9 Stylish Shed Houses That Will Transform Your Backyard Experience

A shed house can make a backyard truly shine, whether you use it as a rental, an AirBnb or a home office.

Shed houses are quickly becoming the go-to solution for backyard in-law suites, tranquil she-sheds, or creative artist studios. Thanks to a growing number of cities embracing ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), the appeal of these versatile sheds is on the rise.

With an array of companies crafting these charming structures, it’s easier than ever to enhance your property with one. Let’s dive into some of our favorite picks that could transform your backyard space.

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1 . The Signature Studio by Studio Shed

This beautiful tiny house shed studio has one side made entirely of windows. Shown parked in the corner of a property
Photo Credit: Astrid Gaiser.

Studio-Shed manufactures a variety of modern and usable structures meant for a backyard. These beautiful tiny house sheds can be installed in a matter of days and are built with high-quality, sustainable materials. There are four different models of the Signature series, all under $25,000.

Any premade shed house you buy from Studio Shed has a 1-year warranty. You can either build the shed yourself or go through Studio Shed’s network of third-party installers.

2. Kanga Cottage Kwik Room

cozy shed parked in a field of flowers
Photo Credit: Kanga Room Systems.

Kanga Room Systems makes all sorts of high-quality backyard tiny house sheds and cottages. This Kanga Cottage Kwik Room comes in three sizes, the smallest being 120 square feet or 10×12.

This shed house can be bought as a shell kit (shipped to most states) or a turnkey shed (only in Texas).

A shell kit has all the exterior parts to make the cottage look like a home, including roof insulation, windows, door, and deck.

3. The Cape Cod by Waterloo Sheds

Cape Cod shed house in someone's backyard
Photo Credit: Waterloo Sheds.

The Cape Cod by Waterloo Sheds is a beautiful and affordable shed that can be turned into a house. You can pick from various sizes and between vinyl and wood siding. You can also choose the colors of the shed and the placement of the windows and doors.

4. Tuff Shed from Home Depot

The Tuff Shed from Home Depot costs less than $3,000
Photo Credit: Home Depot.

Some people choose to live in really simple sheds like the Tuff Shed from Home Depot. This 10′ x 12′ shed house is under $3,000 and has a shingled roof, precision-cut rafters, and a steel door.

If you buy this shed to turn it into a tiny house, you need to provide a clean and level installation site.

The Tuff shed to turn into a house also has a limited 5-year warranty. 

5. Aspen Garden Shed

simple garden shed with a porch
Photo Credit: Solid Wood Build.

Transform your outdoor space with the Aspen wooden garden shed house kit, a popular choice for those needing extra space. Whether for an Airbnb guest cabin, a peaceful home office, or an artist’s studio, the Aspen shed combines functionality with elegance.

The kit includes everything you need: windows, doors, roof boards, T&G flooring, and all essential hardware. Assembly is straightforward, requiring basic tools, and can be completed in 8 to 20 hours, depending on your skill level.

The Aspen garden shed house kit is ready for delivery within two weeks in Southern California and 2 to 4 weeks elsewhere in the US.

6. Bristhol Wooden Garden Shed

A wood shed by a swimming pool
Photo Credit: Solid Wood Build.

The Bristhol wooden garden shed kit is an exceptional choice for a variety of creative projects, whether you’re dreaming of a craft space, a chic she-shed, a playful playhouse, or even a tranquil library.

This top-tier shed stands out with its spacious and bright interior, which is finished and move-in ready for immediate enjoyment post-assembly. Its high-quality natural wood construction makes it an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious.

The Bristhol kit includes everything you need for assembly: windows, doors, roof boards, T&G flooring, and all necessary hardware, with an assembly time of 8 to 20 hours depending on your expertise.

7. The Portland Series

the portland series shed house nestled in a backyard beneath trees
Photo Credit: Studio Shed

The Portland Series models by Studio Shed are designed with more space than our Signature Series, making them ideal for your off-the-grid retreat, cabin, or backyard studio.

These expansive models offer the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. To truly make it yours, visit our 3D Design Center, where you can customize and visualize your shed with various accessories and options.

8. Potting Fort

Potting fort wood shed in a backyard by a swimming pool
Photo Credit: Jamaica Cottage Shop.

The Potting Fort by Jamaica Cottage Shop is a versatile gem, ideal for creating that dreamy poolside bungalow, a tranquil office, a vibrant studio, or an efficient workshop. It’s crafted with practicality at its core.

Picture yourself unwinding on the cozy, shaded porch of the Potting Fort. Initially conceived for storage and gardening, this charming cottage has become a favorite for those seeking a delightful backyard retreat, a chic she-shed, a stylish pool house, or a cozy bunkhouse.

9. The Bayside Shed House

The Bayside Shed house with steep walls on a trailer
Photo Credit: Jamaica Cottage Shop.

Jamaica Cottage Shop’s Bayside cottage has a distinctive steep four-sided roof, which adds a unique touch and opens up a surprisingly spacious interior. This versatile design makes it perfect for various uses, from a chic poolside bungalow to a cozy guest room or a workshop with a quirky charm.

The Bayside cottage shed house is a true chameleon, effortlessly transforming into whatever space you need. Its striking roofline and unique shape make it a captivating and memorable addition to your space.

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