Build a Campervan: DIY, Custom Builds and Conversion Kits

There’s a few different routes you can go when building a campervan. You can do a DIY campervan build entirely on your own, which is the cheapest. A campervan conversion kit is where you buy bits and pieces of a van build and install them yourself. Or you can get a full custom build, the most expensive option.

If you are building your own van, we highly recommend this detailed 378-page van build guide:

Our Pick
The Best DIY Van Build Book
  • A 378-page step-by-step guide to building out a campervan.
  • Learn about the six major interior design considerations that lead to 13 secondary features in your design
  • RV plumbing: pipes, fittings, tanks, pumps, water heaters, toilets
  • Advice on choosing solar panels
  • How to install blackwater, greywater and freshwater tanks in a campervan
  • Fifty pages of information on designing an electrical system and wiring your campervan conversion

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Campervan DIY

Building your own campervan can be rewarding and challenging all at once. Here are our favorite posts about doing a DIY van build. Be sure to check out the Sprinter Van Conversion Sourcebook (which can be applied to any van) for detailed help.

Campervan Conversion Kits

A campervan conversion kit is a cool hybrid between a DIY build and a custom conversion. You order the parts – either a bed, a kitchen, insulation, or a combination, and install it yourself. This is much cheaper than a custom conversion and easier than DIY.

Just Getting Started with Van Life?

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Van Custom Build Ideas

A custom build is the most expensive way to start living the van life. In return, you’ll get a gorgeous van complete with all the amenities you could possibly dream of. Browse these posts to see your options with a custom build.

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