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Are you dreaming about casting all your possessions aside and living the van life? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you can learn all about campervan conversions, outfitting your campervan, and living a life of adventure and freedom. Plus, you’ll find real-world stories of people who are living the van life and loving it. Cheers to a new version of the American Dream.

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The first step in living the van life is picking the right van for your needs. You’ll need to think about whether you need to stand up, if you want a kitchen, and if you’re going to be stealth camping.

Here are our top posts about choosing a campervan.

Need help? Click the button below to download a list of van life specifications for the top campervans.


After you choose the right van to live the van life, next you’ll have to think about building out your campervan. You can do a DIY van build or a buy a campervan conversion kit to help you along your way. Here are our top posts about van life DIY.

Also, if you want an in-depth, almost 400-page guide to a DIY van conversion, check out this book.

sprinter RV conversion sourcebook

This is the best book I have found about converting a van – and don’t let the title fool you. The things you’ll learn here can be applied to any van!

Click here to check out the Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook. 


Trying to figure out how to keep your van warm, or the best way to cook in your van? Here are our top articles with van life advice.


You aren’t alone in your van life journey! We love interviewing others who have given everything up to live in a van. Knowing their stories, struggles and inspiration is key to living the van life successfully.