25 Creative Campervan Conversion Companies for Your Van Life Dreams

Let’s look at some of the coolest professional van conversion companies on the market to get the custom campervan of your dreams.

Thinking about hitting the road and calling a van your home? You’re not alone! The leap into van life is all about freedom, adventures, and living simply but oh-so-fully. The real game-changer? Turning that plain old van into a snug, travel-ready pad. And guess what? We’ve got the scoop on 25 awesome van conversion companies that do just that.

Whether you’re into the sleek and modern look or something more warm and rustic, these folks have got you covered. So, ready to meet the masterminds making van life dreams a total reality?

Let’s dive in!

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1. Van Life Customs

Photo Credit: Van Life Customs

Van Life Customs is one of our favorite custom van conversion companies. They’ll convert any of the three-panel vans popular for van life, including the Sprinter, Promaster, and Transit.

Each conversion is unique and reflects the needs and taste of the van lifer who commissioned it. Modern, rustic, boho – you choose the look and the equipment you want to be installed, and they will build something beautiful.

Van Life Customs also builds model vans, which are slightly less expensive, and they also have some ready-to-go converted vans for sale.

2. Outside Van

Photo Credit: Outside Van

Outside Van converts Mercedes Sprinters into gorgeous campervans. Their interiors are modern and space-efficient. You can choose between one or two-bed floor plans and a variety of styles – from minimalist to rustic to luxe.

Outside Van also sells one-off, prebuilt custom vans. They go fast, so you better keep your eye on the mailing list to land one of these beauties.

3. Contravans

Photo Credit: Contravans

Contravans can convert almost any vehicle into a campervan conversion, but they aren’t working on Mercedes Sprinter vans just yet.

They’re one of the few camper van conversion companies out there that convert box trucks into modern tiny homes.

Contravans’ builds span from small and space-efficient kits to install in cars and SUVs, to bigger and more sophisticated gear for cargo vans.

4. Brooklyn Campervans

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Campervans

Brooklyn Campervans brings the WOW factor to any campervan conversion. The folks there offer a beautiful, clean aesthetic with all the amenities from an indoor shower, off-grid AC Unit, satellite internet, and more. 

They blend rugged exterior modifications on their 4×4 Sprinters with a delicate touch in fine interior design. Plus, they are constantly innovating.

If you’re in a rush for a van, they also have inventory in stock.

5. Advanture Co. camper van conversion company

Photo Credit: Advanture Vans

Advanture Company specializes in custom and standardized conversions for various van models. Their campervan interiors look gorgeous whether you go for a modern, minimalistic, or rustic feel. Their floorplans can accommodate one or two beds, tables, toilets, and more.

Adventure Co.’s base package turns your van into an RV with a bed, kitchenette, cabinets, bench seat mounts, outdoor shower, and heating. You can add more options to your build, including leather seats, a portable toilet, a 12-volt fridge, and a propane stove.

Find out more about Advanture Co. on their website.

6. Sportsmobile

Photo Credit: Sportsmobile

Sportsmobile is an icon on the van conversion companies scene. Their sporty, rugged builds don’t go unnoticed on the road. They’ve been in the business since the 60s, so they have vast experience of converting a variety of vehicles.

You can choose one of their standard plans or to design your own conversion for roughly the same price. Included in the price is a five-year, unlimited miles warranty.

We love that Sportsmobile designs campervans for people in wheelchairs so anyone can get out camping.

7. Glampervans

Photo Credit: Glampervan

Glampervans produces standardized conversions for the Dodge Ram Promaster. Their interiors are practical and modern. We love that the Glampervans build-outs are clean, upscale, yet way cheaper than a custom Mercedes Sprinter van.

The company is possibly the best Ram Promaster converter, given that they have tested their rig for 16 months, over 24,000 miles in all sorts of conditions – from snow-covered mountains to remote beaches.

Their MUV campervan conversion features a queen bed, a kitchenette and lots of storage. While the design is standardized, you can still choose several options.

8. Beartooth Vanworks

Photo Credit: Beartooth VanWorks

Beartooth Vanworks builds rugged, customized vans that are ideal for the adventurous van lifer.

These guys offer a variety of designs – from super minimalist conversions that maximize space to store lots of large gear to cozy campervan interiors that can accommodate a family of four.

Although the company specializes in Sprinter vans, they can also work on other vehicles. Each build is highly customized and you can install as little or as much equipment as you like.

9. Aspen Custom Vans

Photo Credit: Aspen Custom Vans

Aspen Custom Vans is a custom van conversion company that turns your van life dream into a reality. All of their designs are Instagram-worthy. Most of their floor plans feature a double bed, a dinette, a decent galley, and lots of storage.

The best bit? You can rent one of their vehicles to get a feel for what living on one of their conversions is like. The company also offers DIY conversion consultations over the phone, to help you kickstart your own build.

