8 Incredibly Cute A-Frame Campers We Love

It’s tough to argue about A-frame campers being the cutest pop-up campers. Based on a style that gained popularity in the early 1970s, some of…

It’s tough to argue about A-frame campers being the cutest pop-up campers. Based on a style that gained popularity in the early 1970s, some of these seemingly old-school vintage campers pack a lot of new-school punch.

Unlike pop-up camper trailers with fabric, tent-like walls, A-frame campers boast a more solid weatherproof design. Many modern A-frame trailers also come with way more luxurious amenities than the old models, including toilets and air conditioners.

But the best A-frame campers aren’t just cute and cozy. They’re practical, easy to set up, and very affordable, as RVs go. Here are a few of the best trailer models on the market today.

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1. Aliner Expedition A Frame Camper

Photo Credit: Aliner

Aliner a-frame campers are a classic – they’re the original pop-up A-Frame campers, first designed in the 70s in Oregon. The company now makes some of the coolest models on the market.

The Expedition is one of their biggest A-frame campers and it features their signature extra pop-ups – panels with a hard top and mesh sides that open to create more headroom.

This particular A-Frame pop-up camper has 30% more storage space than the classic model, with taller counters, taller beds, and a flush-mount Euro-style sink and stove.

With all these extra features, the Expedition still comes in at under 2,000 pounds, making it an awesome lightweight small camper. This A-frame camper features a toilet, a dining area, a kitchenette with a double burner cooktop, a sink, and a 3-cubic-foot refrigerator.

2. Aliner Ranger 12

Photo Credit: Aliner

The Ranger 12 is a spacious Aliner A-frame camper with all the essentials. Two convertible beds allow you to customize the space for sleeping or lounging and the kitchenette makes it easy to prepare meals inside.

The best part? It comes with 14” off-road wheels, so you can take this off-road trailer into the wilderness and enjoy boondocking. Some optional upgrades include air conditioning, a water heater, a stereo, and an outdoor grill. 

One thing we love about the Aliner brand of A liner campers is that it only takes one person about 30 seconds to pop up the camper and get it ready for business.

3. The Chalet Classic

Photo Credit: Chalet

This is the first of the Chalet models on our list – a brand with 25 years of experience making high-quality, lightweight trailers. Their classic A-frame camper remains one of their lightest and easily towable models after all those years.

All Chalet models are equipped with panoramic windows and are pre-wired for solar to assist in your boondocking adventures. Upgrade to the optional Trail Boss Off-Road Package to explore even further off the beaten path. 

4. Rockwood Hard Side A-Frame Camper

Photo Credit: Forest River

The Rockwood A-Frame campers by Forest River are some of the biggest on the market. If you’re looking for an A-Frame trailer that has all the comforts of a motorhome, including decent standing headroom, these might be right up your street.

There are three models to choose from – two are part of the regular Hard Side Series, the A122S and the A214HW. The third is the single model in the Hard Side High Wall Series, the A213HW. 

The A213HW a frame camper with a bathroom features twin beds that can turn into a king-size bed if joined, a kitchenette with a three-burner stove, refrigerator and sink, a decent size dining area, and a toilet. Ample windows that let in lots of natural light during the day.

5. Flagstaff Hard Side A Frame Campers by Forest River

Photo Credit: Forest River

Forest River also makes the Flagstaff models – A-Frame campers with solid fiberglass high walls and luxurious interiors.

The T21DMHW has to be the most luxurious model for couples who love boondocking.

It features a good-sized heated double bed, a small dinette where you can eat facing each other, a kitchen with a three-burner stove and sink, a refrigerator, a wet bath, and a big storage box at the front of the vehicle.

The wet bath needs setting up, as the walls collapse when the vehicle is in tow. The extra pop-up walls on the sides are made of solid panels, rather than mesh. As it’s a tall unit, the roof is electric – you push a button and it’s up in a minute.

6. The XL-1920 By Chalet

Photo Credit: Outdoorsy

There couldn’t be a more fitting name for a company making A-Frame campers: Chalet! Even the name is cute. The XL-1920 is ideal for a family, as it features two bunk beds and a dining area that turns into a double bed.

The higher ceiling in this A-frame camper allows taller people to stand up comfortably inside, while the electric roof makes setting up camp super easy and quick. The XL models come with a variety of options, including an external BBQ, an outside shower, a water heater, a solar panel, AC, and more. 

7. Aliner Classic A Frame Camper

Photo Credit: Aliner

If you’re looking for a minimal A-Frame pop-up camper that is super light and compact, the Aliner Classic might be just what you’re looking for. You can choose between a floor plan with a sofa bed or a rear double bed to sleep 3-4 adults.

The standard package in this A-frame camper comes with a fan, LED lighting inside and outside, a 3-cubic-foot refrigerator, an outside shower, an 11-gallon freshwater tank, three slider windows, and more.

You can also choose between some fantastic options, like the outdoor grill, an air conditioner, a furnace, and a hot water heater. Just pack your portable toilet and go camping!

8. The LTW A-Frame Camper by Chalet

Photo Credit: Chalet

Chalet’s LTW model is their most lightweight, easily towable A-frame pop-up camper. It’s ideal for couples who want to tow behind an SUV or small truck and it’s also one of their most affordable camping trailers.

The easy maneuverability is this pop-up trailer’s biggest advantage, but when camp is set up, the living space is very well designed. The dinette easily converts to the bed and the kitchen space packs in the cooktop, 3-cubic-foot refrigerator, and sink with sink cover and cutting board combo. 

While it’s only equipped for short off-grid boondocking trips, it does feature a 15-gallon freshwater tank and a 12-volt electric water pump.

Optional upgrades include an external propane quick connect, a six-gallon water heater, a front cargo box, and a solar package with an 80-watt folding solar panel.

11 Adorable Small Campers a Car Can Pull

Photo Credit: Happier Camper

Small campers a car can pull are a great way to up your camping game without needing a huge rig or tow vehicle. They’re also great if you’re tired of setting up and breaking down a tent each time you want to camp.

These small travel trailers have many of the comforts of home – a bed, kitchenette (indoor or outdoor), sitting area, and sometimes even a bathroom. But they’re also light enough to tow with a small or medium-sized vehicle.

9 Gorgeous Teardrop Camper Interiors You’ll Fall In Love With

Photo Credit: Escapod

re you thinking of purchasing a teardrop camper for your outdoor adventures? Congrats! Teardrop trailers are adorable, easy to tow and store. But first, you may be wondering what it looks like inside a teardrop trailer. That’s why we’ve tracked down teardrop camper interior photos so you can peer inside these beauties.

Typically, a teardrop camper cabin consists of a couple of parts: an indoor bed with lighting, a roof vent and windows, and an exterior kitchen. As you’ll see from this list, some of the larger teardrops feature indoor kitchens. One or two have a wet bath. Here are our top picks:

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