9 Creative Campervan Kitchens That Make Cooking on the Road a Breeze

Creating a functional and enjoyable kitchen space is a critical aspect of designing your campervan. In our own Chevy Astro van, we opted for simplicity…

Creating a functional and enjoyable kitchen space is a critical aspect of designing your campervan. In our own Chevy Astro van, we opted for simplicity with a single-burner stove and an outdoor table for meal prep. Meanwhile, our Sprinter van camper has a spacious fridge, a sink, and an induction cooktop for a more comprehensive culinary setup.

Whether you’re leaning towards a DIY project to tailor your campervan kitchen or considering a ready-made kitchen unit from a manufacturer for a seamless installation, the choice is yours. And if you’re going the route of a custom conversion, let these kitchen design ideas inspire your ultimate mobile culinary space.

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1. Off-Highway Vans

Photo Credit: Off Highway Vans

If you’re into a super minimalistic van kitchen design, this type of tiny kitchenette might be just what you’re looking for.

We love how this campervan kitchen from Off Highway Vans maximizes space with a fold-out table, perfect for meal prep. The large sink has a cover (typical of RV sinks), which expands counter space when you don’t need running water.

The kitchen also includes a front-loading fridge right beneath the sink.

2. Wandering Woods DIY Campervan Kitchen

Photo Credit: Wandering Woods

Betsy and Justin Woods of Wandering Woods have a gorgeous van kitchen in their 2005 Sprinter, which used to be a FedEx delivery vehicle.

This campervan kitchen is a van lifer’s dream, with a beautiful large countertop for food prep, tons of storage, a deep sink and an oven! Yes, that’s right, the Woods’ can bake pizzas, cookies and bread right inside their campervan. How cozy would that be on a rainy day.

This is a great example of a good van life kitchen if you have a longer van with extra interior space.

3. Chef Adam Glick’s DIY Campervan

Photo Credit: Adam Glick

Adam Glick is a professional chef, so having a spacious and well-thought-out van kitchen was very important to his DIY build.

Adam’s Ford Transit campervan has a recessed 2- 2-burner propane stove, a deep kitchen with an extendable faucet, and plenty of storage space.

We love the craftsmanship in this build, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do something quite this fancy.

4. Roger Crespo’s DIY Van

Photo Credit: Roger Crespo

This campervan kitchen idea uses the width of your van rather than the length. I’ve seen this type of campervan kitchen on all sorts of vans, down to a small VW bus.

This van kitchen has all the essentials for a hearty meal while living the van life, including a sink, faucet, two-burner stove, and even a collapsible dish tub!

What we don’t particularly like about this campervan kitchen design is that you must go outside your van to get into the front driver’s seat. This doesn’t bode well if you must drive away quickly in an emergency!

5. Kate & Ben’s $50 DIY Campervan Kitchen

Photo Credit: Two Wandering Soles

Kate and Ben of Two Wandering Soles have now completed two DIY van conversions. Their first van life rig was a simple conversion with a $50 van kitchen.

I love this as it shows you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get out there on the road cooking in your van.

Their simple van kitchen layout featured a 2-burner Coleman stove, a small cutting board, a working sink, and a water container.

6. Far Out Ride’s Ford Transit DIY van kitchen

Photo Credit: Far Out Ride

Antoine and Isabelle of Far Out Ride transformed a Ford Transit cargo van into a super cute tiny home on wheels.

We love their kitchen design – tons of counter space, a three-burner propane range with oven and sink with running water. There’s also tons of counter space on the opposite side of the van, great for more complicated cooking projects on the road.

A huge cabinet on front of the van kitchenette stores water jugs and is finished with beautiful cedar planking.

Antoine and Isabelle estimate the total time they took to create their kitchen system was between 40 and 60 hours.

7. Slide Out Drawer Kitchen System by Contravans

Photo Credit: Contravans

If you have a smaller van with limited space, we love this slide-out kitchen idea by Contravans.

In their NV200 conversions, Contravans installs two large drawers that stay under the bed until needed. When you want to cook, pull out the drawer and set up your portable cookstove. (We like this single-burner Jetboil stove, which has great simmer control)

This system doesn’t have running water or a sink, but who cares if you’re out enjoying the great outdoors? This is a great space-saving kitchen idea for campervans.

8. VanCraft’s Luxury Van Kitchen

Photo Credit: VanCraft

 If you want some luxury campervan kitchen build-out ideas, check out this fancy kitchen by Van Craft. This is a phenomenal-looking, stream-lined kitchen in the longest wheelbase Sprinter van, at 170″. 

You’ll have plenty of room in this cute van kitchen for cooking, baking, storage, and refrigeration.

Why would you need a house if you have a campervan like this?

9. Incredibly Simple Chevy Astro Van Cooking System

Photo Credit: The Wayward Home

While I won’t call what we have in our Chevy Astro van a kitchen per se, I just wanted to show you that you really don’t even NEED a kitchen in your camper van to cook good meals.

When it’s rainy outside, we put a cutting board down on a footstool, put up our single-burner Jetboil stove, and start cooking! We are sure to leave windows cracked and our Fantastic Fan running to pull out any carbon monoxide fumes. We cut and prepare food on a similar cutting board on the other footstool.

During nice days, our entire cooking unit is portable! We set up a GSI folding table outside and cook in the great outdoors.

This has worked for us for several years and doesn’t require any installation or building.

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