18 North American Cities in the Path of the 2024 Solar Eclipse

Experiencing a solar eclipse is a rare and breathtaking event. For those eager to witness this celestial show, choosing the right spot is crucial for…

Experiencing a solar eclipse is a rare and breathtaking event. For those eager to witness this celestial show, choosing the right spot is crucial for the best viewing experience. Here, we explore the best cities in the United States and Mexico, where the skies darken and the stars take center stage during a solar eclipse.

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1. Mazatlán, Mexico

Popular beach in Mazatlan, Mexico MSN
Image Credit: eskystudio/DepositPhotos.

A tropical paradise famous for its beaches and resorts, Mazatlán is one of the first cities to witness the eclipse. Visitors can enjoy a sunrise eclipse over the Pacific Ocean, a truly unique sight.

The celestial event elevates the city’s atmosphere, inviting early birds and night owls to celebrate together. Expect communal gatherings on the beach, where locals set up telescopes and share eclipse glasses for a collective viewing experience.

2. Durango, Mexico

Sunny city center in Durango, Mexico MSN
Image Credit: mehdi33300/DepositPhotos.

Steeped in colonial history, Durango offers a stunning backdrop of architectural wonders against the darkened sky of the eclipse, appealing to both the stargazer and the history buff.

Outdoor enthusiasts also find Durango’s natural landscapes, from mountains to forests, ideal for watching the eclipse. The city orchestrates guided eclipse-viewing tours in its natural parks, blending nature’s and mankind’s marvels.

3. Torreón, Mexico

Torreon pinned on the map of Mexico MSN
Image Credit: dk_photos/DepositPhotos.

Torreón experiences a spectacular totality phase as a key city in the path. The blend of culture and industry makes it a place where science and art meet for the eclipse. Local observatories often host educational events, combining the futuristic with the traditional.

4. Eagle Pass, Texas

Eagle Pass Texas on map MSN
Image Credit: aliceinwonderland2020/DepositPhotos.

Nestled on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, Eagle Pass provides an exceptional vantage point. Get ready to experience totality with a Tex-Mex twist.

The city is known for hosting public view parties at Fort Duncan Park, an inviting space for locals and tourists. Additionally, camping is a popular option at nearby Maverick County Lake, giving outdoor enthusiasts a unique under-the-stars experience.

5. San Antonio, Texas

Cityscape of downtown San Antonio in Texas MSN
Image Credit: f11photo/DepositPhotos.

San Antonio combines eclipse viewing with its rich historical setting, offering a unique perspective. Visitors can watch the eclipse amidst landmarks like the Alamo, adding a historical angle to the experience. The eclipse enhances the experience by transforming these familiar historic landscapes into surreal scenes.

6. Austin, Texas

Image Credits: Campspot

Music, culture, and cosmic display converge in Austin. It’s the perfect opportunity to score a soundtrack to the eclipse from a local band. Themed viewing parties, such as those at Otopia on top of the Otis Hotel, feature live DJ sets, and specialty cocktails, making the eclipse an urban festival event.

7. Dallas, Texas

Dallas Texas at sunset MSN
Image Credit: dibrova/DepositPhotos.

The bustling metropolis of Dallas will pause to observe the majestic eclipse. Afterward, you can dive back into the city’s renowned cultural scene.

Visitors can make a day of it, exploring the city’s diverse attractions before and after the eclipse. Many local cafes and bars also offer eclipse-themed menus and specials, further enhancing the cosmopolitan eclipse experience.

8. Indianapolis, Indiana

Image Credits: Deposit Photos

In the Crossroads of America, watch day turn to night and back again. Indianapolis’s open spaces are great for viewing parties.

The city’s commitment to public parks and outdoor spaces means you won’t have trouble finding a spot to set up your blanket and glasses.

9. Dayton, Ohio

Dayton Ohio waterfront MSN
Image Credit: cboswell/DepositPhotos.

