13 Dangerous Road Trips to Test Your Limits

4 shares Road trips are typically filled with fun tunes, great conversations, and scenic stops. But get ready for a change of pace. Some road…

Road trips are typically filled with fun tunes, great conversations, and scenic stops. But get ready for a change of pace. Some road trips are so wild and hair-raising they feel like a rollercoaster without tracks. We’re not just talking about a few bumps in the road. We’re diving into 13 of the world’s most daredevil drives, notorious for giving even the toughest road warriors a serious case of the jitters.

1. The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

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First up, we have the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway, which some Redditors consider to be “one of the most dangerous roads in the world.” Running through an archipelago in Hustadvika and Averøy, some Redditors agreed, while others completely disagreed.

One user wrote, “I really doubt this is one of the most dangerous roads in the world” and “During a storm, maybe yeah, but there are roads that threaten to disappear during a storm.”

Meanwhile, another reader commented, “This is a road from some of my uneasy dreams,” so this might have to be one we judge ourselves!

2. The Death Highway, Bolivia

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One dangerous road trip everyone could agree on was the Death Highway in Bolivia. One Reddit community member explained how he “rode a bike down the death highway in Bolivia before they built the new highway on the other side of the canyon.” 

According to him, “There were some astronomical numbers of deaths due to buses just falling off the side of the road.” One response was that “the argument is the weather can make it hazardous,” while another reader simply said, “That’s a whole lot of nope.”

3. Idaho To Arizona, USA

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Some people on the internet believe the journey from Idaho to Arizona is one of the most dangerous road trips in the world. One reader found the trip so bad they told Redditors to “Bring extra supplies… in case you break down….and maybe a firearm.”

When asked, “Why a firearm?,” the user replied by saying “There’s some large gaps between civilization. And you know, Aliens!” Someone else simply warned drivers about “bears, wolves, and Big Foot.” 

We don’t know about you, but something about those last three things sounds quite exciting!

4. Buffalo, New York State, USA

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Another road trip Redditors don’t recommend is “Buffalo, NY in winter.” The city itself may be pretty harmless, but the surrounding roads can be treacherous.

One Reddit member told readers that “People die there,” before saying, “We take it very seriously traveling through there.” 

In Buffalo, Niagara Falls Boulevard is one of “the most deadly roads in Western New York.” There have been countless car traffic accidents and pedestrian deaths along this 3-mile stretch of road. 

5. Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

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Most of us wouldn’t associate New Zealand with dangerous roads, but some people on the internet have compared the roads around the Coromandel Peninsula to the Death Highway in Bolivia.

One user commented “I’ve heard that roads on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand are also quite treacherous,” to which someone replied, “Despite being a reasonably well-off country, there is still plenty of metal and dirt road once you get off the main path.”

However, the same Redditor also said the roads were quite “exciting” to drive. Another reader disagreed slightly saying, “Scary looking, but I suspect the actual number of fatalities and injury rate/distance traveled are quite low.”

6. Stelvio Pass, Italy

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The roads in Italy may not seem that dangerous, but the number of vehicle accidents is “above the rates of its neighboring countries.” One Redditor “lived in Italy (Torino & Milano) for some time,” and admitted that well over “60% of the cars are dented.”

One of the most dangerous and scariest roads in Italy is the Stelvio Pass, which requires extreme “concentration” to drive. This road “descends in a zigzag layout” for many miles and features “48 hairpin bends.”

7. Sichuan – Tibet Highway, China

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Even if you’re keen to take on one of the most dangerous road trips in the world, you’d be mad to drive along the Sichuan – Tibet Highway in China. This highway takes up to 15 days to complete and has “claimed thousands of lives.”

Rock avalanches and landslides are just some of the difficulties travelers face, and as one Reddit user put it, “a single mistake could result in death.” Another Redditor said the road has “More hairpins than a Miao wedding headdress.”

8. British Columbia 5, Canada

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This next dangerous road trip is in Canada and it’s also referred to as the Coquihalla Highway. According to one Reddit user, “There’s an accident on that road at least once a day on the news, and it’s always backed up with traffic.”

A quick look at the news for recent headlines quickly suggests he’s right! One reader replied saying, “Someone’s never driven Highway 63 to Ft. Mac,” which suggests the Coquihalla Highway isn’t the only dangerous road trip destination in Canada.

9. D1, Czech Republic

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On a road trip around the Czech Republic, you can expect stunning landscapes, iconic landmarks, wonderful cities, and heaps of adventure. However, some people online believe there’s one road you want to avoid. That road is the D1 Motorway. 

Why you ask? Well, someone on Reddit explained that “It’s the oldest motorway in the Czech Republic, so it’s in a really bad state.” He then revealed that “The government has been trying to repair it for the last couple of years, which results in a lot of traffic jams and accidents.”

10. The Highway Of Tears, Canada

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With a name like the Highway of Tears, it’s no surprise this road trip route makes our list. This highway is a 719-kilometer (446-mile) corridor that has been the location of countless crimes against missing women since 1970. 

One Reddit user told Redditors that “it’s the biggest hotspot for unsolved murders in all of Canada” and that “they don’t even know how many people have been killed or how many serial killers there are.”

As one reader puts it, “dealing with psychopaths hunting people is a whole other deal.”

11. The German Autobahn, Germany

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The Autobahn in Germany is a controversial inclusion because a lot of people find it incredibly useful. However, the people online have spoken, and most of them think it’s super dangerous.

One Redditor said the Autobahn is dangerous because “Most dumb Ausländer just don’t know how to drive with an acceptable speed of 200 km/h.” Another said, “Not that the people who drive on it are unsafe, but because of the ridiculous speeds they drive at.”

Most readers agreed, saying things like “Well… You aren’t wrong.”

12. I-70 West Of Denver, USA

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The I-70 West of Denver is notorious for being dangerous, particularly “in a blizzard.”

One Redditor’s “Been there and done that” and he saw “some tow trucks lifting a semi up from a pretty high drop off the side of the road, it had dropped into some water too.” He then said, “As the sun went down I was coming down the mountain trying to get to a pilot as the road froze.”

Another reader simply put, “I-70? Even when it’s sunny as **** it’s dangerous.”

13. Zojila Pass, India

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We’ll end our list with the Zojila Pass in India. The Zojila Pass connects Ladakh and Kashmir and is easily one of the deadliest roads in the world.

One person online described the route. He said, “The roads are narrow and there are no barriers.” The road is also  “Littered with overturned buses and crashed cars.” In winter, the pass is so dangerous it is often closed, “cutting off Ladakh from the rest of the world.”

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