7 Off-Road 4×4 RVs for Heading Deep into Nature

If you’re looking to go off-grid, you won’t want to miss these 4×4 RVs.

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Looking to break away from the daily grind and venture off the beaten path? Check out our selection of seven rugged 4×4 motorhomes. These aren’t just tough and ready for anything; they’re designed to help you explore new places and make epic memories in the wild.

Let’s take a closer look at these sturdy homes-on-wheels that bring you freedom, adventure, and the excitement of discovering the unknown.

1. Winnebago Revel

Photo Credit: Winnebago Industries

Typically, the name Winnebago doesn’t invoke images of off-roading adventures. However, the Revel is a good foray into 4×4 travel, thanks to its diesel engine and relatively compact size.

This 4×4 camper is a two-person rig because it has one bed in the back. The bed is also the cover for a gear garage, meaning you have plenty of space for all your adventure belongings. 

The Revel maximizes its interior space with a counter extension, removable pedestal table, and swivel front seats. The rig also uses a wet bath, which doubles as a storage closet.

For the uninitiated, a wet bath is a bathroom that doubles as a full-size shower. Rather than separating the toilet and shower head, you can get everything wet inside, thanks to the drain on the floor. Most class B RVs use wet baths because they save valuable space. 

2. Earthroamer LTi 4×4 Motorhome

EarthRoamer LTi Class C 4x4 Motorhome with steel exterior
Photo Credit: EarthRoamer

Since 1998, the Earthroamer series has been designed to go off-grid. Everything about this RV is built to be as sustainable as possible, meaning that you can feel free to spend days or weeks away from civilization.

The chassis is rugged and weatherproof, as are the internal systems. Earthroamer has developed state-of-the-art electrical and HVAC equipment that won’t freeze or overheat. You don’t need a generator to run everything; the engine does everything. 

As far as interior amenities, the Earthroamer LTi is pretty scaled back. Although this is a class C-size RV, it feels more like a camper van.

There is a small kitchen, a cab-over bunk, and two couches. Overall, this 4×4 RV is designed as more of a home base for cooking and sleeping, not necessarily hanging out.

3. Thor Tranquility 19L 4×4 Campervan

Thor Tranquility 4x4 camper with silver exterior
Photo Credit: Thor Motorcoach

Typically, Thor Motorcoaches are massive, luxurious Class A models. However, the Tranquility 19L is much more subdued but without skimping on the amenities.

Like the Winnebago Revel, this small RV is a motorhome first and a 4×4 rig second. The stylish and comfortable interior has a swivel TV and flip-down speaker, meaning you can spend hours inside when the weather is rough. 

Another element to point out is the compact size of black water tanks on 4×4 motorhomes. These tanks are designed to be removable rather than having to hook up to a wastewater station.

Yes, tossing your black water waste by hand can be off-putting, but doing so allows you to stay off-grid for longer. After all, if you have to go back to town as soon as the tank’s full, that kind of defeats the purpose. 

4. Global Expedition Vehicles UXV 4×4 Motorhome

Global Expedition Vehicles UXV Class C 4x4 motorhome in white
Photo Credit: Global Expedition Vehicles

Like the Earthroamer, Global Expedition Vehicles is another brand specializing in off-road survival RVs. As such, you can go virtually anywhere at any time of year, thanks to the UXV’s weatherproof design and materials.

This is another Class C-style rig with a cab-over bed. However, this unit has a king-size bed, which offers more than enough room for two people to lie down and spread out. 

You can choose a dry bath floor plan for the UXV if you’re not concerned about wet bath life. If you want even more interior space and amenities, you can upgrade to the UXV-MAX, which is the ultimate 4×4 motorhome. 

This 4×4 motorhome allows you to stay off-grid for as long as you want, provided you can get more fresh water. However, with so many storage options inside, you can bring extra water and fuel to help extend your adventure for a few more days or weeks. 

5. Tourig XAV 4×4 Campervan

Tourig XAV 4x4 campervan exterior
Photo Credit: Tourig

The Extreme Adventure Vehicle is technically a style of 4×4 RV, not a specific model itself. Rather than buying something “off the shelf,” you get to pick your custom layout from Tourig.

There are 18 unique floorplans, so you can choose the one that offers the best amenities for what you’re planning. Some versions are better for sleeping more than two people, while others have extra storage for outdoor activities. 

Because of the customization options, it’s hard to say which specs will come with your specific rig. Regardless of your choice, you’ll get a removable table, cassette toilet, roof rack, induction cooktop, and more. 

6. Storyteller Overland Beast Mode 4×4 Campervan

Storyteller Overland Beastmode 4x4 RV exterior
Photo Credit: Storyteller Overland

With a name like Beast Mode, you know this 4×4 motorhome is built to be as tough as possible.

Since this is a class B campervan, you don’t have as much interior space, but Storyteller Overland has provided all the essentials. This 4×4 camper has amenities both inside and outside to meet your various needs. An external shower ensures you can keep your toilet dry and minimize cleanup. 

This RV also has a row of front headlights to help illuminate your path. A series of internal switches allow you to add more or less light, depending on your needs. The high bottom clearance and performance suspension enable you to easily take on various terrains. 

7. Earthcruiser EXP 4×4 Motorhome

Photo Credit: Earthcruiser

So far, the best 4×4 motorhomes are built for two travelers. Some models can sleep three or four, but the interior will still feel pretty cramped.

The Earthcruiser EXP is one of the largest and most spacious 4×4 RVs, making it ideal for families that want to go off-grid. 

Regarding amenities, this 4×4 camper doesn’t have many extras, but it feels roomy inside and has everything you need to stay out on your adventure for as long as possible. A massive 80-gallon freshwater tank ensures you won’t need to return to civilization anytime soon. 

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