14 Money-Saving Tips for Road Trips You Can’t Afford to Miss

0 shares Tight on funds for your road trip? Fear not, we’ve got a guide to a frugal yet fun open-road adventure. Say goodbye to…

Tight on funds for your road trip? Fear not, we’ve got a guide to a frugal yet fun open-road adventure. Say goodbye to budget woes, say hello to memories on four wheels! Here are ways to save money on a road trip.

1. Sleep In The Car

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Remember drifting off to dreamland in the backseat of your family car? Recreate those blissful childhood naps (and save cash) by turning your car into a cozy sleeping nook!

With the right setup, you can ditch the pricey hotels—recline the seats, grab your fluffiest pillows and blankets, and snooze while parked at rest stops for free! This also eliminates the hassle of checking in and out, allowing you to hit the road early the following day.

2. Bring Basic Cooking Supplies

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Want fresh food without having to splurge on restaurants or takeout? You only need a compact stove and a fuel canister to whip up meals on the go. 

Stock up on crunchy greens, frozen fruits, canned beans or fish, and grains for an array of hearty dishes. It’s a win-win for both your wallet and your taste buds!

3. Prepare Ready-To-Eat Meals

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To add variety to your chow, prep quick lunches in advance and savor homemade goodness. Think protein-filled salads or whole-wheat sandwiches for an instant bite during picnics or scenic overlooks. The best part? No dishes are required.

4. Buy Food From Grocery Stores, Not Gas Stations

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Running low on ingredients or snacks? Satisfy your hunger at grocery stores instead of gas stations for a wider variety, fresher options, and better prices. This way, you can keep your wallet and body happy while cruising the open road.

5. Fill Up Reusable Water Jugs

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Aside from staying full, you must also stay hydrated. 

The problem is that establishments along the road often charge much for bottled water. So fill reusable jugs or lidded cups with cold water before setting out. Stainless steel containers are great for keeping your beverages chilled.

Some camping grounds also offer potable water for free, extending your savings (and reducing plastic waste while you’re at it). 

6. Inflate Tires Beforehand

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Smooth rides and efficient mileage start with your tires. Make sure they’re properly inflated before you start your journey. Check the manual for your tires’ recommended PSI (pounds per square inch), or stop by a maintenance shop for reliable service.

Remember, well-inflated tires save you money and keep you safe.

7. Drive At A Steady Speed

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Ease off the gas pedal to save on fuel while maintaining distance from other drivers to avoid slamming on the brakes. You increase your vehicle’s lifespan and minimize repair costs with gentle handling. Every mile matters, so drive smart!

8. Get A National Parks Pass

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If you feel at home amidst chirping birds and outdoor wonders, this is for you. For just $80 (discounted for seniors and veterans), the National Parks pass grants access to all National Parks for a year. Think epic hikes, stunning landscapes, and memories across all 50 states—all while saving money on park fees throughout your road trip.

Although everyone needs their own pass, the shared experience will be priceless.

9. Set Up A Tent On Camping Grounds

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To save even bigger, make the outdoors your best friend.

For extended rest stops, skip the hotels and opt for tent camping, where you can wake up to fresh air and natural beauty. Many places offer amenities like electricity, water, and bathhouses for a convenient home away from home.

10. Store Food In A Cooler

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Hitting the road for over a few days? Stretch your budget further by packing a cooler!

You don’t need to spend loads on delicious food, even on a long trip. Storing perishables in a cooler means less frequent stops and more money saved. Now, you can enjoy crisp veggies and juicy fruits throughout your journey.

Having the right gear makes all the difference, so invest in ice packs and reusable containers, too.

11. Look Out For Sites With Free Showers

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When spending days outdoors in the sun, hygiene is a must. The good news is that many campgrounds, national parks, and rest stops will let you freshen up for free. Remember, clean and comfy equals a happier road trip.

12. Research The Cheapest Locations

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Don’t fall for tourist prices! Discover delights off the beaten path by researching your route in advance. Sometimes, the most authentic finds are waiting just beyond the crowds, so avoid overpriced attractions and add unique flavor to your adventure.

13. Chat With Locals To Discover Budget-Friendly Spots

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Continue your quest for hidden gems by unlocking insider knowledge. As a traveler, your allies are the people who know the area like the back of their hand. Strike up friendly conversations with them to explore hole-in-the-wall eateries, try activities for cheap, and gain a deeper cultural experience.

14. Only Book Accommodations That Come With A Kitchen

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Prefer a soft bed over a sleeping bag or car seat? If you’re shelling out cash on lodging, ensure it comes with kitchen amenities. Cooking food on a stove or heating frozen meals in a microwave is ideal for budget-conscious travelers.

Remember, every dollar saved means more adventures to be had!

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