One couple addicted to sailboat living, can’t imagine house

Matt and Jessica sold their Michigan home and all their belongings for sailboat living, which they love, and can’t ever see going back.

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Matt and Jessica are from Michigan, and first started sailing as a hobby. But then they discovered what’s called “cruisers,” or people living aboard a yacht who  travel around the world.

“We thought that was incredible,” Jessica wrote to me on Facebook. They’re currently in a boatyard fixing up their second boat for world travel. “Having just come back from Vietnam, we’d been itching to do more traveling, and what better way to do it than to bring your home with you?”

Then, in 2011, the two finally pulled the trigger. They got rid of their stuff, sold their house and cars, and moved into their parents’ house while they bought a liveaboard sailboat and got it ready for world travel.

Couple addicted to sailing, can't see living in a house
CC: Facebook, @mattandjessicasailing

Over the next few years, the two would mostly journey through the Caribbean living aboard a yacht, but they also crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice! They’ve seen their life slow down, and they no longer rushed to fit so many things into each day. Traveling at an average speed of 6 mph of their sailboat has made them stop and appreciate the beauty of nature all around.

“We’ve both decided that neither of us see a house in our future any time soon,” Jessica wrote. “Even if we do settle down in one area and resume something that resembles our previous life, we see no need to transition back to a house. For us it would seem like too much wasted space. Plus a continued life on a sailboat would leave us the option to sail away for a day or long weekends to escape all the stress.

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She said it can be hard to find places for all your things  when you’re living aboard a yacht, especially when going on extended cruises, but that the pluses are a lot better than the minuses.

“Some of the biggest joys are the absolute peace that can come with it. It allows you to enjoy nature so much more because there are very few distractions from it. You are given the chance to really absorb it, and as silly as it sounds, become one with it. As if you’ve found your place on this globe and you’re exactly where you should be.”

Love sailing? Love living small?

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You can follow Matt and Jessica’s journey here.

Matt and Jessica love living aboard a yacht so much, they can't imagine living in a house
CC: Facebook @mattandjessicasailing
Couple addicted to living aboard a yacht can't imagine house
CC: Facebook, @mattandjessicasailing

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