9 Small RVs with Bathrooms for Luxurious Camping

Looking for an RV with a shower and a toilet? Check out these picks!

We’ve been living out of a Sprinter van for the last two years—a popular choice for many who build out their compact RVs complete with showers and toilets. When we did our DIY van build, we decided against installing a bathroom.

But, after spending a month touring Europe in various small RVs that did have bathrooms, I’ve got to admit, it was pretty convenient to have a hot shower and an indoor toilet. We avoided using it for number two, though, since dealing with a cassette toilet can be a bit unpleasant.

For those who don’t mind handling the less glamorous aspects, having a bathroom in your RV can be a game changer, and it’s often a must-have for many who travel full-time.

With that in mind, here are some of our top picks for small RVs that include these amenities!

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1. Airstream Interstate 19

Photo Credit: Airstream

This smallest RV with shower and toilet covers all your basic needs but also provides you with features such as seat belts for four and a roomy lounge area. You can do day trips with your friends, cook lunch on the beach and take your entire family camping.

We love that this campervan with a bathroom is 4WD so you can go almost anywhere.

The bed has push-button control and flattens out to a large 66″ x 73″. You’ll also enjoy hot water, an LED widescreen TV and spacious, versatile bathroom. The wet bath in this smallest Class B RV with shower and toilet also includes a sink, built-in shampoo, conditioner and body wash stations. There’s even a clothesline!

2. Winnebago Revel 

Photo Credit: Winnebago

With its 4WD campervan attitude and diesel turbo engine, nothing is off-limits with this smallest RV with shower and bathroom.

The diesel heating system means that as long as you have diesel in your tank, you have warmth. The solar panels on the roof come as standard so you can really get off the grid and relax. The magnetic fly screen across the door is a real innovation that makes life easier. 

This small RV with a bathroom offers a 31″x26″ wet bath with a flexible showerhead, shower curtain, removable shelves, removable clothesline, swiveling cassette toilet and powered roof vent.

The biggest advantage of this model is the storage in the back. The bed lifts to the roof, allowing you to keep your bikes or other bulky items in the back while you’re on the road. 

3. Coachmen Nova

Photo Credit: Coachman

The Coachmen Nova is a new offering from this reputable RV brand. Choose between a twin bed model and a lay-flat power sofa.

This smallest RV with shower and toilet features a luxurious interior with blue LED lights, a 24″ LED TV, solid hardwood cabinetry and residential high rise faucet and sink. You’ll find a wet bath with a toilet and fiberglass shower.

The driver’s chairs swivel around making good use of space and it also means you don’t have to pack up your beds before you can sit for a morning coffee.

The bed layout in one of the models are twin beds with a cool swivel table in the middle – perfect for families.

4. Pleasure Way Plateau TS

Photo Credit: Pleasure Way

The Pleasure Way TS Plateau is one of the smallest RVs with shower and toilet built on the Mercedes Benz chassis. You’ll find a large wet bath, a six cubic foot refrigerator, full-size wardrobe and extended galley.

In fact, the kitchen countertop extends to over 6 feet long and offers a cutting board over a large sink, a delight for cooks.

Enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of this Class B RV with windows all around and a sliding side door. Sleep easy on a a base layer of medium density foam covered with 3 inches of memory foam.

The fully equipped wet bath features a medicine cabinet with mirror, storage compartment, china bowl toilet, towel rack and handheld showerhead.

5. Thor Coach Gemini

Photo Credit: Thor

The Gemini by Thor Motor Coach is a stunning Class B+ smallest RV with a shower and toilet.

Driving this rig you could easily think you were driving a standard luxury vehicle as it has all the bells and whistles. There are two unique floor plans to choose from, convertible sleep-to-seating options, a huge retractable TV, and lots of storage inside and out. 

This AWD small RV with a bathroom has a built-in skylight, bringing in plenty of natural light. You’ll also find euro-style cabinet doors, nickel-finish hardware and residential vinyl flooring.

With the extra length comes the ability to extend the bathroom, creating a separate shower space. Officially classed as a B+, it’s easy to see the extra comfort that is provided in this small RV with shower and toilet.

6. Leisure Travel Wonder

Photo Credit: Leisure Travel Vans

As the largest RV on this list, you’d expect the Wonder to be packed with features. And it really is. Considering it’s still on the small side of RVs and a Class B, it packs so much in.

There are 4 designs to choose from and each has been cleverly thought-out for the full-time traveler. There’s plenty of headroom, storage lockers, and living space. All floorplans feature a double bed, kitchen, toilet, dinette, entertainment area, and swivel front seats.

Choose between having a rear lounge, rear twin beds, front twin beds, or a Murphy bed. There’s also plenty of upholstery and wall lining options. For a production RV, this build is very customizable. The front twin beds and the Murphy bed floorplans feature a wet bathroom, while the other two have a dry bath.

On the roof, there’s plenty of space to mount solar panels, so you can generate a good amount of energy to power your favorite gadgets. Overall, the Wonder must be one of the best small RVs with a shower and toilet currently on the market.

7. 13′ Scamp Deluxe

Photo Credit: Scamp

If you want a small trailer with toilet and shower you can stow away in the garage when you’re not adventuring, the Scamp Deluxe is perfect.

There are three floorplans. Layout B features a wet bath, while there’s no toilet in the other two. Layout B includes 2 closets, a kitchenette with sink and a stove, a wet bath, and a dinette that turns into a bed. It’s small, simple, yet very practical.

The interior is cozy yet modern; while the exterior has a vintage feel that makes it super cute. Scamp Trailers managed to squeeze a lot into this small space. On the front hitch, there’s space to store 2 gas bottles, so they’re safely outdoors and don’t take up any extra room.

The 13′ Scamp Deluxe weighs less than 2,000 pounds, so you can tow it with almost any car and it’s very fuel-efficient.

8. iCamp Elite

Photo Credit: United Recreational Vehicles

The iCamp Elite camper is a super lightweight (1,337lbs) and compact trailer. It’s the perfect vehicle to quickly prep and hitch to your car for a weekend or holiday adventure. The teardrop shape allows you to store bikes on the front, above the hitch.

There’s only one floorplan, but you can choose between an orange or blue package. Inside, there are a kitchen with a sink and stove, a wet bath, and a dinette that turns into a double bed. Every space is small but workable. It’s the price to pay for having a tiny trailer with all the comforts.

Even though it’s extra light, the iCamp Elite is well built. The steel frame is overlayed with a laminated structure foam body and finished with a gel coat of high-gloss fiberglass exterior skin. No wonder it’s so shiny.

9. Airstream Basecamp

Photo Credit: Airstream

When you picture a trailer, you instantly think of the iconic Airstream.

The Basecamp smallest RV with toilet and shower merges the classic Airstream aluminum shiny look with a more modern shape. The front is very similar to that of those old-school trailers you’re used to seeing on the NASA launchpad. From the back, it almost resembles a tiny spaceship. We can see what Airstream did there.

The interior is very contemporary and all the furniture follows and complements the rounded shapes of the exterior. You can choose between 4 floorplans – 2 at 16′ long and 2 at 20′ long. The layouts are very similar. They all feature a dinette that turns into a bed, a small kitchen, and a wet bath. The bigger models have an extra dinette in the front, which means they can sleep 4 people.

Among the options, there’s a two-room tent attachment, which gives you the option to camp with more people.

As you’d expect, Airstreams don’t come cheap. However, going for a smaller trailer will save you a decent amount of money.

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