Known for aviation history, Dayton’s skies will once again be the talk of the town with the solar eclipse soaring above. The city that once propelled humans to fly will now host those looking to the skies for an entirely different spectacle. Experience aviation museums in Dayton offering special eclipse-related exhibits, merging the themes of air and space.

10. Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Ohio city skyline downtown MSN
Image Credit: cboswell/DepositPhotos.

Witness the eclipsed sun above the Rock & Roll Capital of the World. Eclipse events are bound to carry a musical heartbeat in Cleveland, with potential live concerts aligning with the celestial show. Popular music venues offer unique eclipse-themed performances, providing a unique mix of astronomical wonder and live music.

11. Buffalo, New York

Image Credits: Deposit Photos

By the shores of Lake Erie, Buffalo’s urban landscapes will be drenched in twilight. It is a perfect sight for an otherworldly experience.

The waterfront provides a scenic backdrop, combining natural beauty with the city’s historical charm. Some community groups even organize kayak and boat tours to view the eclipse from a unique vantage point on the water.

12. Rochester, New York

Rochester New York at night MSN
mage Credit: photoquest7/DepositPhotos.

As the eclipse graces Rochester, known for its innovation and historical treasures, the sky will share a story of transition and wonder. The city’s numerous parks and the scenic Genesee River offer picturesque settings for witnessing the eclipse. The Strasenburgh Planetarium also offers special shows and public viewing sessions to provide an educational and immersive experience.

13. Syracuse, New York

Syracuse New York City skyline MSN
Image Credit: debramillet/DepositPhotos.

Syracuse, a city woven together by a rich culture and history, will be a locus of viewing spots for the solar eclipse. The city’s numerous squares and parks provide ample opportunities for public viewing parties.

Local businesses and cultural institutions are also expected to join in, offering themed activities and events that highlight the solar eclipse’s significance against Syracuse’s historic backdrop.

14. Plattsburgh, New York

Boat cruising on Lake Champlain MSN
Image Credit: brhamms/DepositPhotos.

Plattsburgh, a city whose history is connected with Lake Champlain’s waterways, treats its residents and visitors to a thrilling solar eclipse view. With its scenic water views and quaint downtown, the experience would combine natural beauty with a hint of historic charm.

Local marinas host eclipse viewing parties, allowing spectators to watch from boats for a serene experience.

15. Burlington, Vermont

Burlington Vermont skyline MSN
Burlington Vermont skyline MSN

The eclipse will sweep over Burlington, the largest city in the Green Mountain State, offering nocturnal beauty amid the verdant environment. Burlington’s strong community vibe will shine as locals and visitors gather in waterfront parks and open spaces to view the event together.

16. Bangor, Maine

Harlow Street in Bangor, Maine MSN
Image Credit: jiawangkun/DepositPhotos.

The city of Bangor, with its rich cultural charm, offers prime eclipse viewing in its scenic downtown and waterfront areas. The Bangor Public Library and local astronomy clubs collaborate to offer workshops and eclipse-themed activities. Meanwhile, waterfront restaurants capitalize on the scenic views by hosting special brunches and viewing parties.

17. Caribou, Maine

Photo Credit: Outfitter Caribou

As one of the last cities to see the eclipse, Caribou offers a serene finale in the Crown of Maine. The peaceful countryside and clear northern skies are ideal for those seeking a quiet, reflective eclipse experience. Local farms open their fields for eclipse camping, offering a peaceful rural setting for viewing the final stages of the eclipse.

18. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Harbor by the City in Halifax Nova Scotia MSN
Image Credit: cybernesco/DepositPhotos.

As the eclipse journey ends in North America, the spotlight will be on Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the coast of the Atlantic Ocean meets eastern Canada.

The city’s extensive waterfront area will serve as an excellent backdrop for viewing the last moments of the solar eclipse. Local cruise operators host special eclipse cruises, providing a memorable conclusion to the eclipse journey on the Atlantic Ocean.

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