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Van life sure looks like fun, with all those amazing Instagram photos showing a bed with some incredible natural scene outside. But getting from here to there isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world.

Driving for long stretches in between destinations can be very boring and you might end up arguing with your fellow road trippers after a few days of being in such close quarters. There are certainly a few different things that could make your trip not as fun as expected.

Want to ensure that your next road trip isn’t ruined by a case of the road-trip blues? These next few tips should help out.

Vehicle problems really suck on a road trip


One of the worst things that could happen on any road trip, no matter how experienced on the road you may be, is mechanical issues.

If your van isn’t in tip-top condition before you head out, you should take it to a mechanic like lukesautorepairona.com for a once-over. The mechanic will be able to see whether or not there are any potential problems that could cause you some headaches on the road. They’ll fix any issues for you or let you know whether the van will be better off left at home.

Nip boredom in the bud

It’s worth driving in turns so that you don’t feel bored the entire time. You should also take some entertainment for those times you aren’t behind the wheel.

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It’s worth buying a TV streaming package, such as the one on offer from optimum.com, as some of these can be used on a tablet device, so you could watch whatever you want from the van. It’s also worth taking a few books and magazines with you as well. Don’t forget to plan plenty of breaks during your route as well.

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Make sure to have clear communication to avoid arguments

There are a few reasons you might end up arguing on the road trip. Navigating could cause some conflict and you might fight about which direction to go in. You might not agree on the music you play. You could just end up driving each other crazy from spending so long together in such a small space!

To try and prevent any arguments from cropping up, you should discuss your route in advance. That way, you can’t argue about which direction to go! It’s also a good idea to openly discuss any music that you want during the trip so that you don’t end up annoying each other with your tunes.

If you do feel like an argument is bubbling up, it’s worth pulling over and taking a quick breather. Get out of the car, stretch your legs, and refresh your mind. Before long, you’ll have forgotten whatever it was that you were about to argue about and will be ready to set off again!

Hopefully, all of these tips can help you get through your next road trip without worrying about the blues from setting in!