10. Colorado Camper Van

Photo Credit: Colorado Camper Vans

Colorado Camper Van converts a variety of vehicles into RVs. They can do a basic campervan pop-top installation or go all out and deliver a full build-out. They also sell a pop-top DIY kit that you can install yourself if you are confident in all things electrics.

The interiors are designed to accommodate different budgets and lifestyles. The company delivers quickly; it only takes them four to five weeks to complete a custom build and two weeks for a pop-top install.

11. Titan Vans

Titan Vans Metis
Photo credit: Titan Vans

Titan Vans is a camper van conversion company that produces standardized and custom builds. The complete custom build will cost more, but you’ll get to design every aspect of your van. Titan engineers will create a full 3D rendering of your build, then once you pay, work on the van begins.

This van conversion company offers a three-year or 36,000-mile warranty. And if you’re not ready to purchase a full conversion, you can browse their Timber Vans Shop and buy the gear you need for a basic DIY build.

12. El Kapitan

Photo Credit: El Kapitan

Love a little luxury? Then, you may want to check out El Kapitan’s rigs. Their camper designs are super stylish and modern. This van conversion company gives you several options: the pre-designed Story Maker and Dream Weaver vans, or a complete custom build.

The Story Maker is designed for the 144 wheelbase Sprinter and comes with a comfortable sleeping area, walkway, and reclining lounge seats. This stunning van build has mahogany luan walls, a marine plywood floor, hot water, heater and more.

The Dream Weaver is built on the 170 Sprinter chassis and includes a full interior shower, galley, and open garage space for storing bikes and other gear.

These van conversions come with all sorts of gear – from inverters and microwaves to AC and a toilet. You can choose from 17 different floor plans, so you can be sure to find an interior to suit your adventure.

13. TouRig

Photo Credit: Tourig

The TouRig van conversion company is a Sprinter van conversion specialist offering nine different van build designs. Each floor plan suits a specific lifestyle; however, they welcome customer input into their design process. Their staff can help you design a custom interior that best suits your needs.

A typical TouRig van conversion features a kitchenette, a bed, a couch and plenty of storage. This van conversion company offers a variety of custom luxury seating options, storage solutions and kitchen designs to best suit your outdoor adventures.

14. Boulder Campervans

Photo Credit: Boulder Campervans

Boulder Campervans is a van conversion company that specializes in unique custom builds. The Boulder Campervans team starts from scratch with every design, so you can be as creative as you like with your floor plan. The result will be a unique rig.

On top of offering fully custom, high-quality, four-season van conversions, they also just released Model Vans! These are more-budget friendly builds, still using our same high-quality materials. These are vans that already have a set layout – clients can choose from 4 different models. If clients are interested in a fully custom build, they can submit their custom van conversion form here to schedule a free consultation.

15. Sync Vans

Photo Credit: Sync Vans

Sync Vans make both standardized and custom-build van conversions. Their designs have a very modern feel that maximizes storage, without compromising on comfort.

Sync Vans floor plans typically feature a platform or couch bed, a galley and plenty of storage. You can pick a design and personalize it with extra gear and your preferred color scheme.

Most of this van conversion company’s builds are based on three base designs: the Atlas, Sunstone or Upland. You can also go completely custom.

16. Rossmönster Vans

Photo Credit: Rossmonster

Are you a wood lover? Then you need to hire Rossmönster Vans for your build. Their team is made up of woodworkers, carpenters and engineers. The Rossmönster van conversion company sources excellent wood for their builds and it really shows.

Rossmönster Vans produce highly personalized custom builds with rustic-modern interiors. Whatever your needs, they can come up with a design that will suit your lifestyle. They can even fit a toilet or shower in your van.

17. Adventure Wagon

Photo Credit: Adventure Wagon

Located in Portland, Oregon, Adventure Wagon offers innovative modular conversion kits that can be self-installed in as little as four days. 

Designed to be installed in either Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit vans, the Adventure Wagon interior System can act as a solid foundation for your DIY build. The fully integrated system features wiring, insulation, interior panels, and wall-to-wall anchor points. After it’s installed, you can easily complete the rest of your build-out. 

Alternatively, Adventure Wagon can arrange for a certified installer to create a fully customized conversion. 

18. Vanworks

Photo Credit: VanWorks

This Colorado-based company has been in business since 1978, and has converted literally thousands of vans. We’re pretty sure these guys know what they’re doing! 

Aside from offering a vast selection of quality van accessories, Vanworks also specializes in creating customized conversions for Sprinter, ProMaster, and Ford Transit owners. There are two packages available – the Base Camp and the Trail Ridge. Vanworks can even provide a brand new van, which makes the whole process even easier. 

