16 Gadgets for Road Trips You Won’t Believe You Lived Without

3 shares Ready to hit the road? If you’re the “planner” in your group, making sure everything goes off without a hitch, you know preparation…

Ready to hit the road? If you’re the “planner” in your group, making sure everything goes off without a hitch, you know preparation is key. Let your foodie friend handle the snacks and pass the driving duties to your designated driver. Arm yourself with these essential gadgets to keep things running smoothly, so you can relax and enjoy the adventure.

1. Electric Car Kettle

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You must keep an electric car kettle on hand for your hot water supply. It is essential for long trips to make boiled eggs and instant noodles. A great electric car kettle boils water in just 10 to 16 minutes. You can also use them to make a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate on the road. 

2. WiFi Hotspot

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Prepare your WiFi hotspot to ensure you’re connected at all times. Keeping your WiFi on is beneficial, especially for road apps like Google Maps and Waze. You’ll also find it useful on an international road trip where your SIM won’t work. 

3. Headlamp

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Headlamps are also a fantastic addition to your road trip gear. They can be easily turned on with a press of a button. Get a rechargeable one to avoid spending on disposable batteries. Make sure you have a charger that is compatible with your car. 

4. Car Power Inverter

Power inverters (DC to AC) from car MSN
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If you’re taking multiple electronic devices on your road trip, a car power inverter provides the power to keep them on. Using this device, you transform the car’s power outlet or cigarette lighter into sockets, where you can recharge your mobile devices. 

5. Car Oven

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You won’t have to settle for cold food, even on the road. A car oven acts as a food warmer and heats your meals quickly. You need an aluminum pan for the food and some foil to cover the pan tightly. Seal the meals inside the pan, close the oven, and plug it in.   

6. Dash Cam

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A dash cam is a common car accessory for a reason—it adds a layer of security and insurance for you and your car. A CCTV is installed in your car and records everything the camera captures. With accidents happening everywhere, it’s still best to have a recording of all the things you encountered on your road trip. 

7. Portable Charger

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A portable charger is a multi-functional device essential for road trips. It charges more than your electronic devices and can serve as a jump starter when necessary. It keeps your devices running and is a backup for your car battery. Just make sure you bring some jumper cables along the trip. 

8. GPS Unit

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Carrying a GPS unit is a no-brainer in terms of navigational assistance. Your smartphone can do the trick for short road trips. However, it won’t work for places off-trail and on beaten paths. These are often the places that hide beautiful spots and stunning sights.

9. Bluetooth Car Adapter

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Does your car have Bluetooth? Many cars are designed with Bluetooth support but if you have one that does not offer that feature, your best bet is to get a Bluetooth car adapter. You can easily access the car’s audio system through your phone and sing your heart out with your friends while on the road.

10. Two-way Satellite Communicator

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Your smartphone works excellently as a communication tool, but it’s rendered useless in places without mobile phone service. A two-way satellite communicator allows you to call someone even without phone service. It’s perfect for emergencies like when you’re lost or have a medical problem you need immediate assistance with.

11. Battery Jump Starter

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A portable jump starter can save your road trip if your car battery shuts down. The device helps start the car when its battery dies, ensuring you continue your trip and reach your destination despite issues along the way. 

If you’re driving somewhere cold, your engines may freeze. High temperatures can also damage the car battery, so bear that in mind when traveling to locations with extreme temperatures.

12. Passenger Window UV Protector and Shade

Are you sensitive to sunlight? If your car is not heavily tinted, sunlight can be annoying, especially if you want to nap on the road. A passenger window UV protection and shade solves that problem. 

You need to install the thin film on the windows and ensure it’s free from bubbles and wrinkles. You can easily remove and reapply it to the window if the position of the sunlight changes. 

13. Instant Camera

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An instant camera adds fun to the mix when you capture memories during your road trip. You may have your smartphone’s camera, but an instant camera has its charm and nostalgic feel. You can also have the picture tangible ready in seconds. 

14. Phone Holder

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Whether it’s for navigation apps to help you drive or you like watching movies when on a road trip, a phone holder is a helpful gadget to keep on road trips. It contributes to a safer drive for navigational purposes since you won’t have to worry about your phone falling over. For watching movies, a phone holder offers the convenience of freeing your hands when enjoying a film.

15. Binoculars

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If you’re going to watch animals in a national park, bring a reliable pair of binoculars. While it’s not a major necessity, it’s handy for looking at far objects clearly. Choose lightweight and waterproof binoculars for worry-free animal watching. 

16. Air Pressure Meter

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To ensure your road trip is seamless, your car must be in optimal condition. An air pressure meter tells you about potential tire air pressure problems with your car. Ensuring your tire has enough pressure helps you maximize fuel and avoid bumpy rides. You won’t have to think about getting free rides when your tires give up on you.

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