14 Ways To Find Freelance Clients While Full-Time RVing

As a freelancer, you will be free to travel whenever you want, have the flexibility to work on the road, and get the chance to…

As a freelancer, you will be free to travel whenever you want, have the flexibility to work on the road, and get the chance to be your own boss. Sounds fulfilling, right?

The challenging part is finding clients who share your values and priorities. Here are some ways to get the dream clients you’ve always wanted.

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1. Message Potential Clients on Social Media

Social media is the hotbed for marketing. From basic product promotions to job hunting, social media is king. Look into the social media accounts of people who will need your service. Send them a professional message inquiring about their needs. 

Keep the message short and casual. A link to your resume and portfolio is better than an extensive job proposal. 

2. Send Cold Emails

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Cold emailing is an old but gold way to find clients. It means reaching out to potential clients you haven’t connected with before. The catch? Standing out from the spam pile. Craft a personalized message that stays professional—it’s all about striking the right balance!

3. Improve Your Online Presence

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Improve your online presence to increase the chances of new clients reaching you. Create an online portfolio through social media accounts. You can create a page dedicated entirely to your services on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you have blogs, spruce up your content to get to the top of the search engine results for a higher chance of being contacted. 

4. Camp in Freelance Marketplaces

Visit freelance marketplaces where projects and freelancers are abundant. Upwork and Fiverr are some of the best platforms that can connect you to clients. Explore all the features of the platforms and maximize the site to your advantage by sprucing up your portfolio. 

5. Check out Professional Platforms for Clients

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LinkedIn and Twitter are professional platforms where employees and companies can explore opportunities. Reach out to clients by sending companies and potential clients a private message or even sending an application to job hiring posts. 

6. Join Freelance Societies and Groups

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Freelancers have groups and societies online where they share resources, news, and even connections. Join these groups to talk to people within the industry and ask for possible leads for new projects and clients. Check out events, workshops, and conferences that can help your career.

7. Participate in a Referral Program

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Boost your referral program by talking to friends or using referral incentives. Ask previous clients for a referral and give them a discount on your services when you successfully get a client from them. 

8. Create Customer Packages

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Create customer service packages outlining your services and how they solve client problems. Ask clients what they need before designing packages. Then, showcase how you’ll meet their needs, proving your skills and expertise.

9. Expand Your Network

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Try to expand your professional network by attending events in person. Attend nearby workshops and seminars. Immerse yourself in the professional setting and gain the confidence to talk to the attendees about possible connections.

10. Offer Free Consultations and Services

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Offering free things can be a double win! Attract new clients by offering free consultations and services. Treat them with care, showcase your expertise, and they might become paying customers. Plus, you can ask for testimonials to boost your credibility.

11. Gather and Display Social Proof

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Show off your success with social proof. Contact previous clients, ask for testimonials, and share their stories on your website or social media page. These “social proof” examples demonstrate your skills and build trust, making you a more attractive hire.

12. Create an Engaging Self-Introduction Video

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Do you enjoy making TikTok videos? Use that skill to create an engaging video featuring your services and what you offer. Besides the actual services you’re offering, it’s also your chance to display your video editing skills. Inject your personality into the video and make it as interesting as possible to attract clients. 

13. Try out Professional Development Courses

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Enroll in professional development courses and be open to learning about new things. Acquiring new skills can lead to professional improvement and help you attract new clients. Your coaches can also provide you with new tips on how to obtain projects. Obtaining certifications can increase your authority and legitimacy.

14. Conduct Workshops and Training

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Offers workshops and training for individuals and companies who will benefit from the knowledge and skills you can share. Whether it’s digital marketing or search engine optimization, the skills you’ve polished for years can help many people and can help you gain clients, too.

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