toilet wasn’t exactly her thing, but those are just details…

The interior of the Grand California is modern, practical, and bright. It features two double beds – one in the back and one in the high roof – a compact wet bath, a dinette, and a kitchen. It lacks the personal touch of a DIY conversion or a custom build, but it has some clever little features.

For example, there are a drop-down breakfast bar and a slide-out fridge, which you can access from outside. These are extremely handy if you spend a lot of time outdoors at the camping table.

6) Paved To Pines

Photo Credit: Paved to Pines

Do you like a cozy and warm interior where it’s easy to fall asleep? Paved to Pines custom conversions offer the perfect inspiration. This Mercedes Sprinter has been lined with gray carpet walls to provide a snug atmosphere. The furniture is made of dark wood and white panels, which creates a nice contrast. You wouldn’t find this kind of finish on a production campervan.

We dig the unique setup with a couch in front of a mini dinette. It’s ideal for couples who don’t need a big table for four set up at all times. You can remove the table and store it away whenever you like, so you can just hang out on the couch. Perfect!

7) Noke Van Co

Photo Credit: Noke Vans Co

Looking to achieve that #VanLife look you see everywhere on Instagram? You’ve got to check out Noke Van Co’s builds. Their custom builds are super cozy and deliver that boho vibe we’ve all been dreaming of.

The white tongue-and-groove paneling makes you feel like you’re in a cute cottage. The modern-yet-rustic furniture is well-designed to provide convenient storage solutions. And the soft furnishing is to die for. 

We love this floor plan because it features a dinette with a collapsible table next to the platform bed. To keep things dry, there’s no bathroom in Noke vans, but the guys fit an outdoor shower to keep clean on the road. 

8) Stargazer Ram Promaster 

Photo Credit: Thevancamper.com

Are we looking at the inside of a boat or a van? If you want to feel in touch with nature even while you’re snuggled up inside your van with the heating on, you’ll love the Stargazer by Vancamper. It features large windows on every side and a huge hatch in the roof, so you can look at the landscape and sky at all times. How amazing is that? Think how cool it’d be to take this beauty to a snowy forest.

The walls are covered in wooden slat paneling, while the furniture – other than the kitchen counters – is white. There are two long couches which turn into a bed right under the hatch, a compact kitchen, and a spacious wardrobe. 

This incredible plan might be challenging to replicate DIY – you’d need to be pretty confident you’re a pro at waterproofing windows! 

9) Freedom Vans

Photo Credit: Freedom Vans

If you can’t get on the road without a big living room, you’ll love this custom conversion by Freedom Vans. Rather than having the classic platform bed, this one features a huge U-shaped dinette in the back. It can sit five people comfortably, so it’s a great feature to have if you want to invite other van lifers over for dinner or drinks. 

Because the eating and sleeping quarters are all in one space, there’s lots of room in the front of the van. So the kitchen is pretty big and there’s room for a bathroom. This floor plan might be old school, but it really makes the most of the space available. 

The only catch? You’ll need to make the bed every night and turn it into a dining room in the morning. But it’s worth the effort, right?

10) Roadtrek Pivot Slumber

Photo Credit: Roadtrek

Are you a fan of 90s RV interiors? We certainly are! The Roadtrek Pivot Slumber couples 90s-style RV wooden furniture with luxurious, modern detailing and amenities. 

A clever feature of this plan is the pivoting wall in the bathroom – it allows you to create a shower stall and keep the rest of the room dry. But when you don’t need to shower, you have access to a huge bathroom.

The really cool thing about the Pivot Slumber is that it has twin beds at the back, which turn into a king-size bed. If you leave the beds separate, you can walk directly from the front seats to the back of the van. That’s pretty cool – on most vans you need to get out to reach the back.

11) Thor Sequence

Photo Credit: Thor

If you love bright and sleek modern interior design, take a look at the Thor Sequence. The furniture is made of light-coloured, smart-looking panels while the flooring is made of residential vinyl. It’s just so stylish!

This floor plan features two living rooms. There’s a couch with a swivel table in the front and a classic dinette in the back. This set up is ideal if you travel as a digital nomad couple. Imagine having your personal office on the road. No more fighting over table space.

12) Grech RV Tourismo-Ion

Photo Credit: Grech RV

Speaking of modern, luxurious interiors… this one definitely fits the bill. The furnishings are reminiscent of what you’d find in a five-star hotel room. Just look at the detail in the upholstery and furniture. 

The Tourismo-Ion is designed to offer luxury on the go. There’s a dinette that turns into a bed in the back, a small kitchen in the middle, and a wet bath in the front. The floor plan is simple, as it needs to suit a 19-feet-long van, but it has everything you need to stay on the road for a while. 

With these lush amenities, you won’t miss home anytime soon.

13) Brown Bird & Co

Photo Credit: Brown Bird & Co

When you convert small vans you need to make the most of the space available and use your creativity to personalize the furniture. Brown Bird & Co – a UK-based conversion company – excels in this. If you need to convert an old VW or an NV200, take notes!

Their conversions are unique – they feature bright-colored furniture and upholstery, countertops with natural wood detailing, and rustic accessories. While their conversions are small, they come with huge personalities. 

Even if this specific plan isn’t exactly your thing, you should still check out their website – their unique furniture units and clever features offer loads of great inspiration.

14) Advanture Co

Photo Credit: Advanture.co

Are you a minimalist who can’t stand clutter and needs to get to your stuff as quickly as possible? Then you’ll love this Advanture Co conversion. It’s perfect for any organization addict. 

This camper keeps everything simple and accessible. The furniture is sleek and modern but especially practical. The overhead cupboards are simple and easy to get to. You won’t struggle to move around, and your stuff will be nicely tucked away at all times. No stress! 

15) Yetibus

Photo Credit: Yetibus

Love a rustic look with lots of wood? Look no further than the Yetibus. Literally, every surface on the van is covered in it! How cool is that? You’ll feel like you’re camping in a wooden cabin in the forest. 

This is the top-of-the-range conversion from Yetibus and comes with a wet bath, platform bed, huge kitchen with induction top, and front-opening fridge and freezer. There’s no dinette, but you can mount a removable table by the swivel seats in the front to eat your meals. 

The bed is huge, and so is the gear garage underneath it. The best bit? It comes with a slide, so you can easily pull out your gear and grab whatever you need. This feature is great if you need to carry bikes.

16) Beartooth Van Works

Photo Credit: Beartooth VanWorks

Are you traveling with little ones? Then get inspired by this gorgeous build by Beartooth Van Works. To sleep a family of four, the guys built two floating double beds in the back of the van. 

The upper bunk collapses, while the lower bed becomes a bench system, which you can use to chill out in the evening. We love the bright and cheerful color scheme and the rustic wooden ceiling.

There’s also a decent-size kitchen where you can cook your meals from scratch. While this setup doesn’t allow for a shower stall, you can always carry a portable toilet on your travels.

17) Pleasure Way Plateau

Photo Credit: Pleasure Way

Do you dream of a van that resembles a luxury condo? How about a camper van with an electric sofa and an ottoman? Here it is! 

Park the van keeping the beach on the right-hand side, so you can enjoy an ocean view from the dinner table. The couches are so plush, you’ll feel like you’re in a hotel. 

But the Plateau isn’t just gorgeous to look at. The dining area turns into a huge bed. The full kitchen has a front-opening fridge and freezer. There’s a full-size wardrobe and overhead storage everywhere. This is van life in comfort and style.

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