10 Must-Have Tools for Your Next Epic Camping Adventure

16 shares Looking for that essential piece of camping gear to elevate your outdoor adventures? You’ve come to the right place! A popular Reddit thread…

Looking for that essential piece of camping gear to elevate your outdoor adventures? You’ve come to the right place! A popular Reddit thread has turned into a treasure trove of recommendations for must-have camping gear under $100, straight from the camping community.

Excited to find out what you’ve been missing? Let’s dive into these top picks!

1. A Lightweight Backpack

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A lightweight backpack is essential if you plan to do a lot of hiking during your camping trips. If you carry the wrong bag, you might quickly regret it. 

A too-heavy backpack or one that’s not meant for hiking will be uncomfortable to carry, and could potentially cause backache. On the other hand, you might not even realize you’re carrying a lightweight backpack. 

One Redditor told us to buy a Waymark backpack. When talking about this bag, he said, “Ultralight and the only pack I’ve found to fit my 5’3″ 120 frame. The Thru 40L carries 18lbs so well for me. Worth the money.”

2. An Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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An experienced camper recommended an inflatable sleeping pad, which he uses to get a better night’s sleep. When asked why he uses an inflatable sleeping pad, the Redditor said,  “When camping, few things are more important than a good night’s sleep.”

It’s hard to disagree!

He didn’t mention a specific sleeping pad to buy, but someone else did recommend the Berghaus self-inflating mat. Apparently, this sleeping mat is easy to inflate, super comfortable, durable, and reliable.

3. A New Pillow

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If you’ve been using the same camping pillow for the last few years, it’s probably time to upgrade. A better-quality pillow isn’t something a lot of campers think about, but a pillow affects how well we sleep.

One Redditor left a comment that read, “A new pillow dramatically improved the quality of my sleep.” He then recommended his favorite brand of pillow, which was Nemo Fillo Elite.

After taking a look at the Nemo Fillo Elite, it’s clear this pillow is a fantastic backpacking and camping option. It’s affordable, ultralight, and, most importantly, comfortable.

4. A Folding Cot

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A folding cot is a must-have if you’re planning a car camping trip. It’s a great purchase because it almost guarantees a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

A camper who uses this piece of camping gear said, “No more painful sleeping on a mat or uneven ground.” 

Anyone who’s experienced an uncomfortable night of poor sleep on a mat or uneven surface will surely agree. We certainly do!

5. Backpacking Camping Chair

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Have you ever ended a camping trip with a sore bum from sitting on uncomfortable surfaces during your trip? If so, a backpacking camping chair could be the best purchase you make.

One camper decided to buy a camping chair because he got fed up with sitting on rocks. Now, he takes his camping chair everywhere and uses it for comfortable lunch breaks. 

His top recommendation for a camping chair was the Helinox Chair Zero. He explained why he uses this chair: “I love not sitting on my bear can while I’m in camp.”

6. Purifier Water Bottle

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For kayaking and camping trips, several campers recommend purchasing a purifier water bottle. According to one Redditor, “This is the best way to have a water source and save so much space for everyone traveling.”

We tend to agree!

When discussing the best choices for purifier water bottles, the same Redditor recommended the GRAYL purifier water bottle. When asked why he likes the GRAYL purifier water bottle over others, he said, “I lucked out that I loved it right away and didn’t have to try any other product.”

We might have to decide on this one ourselves!

7. Silk Underwear

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We were surprised to see one Redditor mention silk underwear, but the reasoning behind packing it to go camping made perfect sense. The user who mentioned this camping item said, “Silk long underwear for late fall camping. Lightweight enough to wear under clothes, and makes a huge difference in keeping warm without overheating.

Packing silk underwear gives campers the benefit of having enough clothing layers to dress for a range of weather conditions without overpacking. 

8. Crocs

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Do you own a pair of Crocs? If the answer is no, you’re seriously missing out. Aside from being super cool, Crocs are wonderfully convenient. 

They’re comfortable, easy to slide on and off, you can wear them almost anywhere, and in the words of Reddit, “Crocs are the best!” Before reading Reddit’s comments, we’d never have thought to wear them while camping, but now we think it’s a fantastic idea.

Wearing Crocs camping just makes sense. For example, if you need to make a trip to the shower block or bathroom, simply slide on your Crocs. No tying and untying the laces on boots or hiking shoes.

And unlike your other camping footwear, it’s fine to get them wet!

9. A Hammock 

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One community member grew up tent camping. He enjoyed the experience of sleeping in a tent every night, but he told Reddit his experience greatly improved when he bought a hammock.

His hammock setup consisted of a large hammock and some tarp. Ever since, his comfort has been at a new level.

However, some Redditors were concerned they wouldn’t be able to find two trees close enough together to pitch a hammock. Another user disagreed, telling Reddit how easy it is.

He said, “I live in the midwest – and finding a hammock spot is often easier than flat ground for a tent.”

10. Hiking Poles

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When asked for examples of the best pieces of camping gear, the r/CampingGear community didn’t disappoint with the responses. However, one item stood out above the rest: hiking poles.

According to one Redditor, hiking poles make it much easier to walk longer distances. One comment read, “Hiking poles have added miles to my range and made elevation changes so much easier.”

Another camper told Redditors to buy a set of hiking poles if they want to prevent injury and discomfort.

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