Getting Started with Remote Work Ebook


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Getting Started with Remote Work

Do you want to go way beyond the 20+ websites for remote work and really commit to starting your life on the road? 

Then This Is For YOU!

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Getting Started with Remote Work:




Learn how to start working remotely right now

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Getting Started with Remote Work is just what you need to leave that day job.

For the price of a beer or a cappuccino, you’ll learn:

  • Why more companies are hiring remote workers 
  • How to best position yourself to start working remotely 
  • How to gain experience to put on your resume 
  • Why soft skills are so important
  • How to ace a phone interview and spruce up your resume
  • Convincing your current boss to let you work remotely
  • Choosing the right health insurance as a freelancer
  • Setting up WiFi in your RV, campervan or sailboat
  • And more

It’s all ready for you to get started RIGHT AWAY!


This could soon be you…..what are you waiting for? 

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