18 Stunning Road Trips for Your Bucket List

5 shares Road trips are a great way to travel slowly and really take in the sights of a particular area. Whether you’re renting a…

Pacific Coast Highway United States MSN

Road trips are a great way to travel slowly and really take in the sights of a particular area. Whether you’re renting a campervan or going in your own trusty car, there’s an iconic road trip for everyone.

These road trips span the globe, and cover some of the most gorgeous natural spots and historic landmarks.

1. Route 66, United States

Flagstaff Arizona City Mountain Town along Route 66 MSN
Image credit: ake1150sb/Depositphotos.

Nicknamed “The Mother Road,” Route 66 is the essence of Americana. This famous road goes from Chicago to Los Angeles. It covers 2,448 miles with different views, old-school diners, and fun sights. It is a trip down memory lane, a testament to the American spirit of adventure.

2. The Great Ocean Road, Australia

Great Ocean Road Australia MSN
Image credit: ake1150sb/Depositphotos.

The Great Ocean Road turns along Australia’s southeast coast. It has lovely sea views and passes through rainforests to the famous Twelve Apostles stone shapes. It’s 151 miles long and combines nature and relaxed beach towns.

3. The Pacific Coast Highway, United States

Pacific Coast Highway United States MSN
Image credit: focqus/Depositphotos.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway, also called Highway 1, is ideal for road trips. The road curves around cliffs and offers extensive views of the Pacific Ocean. Starting in San Francisco and ending in San Diego, the 659-mile drive encompasses the beauty of coastal California.

4. Cabot Trail, Canada

Cabot Trail Road Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada MSN
Image credit: vadimkatch/Depositphotos.

The Cabot Trail is an 185-mile circular route in Nova Scotia, Canada. It features rough coastlines, countryside valleys, and the high areas of Cape Breton Island. This route features stunning seascapes and opportunities to spot whales, bald eagles, and maybe even a moose.

5. Icelandic Ring Road, Iceland

Iceland Ring Road and Road Sign MSN
Image credit: TravellingLight/Depositphotos.

Iceland’s Route 1, known as the Ring Road, fully travels around the island. On this 828-mile trip, you’ll encounter volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and black sandy beaches. If you travel from September to mid-April, you might even witness the Northern Lights.

6. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi coast on Mediterranean sea south of Naples, Italy.
Image Credit: Paulofcosta/DepositPhotos.

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a 31-mile stretch with views of high cliffs and the bright sea. You’ll see villages painted in soft colors, terraced vineyards climbing the slopes, and fragrant lemon groves. This road offers a perfect fusion of stunning scenery and charming seaside towns for an amazing drive.

7. Garden Route, South Africa

Aerial view of Knysna Garden Route in South Africa MSN
Image credit: domos/Depositphotos.

The Garden Route runs about 124 miles along South Africa’s southeastern coast. It features diverse vegetation, numerous lagoons, lakes, and a blend of wild and indoor adventures. You can try many things here, from elephant spotting to local cuisine.

8. Route 1, Florida Keys

Route 1 Overseas Highway in Florida Keys MSN
Image credit: Buurserstraat38/Depositphotos.

Connecting the islands of the Florida Keys, Route 1 offers a 113-mile-long scenic drive over turquoise waters. Imagine sunny skies, sandy beaches, and the special Key deer as you move from one island to another, finishing at the well-known Key West.

9. North Coast 500, Scotland

Sunset at Kylesku Bridge and the North Coast 500 in Scotland MSN
Image credit: flotsom/Depositphotos.

Scotland’s answer to Route 66, the North Coast 500, winds through 500 miles of the Scottish Highlands. It’s a mix of deep lochs, tiny fishing villages, and castles, surrounded by a mystical atmosphere that will transport you to another dimension.

10. Route des Grandes Alpes, France

French Alps with Mountains and Clouds Beautiful Scenery MSN
Image credit: FP468189/Depositphotos.

Travel through the French Alps on the Route des Grandes Alpes. This 425-mile journey from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea passes through many mountains and national parks, each offering breathtaking views of the high peaks.

11. Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

Popular Road for Tourist with Cars  Located in Transfagarasan Highway Romania MSN
Image credit: anatoliy_gleb/Depositphotos.

Famed for its hairpin turns, the Transfagarasan Highway cuts through the Fagaras Mountains of Romania. The 56-mile road is a fantastic piece of engineering with beautiful views. It is near the Poenari castle, associated with the historical Dracula narrative. It attracts many visitors, not just those who love a good road trip.

12. Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria

Blue Skies and the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria MSN
Image Credit: photorezacpavel/Depositphotos.

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road climbs Austria’s tallest mountain, the Grossglockner, past its ice glacier. The 30-mile road offers fantastic views of the Alps, and the scenery changes as you ascend.

13. James Dalton Highway, Alaska

Dalton Highway Alaska with Blue Skies White Clouds and a Truck on the Road MSN
Image credit: porbital/Depositphotos.

The James Dalton Highway in Alaska is less popular among tourists but is still worth a visit. It runs 414 miles through remote landscapes dotted with wildlife. The views are untouched here, providing a serene yet rugged road trip experience.

14. The Atlantic Road, Norway

The Atlantic Road Norway with The Sea and Mountains MSN
Image credit: Kotangens/Depositphotos.

Norway’s Atlantic Road stretches just over 5 miles but promises an amazing experience. This short drive has bridges that jump between islands. It mixes unique building design with the natural beauty of the North Atlantic Ocean.

15. N3 Gateway, South Africa

Hot Air Balloon with Sunset Background MSN
Image credit: KirillDorofeev/Depositphotos.

The N3 Gateway in South Africa, 249 miles long, lets you see Zulu places and big mountains. It offers adventures like hot air ballooning and encounters with wildlife. You can also explore caves, go hiking, and visit historical battle sites.

16. Pan American Highway, Americas

Pan American Highway with Blue Skies and White Clouds MSN
Image credit: CezaryWojtkowski/Depositphotos.

The Pan-American Highway is the longest road in the world, from Alaska to Argentina. It passes through diverse environments and cultures, especially Central and South America. Road trip lovers enjoy these areas for their lovely scenery and unique cultures.

17. Route 40, Argentina

Day View of Route 40 in Argentina with Mountains White Clouds Trees in the Background MSN
Image credit: kavramm/Depositphotos.

Route 40 is Argentina’s longest road, stretching over 3,100 miles from Punta Loyola in the south to La Quiaca in the north. It crosses 20 national parks, 18 rivers, and 27 mountain passes. Highlights include the isolated but breathtaking Patagonian steppe, Mendoza wine region, and the colorful mountain range of Quebrada de Humahuaca.

18. Jasper to Banff, Canada

Mountains Trees and Blue Skies on the Backround of the Paved Road Between Jasper and Banff Canada MSN
Image credit: luckyphotographer/Depositphotos.

The Jasper to Banff drive in Canada is a 144-mile road trip through the heart of the Rockies. It has the Columbia Icefield and Lake Louise; you might also see animals alongside a backdrop of mountains.

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