Peak Inside These 9 Adorable Teardrop Campers for an Unforgettable Camping Trip

Thinking about getting a teardrop camper for your trips? Good choice! Teardrop trailers are convenient, simple to tow, and don’t take up much space. But…

Thinking about getting a teardrop camper for your trips? Good choice! Teardrop trailers are convenient, simple to tow, and don’t take up much space. But you might be wondering what the inside of a teardrop trailer looks like. We’ve collected some interior photos of teardrop campers so you can see for yourself.

Inside, you’ll usually find a bed, some lighting, a vent on the roof, and windows. There’s often a kitchen area on the outside. In this list, you’ll see that some bigger teardrop campers have kitchens inside, and a few even have a small bathroom.

There are many different types of teardrop trailers out there. These photos will give you a glimpse into the variety available, showing that each one has its own features. Have a look!

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1. NuCamp TagXL

Photo Credit: NuCampRV

The NuCamp TAG and TAGXL teardrop campers are gorgeous little campers meant to go off-grid or stay in the campground. These teardrop camper interiors make us want to grab one and go boondocking.

Besides the cozy interior, you’ll find a well-equipped rear galley with a deep sink, two-burner stove, microwave, and Yeti cooler. The NuCamp TAG XL teardrop trailer interior features a comfortable king-size bed, stargazer windows that crack open, letting fresh air in.

2. Escapod Topo Series Teardrop Camper

Photo Credit: Escapod

The Escapod Topo Series teardrop campers are made for exploring the rugged outdoors. This teardrop camper interior offers four cabinets, two cubbies, and a closed compartment behind the bed for your storage needs.

Relax on your queen bed with 5″ memory foam and peer out the stargazer window overhead. You’ll stay comfortable in this teardrop trailer interior with its 4-speed exhaust fan.

The outdoor galley is ready for gourmet cooking wherever you are. There’s a two-burner stove, counter space for food prep and a YETI Tundra 65 cooler.

3. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus

Photo Credit: Braxton Creek

The Braxton Creek Bushwacker teardrop trailer features one of the more unique teardrop camper interiors. Instead of the normal outdoor cooking area, you’ll find indoor cooking, a toilet and shower, and a 3-way refrigerator. This means you won’t have to go outside to prepare meals in inclement weather.

This teardrop trailer interior offers a convertible dinette where you can sit comfortable during the day to eat or work. Then at night, transform the dinette into a comfortable bed.

4. Aero Teardrop Trailer

Photo Credit: Outdoorsy

Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a book inside this cozy teardrop camper interior by Aero Teardrop Trailers? This camper offers a queen-size bed that folds into a sofa for daytime use.

A stargazer window gives you a stunning view of the Milky Way at night. Plus, this teardrop trailer interior comes with interior lighting including reading lights, an adjustable rooftop vent fan, and television with Bluetooth speakers.

The Aero teardrop camper interiors are especially unique because you choose which add-ons you want. The Aero teardrop trailers are entirely customizable.

5. Colorado Teardrop Camper Interior

Photo Credit: Outdoorsy

You just might swoon when you see this teardrop camper interior by Colorado campers. We just love the wood paneling, pop-up wood table and convertible bed. These off-road campers are rugged, built to follow your overland rig with ease.

Relax on a queen-size bed after a long day of hiking and exploring. Stow your stuff in generous under-floor storage. These teardrop camper interiors are completely insulated, providing you relief in both hot and cold temperatures.

We also love the large rear galley, where you’ll find a large countertop and room for a cooler and water tank. Rotating shelves give you a spot to store a cooking stove and room for charcoal or firewood.

6. Go Little Guy Mini Max Teardrop Camper

Photo Credit: Outdoorsy

The Little Guy Mini Max teardrop camper interior is larger than most of the teardrops on our list. Inside, you’ll enjoy a convertible dinette that folds out into a comfortable bed at night.

The indoor kitchen in this teardrop trailer interior features a microwave, two-burner stove, fridge/freezer, and deep sink with a spray faucet.

The Little Guy Mini Max teardrop trailer has beautiful 100% maple cabinetry and a TV mounted on an arm swivel when you want to watch a movie and relax.

7. MyPod Tiny Teardrop Trailer Interior

Photo Credit: MyPod

You won’t believe your eyes when you see photos of the MyPod teardrop camper interior. This micro camper weighs only 760 pounds and is perfect for small cars. This cozy and compact teardrop camper features an entertainment center, window shades, a full size sleeping area, air conditioning and a 3-speed roof vent fan for increased air circulation.

The one thing you won’t find in this adorable teardrop trailer is an outdoor kitchen, which is usually a feature of these types of trailers. Instead, you’ll have to bring camping gear and set it up on the picnic table.

8. Vintage Overland Teardrop Trailer Interior

Photo Credit: Outdoorsy

The Vintage Overland teardrop trailer interior is one of the most basic on our list. This off-road camper trailer is meant to take you deep into the great outdoors so you can get away from crowded campgrounds.

Each of the Vintage overland teardrop campers is handcrafted; they are not mass-produced. These ultra-lightweight campers weigh about 700 pounds so can be towed with just about any car.

This teardrop camper interior offers a comfortable bed to rest your head after a long day of adventuring. You’ll also find a rugged outdoor kitchen.

Each teardrop trailer interior includes a memory foam mattress, tinted window with a screen and birch interior panels with a nod toward Danish design.

9. Timberleaf Pika Teardrop Camper

Photo Credit: Timberleaf

The Timberleaf Pika teardrop camper interior is a cozy and comfortable space to lounge or sleep after hiking, cycling or walking. This compact teardrop trailer’s interior is built around a double mattress, which comfortably sleeps two. You’ll also find a headboard with storage space behind, a full-width cabinet above your feet and a series of stretch netting cargo locations.

Lighting includes both LED lights and reading lights. A 4-speed electric fan keeps air moving throughout the cabin.

This lightweight teardrop is great for almost any car, and also features a back galley with lots of storage space.

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