8 Top RV Picks for Ultimate Off-Grid Camping Freedom

If you’re a fan of dry camping, selecting the right RV for boondocking is crucial. You’ll need a self-reliant rig equipped to navigate the challenges…

If you’re a fan of dry camping, selecting the right RV for boondocking is crucial. You’ll need a self-reliant rig equipped to navigate the challenges of off-grid camping, from remote locations to less-traveled paths.

Far from the comforts of glamping, boondocking demands an RV that’s ready for the wild, with ample storage, a degree of off-road prowess, and other essential features for self-sufficient living.

Here are some top RV choices that are up to the task of boondocking!

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1. Thor Motorcoach Axis

Photo Credit: Thor

The Axis class A RV from Thor Motorcoach is one of the most compact and nimble class A rigs you will find. Some standard features that make this rig great for boondocking include an Onan QG 4000 gas generator and 63.5 cubic feet of exterior storage space.

It sleeps up to five people and boasts a 30,000-BTU furnace as well as a built-in 40-pound propane tank. Optional equipment for off-grid camping includes a 100-watt solar panel with a charge controller and two storage batteries. You could also just get a solar generator for powering your smaller items when off-grid.

In terms of exterior construction, the Axis class A rig is built with a premium one-piece exterior roof and a welded tubular steel floor. Block foam insulation in the roof, walls, and floor, as well as holding tank heating pads prep this rig for cold weather dry camping.

2. Winnebago Revel

Photo Credit: Winnebago

The Winnebago Revel camper van is one of the best class B RVs for boondocking couples that want to get off-grid. It features reasonably-sized fresh and gray water tanks while also offering a cassette toilet with a maximum capacity of 5 gallons.

The Revel class B rig is built on a super reliable Sprinter chassis and can tow up to 5,000 pounds. It also gives you the ability to switch from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive on demand. Other important driving safety features include electronic stability control and traction control.

This class B rig also offers important cab conveniences that make off-grid road tripping a whole lot more comfortable. Some of the best examples include adaptive cruise control, multiple 12-volt power points, a touchscreen infotainment center, and adjustable lumbar support in both seats.

3. Storyteller Overland

Photo Credit: Storyteller Overland

The Storyteller Overland Beast Mode camper van has a 12-kilowatt-hour energy storage system. That system is hooked up to a high-output alternator and a 3200-watt inverter to deliver safe and reliable power to your class B RVs appliances.

The portable toilet and outdoor shower are great for warm weather boondocking and save you from having to rely on questionable campground facilities. You will also enjoy a diesel-fired heating system and 13,500-BTU air conditioner to help keep your camper van comfortable throughout the year.

For more rugged boondocking the Beast Mode 4×4 camper van boasts high-performance LED headlamps and an off-road lighting package courtesy of KC Highlights. It also comes with a full-sized spare tire mounted to the rear door and an Agile ride improvement system that provides smoother navigating on rough terrain.

4. Airstream Interstate 19

Photo Credit: Airstream

Airstream makes more than just some of the best travel trailers that hold their value ridiculously well. They have also entered the world of camper vans and their Interstate 19 class B camper van is arguably the best camper for long-distance boondockers because it averages more than 18 miles per gallon on the highway.

In addition to best-in-class fuel economy, this class B rig includes a lot of great features for off-grid camping. It has 12-volt heating pads on the water tanks and the interior is equipped with a furnace, air conditioning unit, microwave, propane cooktop, and a host of other full-time living amenities.

It also boasts a 250-watt solar power system and comes with two lithium-ion deep-cycle batteries that provide the rig with 200 milliamp-hours of total battery power storage capacity. When you do want to pull into an RV park for a couple of days, this class B RV is also pre-wired for 30-amp power service.

5. Winnebago Ekko

Photo Credit: Winnebago

You may do a double-take the first time you lay eyes on the Winnebago Ekko class C RV. It looks a little different than most class C RVs, but it is a boondocker’s dream. It offers a four-person sleeping capacity and can also tow a secondary vehicle weight of up to 5,000 pounds.

The electrical system in the Winnebago Ekko class C RV includes a 320-amp-hour lithium-ion battery, two 170-watt solar panels, and an additional 115-watt solar panel with a battery charger. Another standard power component is a Cummins Onan QG 2800i gas generator, which can be removed if you want to add a third battery.

In terms of the exterior of this Class C RV, you will love the heated gear garage for your recreation equipment. You can even upgrade the Ekko class C camper to include a pop-top sleeping area or a 270-degree Batwing awning.

6. Jayco Jay Feather Micro 12SRK

Photo Credit: Jayco

The Jayco Jay Feather Micro travel trailer is actually available in five different floor plans. The 12SRK is one of the most compact and lightweight travel trailers in its class, which allows it to be towed by a smaller truck or even a well-equipped SUV.

One downside of this travel trailer is the lack of a bathroom facility. You will need to research the best cassette toilets if you opt for this option, but you can also look at the larger floor plans that Jayco offers if that element is essential for you.

In terms of boondocking trailers, the Jayco Jay Feather excels in the area of off-grid upgrades. The Customer Value Package that Jayco offers, for example, includes 15-inch Goodyear tires with self-adjusting brakes, a 12-volt DC (120-volt AC) Dometic cooler, roof-mount solar prep, and a rubber torsion axle that makes it one of the best trailers in its class to tow off-road.

7. Forest River XLR Nitro 28DK5

Photo Credit: Forest River

The Forest River XLR Nitro is easily the best fifth-wheel travel trailer for family camping. The 28DK5 floor plan sleeps up to 8 people and its 102-gallon freshwater tank capacity gives you the chance to carry more water for longer dry camping trips.

At the rear, this fifth-wheel toy hauler features a spring-assisted ramp door for accessing the garage. The garage includes 5,000-pound cargo tie-downs, a fully-insulated floor, a power-retractable panoramic screen, and a 30-gallon fuel station.

While you will need a larger truck to tow this travel trailer, that will allow you to enjoy more luxury amenities when you set up your base camp. It also offers more storage space for UTVs and other recreation equipment than most other motorhome and trailer models, which ultimately means more time for fun once you set this rig up.

Forest River makes the XLR Nitro in a number of different floor plans. Check them all out here.

8. NuCamp TAB 400

Photo Credit: NuCamp

NuCamp’s TAB 400 teardrop travel trailer is great for boondocking because you can set up camp and retain the maneuverability of your vehicle. It will also have the ability to fit in smaller camp areas than most longer travel trailers.

Another benefit of the TAB 400 travel trailer is fuel economy. With heavier travel trailers, you won’t want to organize long-distance camping trips if you are working on a tight gas budget. This trailer can go further while keeping more money in your pocket so you can keep gas in your truck.

The convenience package for the TAB 400 trailer rig comes with a power roof fan, Alde central heat and hot water system, solar roof package, and two six-volt batteries. The standard two-way refrigerator works on either 12-volt DC or 120-volt AC power, but you can also upgrade to the three-way fridge if you want to be able to run your fridge on propane when you are off-grid.

9. Four Wheel Campers Slide-in Truck Campers

Photo Credit: Four Wheel Campers

Four Wheel Campers is one of the best pop-up truck camper brands out there because they make lightweight campers that are highly customizable. You can design your pop-up truck camper based on your truck model.

You will also have the ability to choose many features and add-ons when you are building your pop-up truck camper. This includes things like a furnace, stovetop, exterior gear tracks, thermal insulation, and so much more.

The pop-up truck camper builds you can create with Four Wheel Campers do come with extended build times because of their construction quality and popularity. This just means you will have to plan in advance so that you can camp in your new truck camper next season.

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