The Base Camp package includes a removable raised platform bed, storage bags, and a beautiful bamboo-topped galley kitchen with manual water pump. The Trail ridge package has been designed to be super high-end, and features solar panels, two vent fans, a fridge, and much more.

19. Freedom Vans

Photo Credit: Freedom Vans

The wonderful and talented folks at Freedom Vans create some of the most beautiful van builds around. You’ll have to be patient if you want one of these conversions, though – slots are usually booked out for at least a year. 

As well as offering plenty of layout inspiration, Freedom Vans will create a dream conversion tailored to your specific needs. They’ll install showers, toilets, and gorgeous kitchens, as well as sumptuous cabinetry and upholstery. 

If a simple, straightforward build is what you’re after, the company offers their “Phase 1” project for a Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit. This package is their most affordable option and features insulation, paneling, a solar system, bed platform, and LED lighting. 

20. Zenvanz

Photo Credit: ZenVanz

Oregon-based Zenvanz is known for producing sustainable, thoughtfully designed camper van conversions that use the highest quality materials available. 

Their cabinets are built with rugged, lightweight aluminum and eco-friendly bamboo, and often feature streamlined curves that are not only pretty but super-functional, too! 

The experienced folks at Zenvanz will happily work with you to create the van of your dreams by using 3D modeling to ensure the layout is everything you want it to be. The company also offers a really cool DIY kit. 

Fully modular, the DIY kit has been engineered to install easily into your van’s factory holes, and all components can be quickly removed. This way, you can upgrade your conversion or turn your van into a gear hauler without having to completely rethink your life! 


Photo Credit: YETI Bus

Idaho-based YETIBUS is named for the skoolie conversion owned by the company’s co-founder. That said, YETIBUS prides itself on being able to convert just about any vehicle into a functional and efficient home on wheels. 

We love that YETIBUS is also a really sustainable outfit. Since 2019, the company has been enrolled in a carbon offsetting program and is now fully carbon neutral. 

Every YETIBUS conversion is completely unique and tailored to the customer’s individual needs. The company only uses high-quality materials, including lightweight, marine-grade plywood and advanced adhesives and fasteners. 

22. Paved To Pines

Photo Credit: Paved to Pines

Located in Saskatchewan, Canada, Paved To Pines is a custom conversion shop who convert vehicles into RVs in Canada and the USA. The conversion rate makes their pricing particularly attractive for US citizens. Plus, they can organize transportation and handle all paperwork on your behalf as part of their service.

The team specialize in turning cargo vans in luxurious homes on wheels. Their packages include rooftop decks, showers, full kitchens, swiveling tables and more. You can buy the van yourself, of the guys can order one from their partner dealership for you, if you wish.

23. Noke Van Co.

Photo Credit: Noke Vans

Noke Van Co. specializes in building custom camper vans for the full-time traveler and weekend adventurer alike.

They offer two “base” build models and also offer fully custom builds based on your adventure style and needs. All conversions are built on a Dodge Promaster 159” or 159” extended wheelbase model.

The founding team at Noke Van Co. started the company after living full-time in a van for 15 months as a family of 5. They understand what it takes to live tiny and know what amenities will help make your van life easier and more enjoyable.

Their campervan designs have a sleek, modern look or a rustic, cozy style to accommodate every taste. Standard features in all models include swivel front seats, a kitchen with sink and induction cooktop, a refrigerator, fresh and gray water storage, and much more! Upgrades are available and can include a retractable awning, additional batteries, a gas heater, and many other features.

24. Axis Vehicles

Photo Credit: Axis Vehicles

Axis Vehicles designs van conversions for the Ford Transit 148″ wheelbase with families in mind. Their floor plans make the most of the space available in the van to accommodate up to four people.

The Revolver layout, for example, includes 5 seat belts, 2 beds, a spacious kitchen, a heater and plenty of cabinets for storage. The build also features two windows behind the front seats, a roof rack and ladder, an awning, solar panels, and more.

The gear Axis Vehicles fits in each van is durable and made of quality materials, able to withstand rowdy children and clambering dogs. Their campers weigh 1000lbs, leaving a nice 2300lbs remaining payload. They’re built out of bamboo, Baltic birch plywood, and black laminate, so the end result is a sleek and modern, yet warm, interior.

25. Off Highway Van

Photo Credit: Off Highway Vans

Off Highway Vans is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. This company converts 4×4 vans into adventure vehicles, ready to go off-grid and pursue your favorite outdoor activities. Their designs are modular, so you can carry all of your motorbiking, skiing, fishing, surfing and hunting gear wherever you want.

They offer three build tiers: the Diamond Class, the Platinum Class and the Gold Class. Each tier includes three different floor plans. The designs can sleep between two and five people and the interiors are modern and minimalistic. You can add countless accessories to the exterior, such as ladders, roof racks, light bars and surf board carriers.

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