8 Adventure-Ready Jeep Gladiator Campers for the Off-Road Enthusiast

Jeep Gladiators stand out as superb choices for off-road enthusiasts, and customizing one into a camper can elevate your overlanding experiences to unprecedented heights. The…

Jeep Gladiators stand out as superb choices for off-road enthusiasts, and customizing one into a camper can elevate your overlanding experiences to unprecedented heights. The world of modified Jeep campers is filled with innovative and unique designs, and we’re excited to showcase a selection of these remarkable setups. Embrace the spirit of adventure by transforming your Jeep Gladiator into the ultimate camping and overlanding companion.

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1. Team GoMammut’s Jeep Gladiator Camper

Photo Credit: GoMammut

This tricked-out Jeep Gladiator truck camper features GoMammut’s rooftop tent, ARB’s four-foot awning mounted on the rear, a bed rack system from Datin Metal Fabrication, a Jeep-specific lighting kit from Baja Designs, and various shock, suspension, and tire improvements from Ride Fox, EVO Manufacturing, and Mickey Thompson Tires, respectively.

2. Doorstep Adventure’s Jeep Gladiator Camper

Photo Credit: Doorstep Adventure

Doorstep Adventure’s camper setup includes a Warn 12,000-pound VR winch, a Rugged Ridge front bumper upgrade, a 2.5-inch AEV lift, 37-inch Cooper tires, an AT Overland Habitat truck topper, a slide-in hitch-mounted spare tire carrier, 300 watts of solar capacity, and more.

3. TNToverlander’s Jeep Gladiator Camper

Photo Credit: TNTOverlander

TNToverlander went for a four-season camper with their build-out. It features a Mount Shasta Extended RTT from CVT, the Gullwing bed rack from Trail Rax, a Tazer mini camera kit from Z Automotive, a two-inch Mojave lift from AEV Conversions, and much more.

4. Matt Plonk’s Jeep Gladiator Camper

Photo Credit: @mplonk

Matt’s camper is equipped with a slide in Decked drawer system for better storage and access to everything in the back. It’s also got a tent from Hills Offroad Gear, Rock Krawler Pro-X 3″ suspension, a MOPAR LED lighting package, and much more.

5. Jeep Gladiator Camper by RGS_Overland

Photo Credit: RGS_Overland

This camper starts with a custom-built bed rack from Modifications Contreras. The exterior features an ARB aluminum hardshell awning, X Bull recovery tracks, fog lights from Baja Designs, a 3.8-gallon water tank from The Waterport, and V800 storage cases from Pelican. The interior and cab boast a Goal Zero 150 power station, a dash kit from Ram Mounts, and the all-important Gaia GPS navigation app.

6. Alu Cab Canopy Camper

Photo Credit: Alu Cab

The all-aluminum Alu Cab canopy camper is one of the coolest conversions for your Jeep truck camper. There are a variety of modular canopy options under the Alu Cab canopy camper umbrella, such as front and rear utility modules, bulkhead panels, sleep decks for one or two, and more. Organizing the bed is the best way to keep the front seats open for passengers.

The Alu Cab Canopy Camper is equipped with a tent on the roof made with a dual-layer canvas for excellent thermal insulation. Alu Cab manufactures this canopy camper with an easy-access vertical door at the rear on heavy-duty hinges. This canopy camper also comes with side-access doors on gas struts that make it super easy to grab gear out of the bed without climbing in awkwardly.

7. Leitner Designs Active Cargo Rack System

Photo Credit: Savage Camper

The Active Cargo System from Leitner Designs is best for experienced overlanders interested in fully customizing their camper. The system itself simply provides a framework over the bed to make the installation of overlanding gear and accessories easier.

The rack system is available in Forged or Classic models. The Classic boasts a dry weight of just 81 pounds while the Forged model comes in at 85 pounds. The installation of both models requires drilling into the rails of your truck bed and they say installation requires 2-3 hours on average.

8. 50Ten Mid-Range Camper Solution

Photo Credit: 50Ten

The 50Ten camper options are designed for Jeep vehicles with a flatbed modification. Their mid-size camper system is a popular choice for Gladiators, and it is comparable to the flatbed camper from Four Wheel Campers.

50Ten’s Jeep Gladiator camper is designed for easy setup. With the simple opening of a security hook, you can go from having the roof closed to having the roof open (and your rooftop tent set up) in seconds. Inside that tent, you’ll find a comfortable 3.15-inch mattress and a Froli spring system so you can get great sleep wherever you camp.

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