14 Surprisingly Dull Spots on the Map, According to Digital Nomads

One of the top advantages of the digital nomad lifestyle is the liberty to plug in and work from any corner of the globe. But…

One of the top advantages of the digital nomad lifestyle is the liberty to plug in and work from any corner of the globe. But let’s be real, it’s not all picture-perfect landscapes and thrilling explorations, despite how it might appear to the traditional office crowd.

Sure, many destinations are bursting with adventure and new experiences, but there are a few spots that just don’t live up to the hype. Recently, the digital nomad community on Reddit opened up about some of these less-than-exciting locales. So, we’re diving into the 14 places that might not make it onto your travel wishlist, according to those who’ve been there and done that.

Ready to see what made the list? Let’s dive in.

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1. Podgorica, Montenegro

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Podgorica is generally pretty well received by travelers, but digital nomads on Reddit don’t recommend Montenegro’s capital for longer stays. A digital nomad admitted Podgorica has charm, but he believes you only need 24 hours in the city. 

Another reader was a bit harsher. He said, “Podgorica is infamous in the Balkans for being the dullest capital city in the region… thankfully the rest of Montenegro makes up for it.”

Guess we’ll just have to decide for ourselves!

2. Geneva, Switzerland

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Geneva, Switzerland might be one of the most expensive and arguably luxurious cities in the world, but it’s also surprisingly boring. One Redditor said, “For a major city, it really lacks character and soul,” while another user argued that anywhere in Switzerland could make the list.

Considering Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and a hiker’s paradise, some would say these comments should be taken with a grain of salt. 

3. Phoenix, Arizona

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An answer that cropped up a few times on the r/DigitalNomad thread was Phoenix, Arizona. There were limited explanations as to why digital nomads find the city boring, but some locals did agree. 

One Phoenix resident wrote, “I agree, and am in the process of moving somewhere else because all we have to do is hike a mountain and eat Mexican food afterward.”

Another user shed light on the situation in Arizona when he told Reddit, “Phoenix used to have interesting stuff, but you had to know a local downtown because it was all super underground.”

4. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

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If you’re a digital nomad looking for a summer resort to kick back in, don’t book accommodation in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Despite the dreamy photos you see on Instagram, other digital nomads have left the resort island disappointed.

A seasoned digital nomad went into great detail about this island and this is what he had to say: 

“Half-abandoned resorts all along the west coast, a replica of Italy, an empty theme park, dead night markets that close down before 10 PM, mediocre beaches, absolutely no nightlife, Vietnamese culture tucked away out of sight. Supposed to stay there for 2 weeks but left after 4 days.”

5. Winnipeg, Canada

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Next up, we have Winnipeg in Canada, a place where even the locals wonder why digital nomads visit. In fact, one community member shared how his friends, family, and a taxi driver at the airport told him not to bother visiting. 

When explaining what he thought about the city, he said, “Winnipeg was depressing and boring. I stayed for a while because I had friends and a job but hauled [myself out] as soon as I could!”

Another Redditor replied, saying “Can confirm. Terrible weather extremes, ticks, and leeches.” Not a great advertisement for the city!

6. Vientiane, Laos

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One digital nomad believes Vientiane is the dullest capital city on the planet and others seemingly agree. Another digital nomad told Reddit “The Banh Mis and beer Laos make it worth staying a day or two in passing but other than that I agree.”

If you visit Vientiane, you’ll probably spend most of your time visiting temples, eating, and drinking. Apart from that, there isn’t much else to do. 

7. Montevideo, Uruguay

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For most people, the promise of all the meat and wine you can eat and drink is enough to make Montevideo an enjoyable place to visit. However, digital nomads on Reddit aren’t satisfied, with many getting bored quickly. 

When discussing the Uruguayan capital, one Redditor wrote, “Like the meat is great and the wine is good too but there’s nothing other than that and there’s only so much meat and wine I can consume.”

Another user agreed, adding, “In terms of activities as a short-term visitor it’s pretty lackluster.”

8. Canberra, Australia

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One Redditor described Australia’s capital, Canberra as the most depressing city he’s ever visited. Others quickly agreed, with one reader declaring the city as the winner of the thread. 

When asked why he didn’t like the city, the same digital nomad said, “An utter [dump] with few redeeming qualities. I guess the Museums are ok.” Other reasons why Canberra made this list include the terrible weather, the city’s remote location, and boring architecture.

We don’t know about you, but we won’t be rushing there anytime soon!

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world in recent years, Dubai isn’t held in very high regard by some digital nomads. Most Redditors who mentioned Dubai don’t like how shopping and eating are two of the only things to do.

One user asked who the people are who like Dubai and some of the responses were quite critical. One of them read, “All the people with no taste and too much money. Literally all of them love it.”

Another Redditor did take another approach though. They said, “I wouldn’t say Dubai is the most boring but it’s definitely the most overrated city on earth!”

10. Medicine Hat, Alberta

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In general, Alberta didn’t receive much praise from digital nomads on Reddit, but it was Medicine Hat that received the most upvotes as one of the most boring places on Earth. 

One reader was a bit disappointed because they’d only just moved to the area, while others simply agreed. Having said that, one Redditor did try to stand up for the city by saying, “It’s no Lethbridge but she ain’t bad.”

11. Invercargill, New Zealand

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Invercargill, New Zealand is so boring that even the tourist board brochure lists going to the cinema as one of the best things to do. Oh, and there’s nothing special about the cinema, as one digital nomad was keen to point out. 

Even a New Zealander agreed, telling Reddit, “I agree. You couldn’t pay me to go there. There is a reason houses are very cheap there.” Someone else poked fun at the town, commenting, “There is a reason that Mick Jagger called it the [butthole] of the world.”

It’s fair to say, Invercargill hasn’t left a lasting impression on many digital nomads.

12. Zheleznogorsk, Russia

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It’s a shame that a place with such a cool and unique-sounding name is considered boring by so many Redditors. Unfortunately, Zheleznogorsk just doesn’t cut it for a lot of digital nomads.

The community member who suggested the town rated it 0/10 and said, “The whole place is so boring like it’s where boredom originated from. There is nothing to do, you’re not welcome, it’s daunting, and everything is hostile.”

Other people agreed, but they did praise the town’s flag, which is arguably the coolest flag in the world. Make sure you Google it!

13. Indianapolis, Indiana

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A large number of Redditors found Indianapolis to be one of the most boring places on earth. One Redditor told digital nomads that Indianapolis is just an enormous car park with very little to do.

Someone else said, “It’s well-known as the least interesting or distinctive major city in the Midwest.” Readers who haven’t been to Indianapolis replied, saying things like “That is about as damning of a comment as I can possibly imagine.”

One thing is for certain: we won’t be rushing to the Crossroads of America anytime soon!

14. Helsinki, Finland

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The most upvoted suggestion from the r/DigitalNomad community was Helsinki. According to one Redditor, Helsinki is the only place where even the locals kept asking him why he’d visited.

Another Redditor quickly jumped in to say she agreed. She said, “There was a market… and… that’s about it. I had a good time because I had friends who were living there, but the locals looked bored out of their minds.”

However, some community members did defend Helsinki. One person commented, “There are so many other things to do there, but I guess it depends on what you’re interested in.”

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