14 Amazing Side Hustles for RVers

5 shares RVing and road trips are unforgettable experiences, but they can also be tough on your wallet. If you’re committed to the RV lifestyle…

RVing and road trips are unforgettable experiences, but they can also be tough on your wallet. If you’re committed to the RV lifestyle and want to keep exploring without financial stress, consider picking up some side hustles. These can help fund your adventures and sustain your traveling lifestyle. Here, we explore some of the best side hustles that are perfectly suited for life on the road.

1. Take Surveys

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Taking surveys ranks as one of the easiest online side jobs when traveling. If you like giving your opinions, this job is best for you. While the pay’s not that high, it can add to your travel allowance. 

Swagbucks and Survey Junkie lead the list of the best survey sites you can join for free. Make sure to set up your PayPal account for the cash transfer or Amazon for gift cards. 

2. Teach Private Lessons Online

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You can work online as long as you have a stable internet connection. Teaching private lessons online can be a great source of income for a traveler. You can teach a specific subject or a foreign language if you speak one. 

Online teachers need qualifications too, depending on the platform you use. VIPKid demands stricter requirements for their teachers but you can earn $22 per hour. Meanwhile, Cambly is a good option for beginners who want to teach English. The hourly rate is around $10, but no qualifications or experience are required. 

3. Be a Freelance Writer

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Do you love crossword puzzles and Scrabble? You can be a freelance writer if you’re fond of forming words. The job pays well and you don’t need a degree or experience. If you enjoy reading and writing, this side hustle will be a breeze in the park. Check out content job-hunting platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to look for projects and clients. 

4. Be a Market Affiliate

Are you familiar with eBay or Amazon? If you know these online platforms, you can be a market affiliate and promote their products. Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Network are popular programs you can join.

5. Create YouTube Videos

Creating YouTube videos is a long-term strategy for earning money on the road. You can create vlogs documenting your journeys or helpful tutorials on road trip planning, budgeting, and must-have gear. While this approach can be lucrative, it requires building an audience. The initial months may see minimal income until you reach YouTube’s requirements, which include surpassing 1,000 subscribers and accumulating 4,000 watch hours.

6. Be a Proofreader

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Do you love reading? If you’re fond of all types of written content and are a grammar fanatic, this is the perfect job for you. Get paid by editing written works wherever you are around the world.

7. Be an Online Virtual Assistant

An online virtual assistant handles office administrative tasks, from simple appointment setting to taking in calls. Today, it extends to social media management and blog post handles. If you have excellent communication skills and a basic understanding of customer relations management (CRM) tools, it’s the perfect job for you. 

8. Manage Your Own Podcast

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Create your own podcast. With a decent laptop, internet connection, and microphone, you can start a podcast about your interests. It’s a low to no-cost side hustle that can transform into a proper business with a big enough following.  

9. Create Digital Products

One of the most convenient products you can sell online is digital products. If you’re savvy with Canva or Adobe Photoshop, you can create calendars, journals, and logos. You can even sell designs for t-shirts and mugs. Technically, you won’t sell any physical product, but blueprints of designs and something customers can print out. 

10. Clean Homes

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Get extra cash by cleaning homes while you travel on your road trip. With flexible hours and a love for cleaning, you can offer your services to homes and even offices to earn extra cash. You don’t need any qualifications as long as you have your cleaning supplies. 

11. Write a Travel Guide

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Are you a travel expert who knows the best tour destinations and affordable lodges in the area? If you’re fond of traveling, make good use of the lessons you learn from all those trips. Write a travel guide to all the amazing places you’ve been to. You can publish it as an e-book and sell it online through Amazon or eBay. 

12. Join Marketing Focus Groups

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Marketing focus groups involve discussing the benefits and disadvantages of a product or service. You just need to give your honest take as a customer and brainstorm with the company representatives and other consumers in the group. Of course, the job requires you to know about the product or service at the onset of the discussion. 

13. Build Websites for Clients

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Website design requires basic programming and search engine optimization (SEO) skills. If you have these skills, you can create sites for customers who need to improve their online presence. Dabble in domain name reselling and web account hosting to earn more from this hustle. 

14. Rent Your Home as a Vacation Destination

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What are your plans for your home once you get on the road? One good idea is to rent it out while you travel. List your home on rental apps like AirBnB so that while you’re on an adventure, you can earn money and have someone look into your property.

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