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Kristin Hanes is a journalist and entrepreneur who’s worked at radio stations up and down the West Coast. She’s been published in Marie Claire, SF Gate, Realtor.com and Stash Invest. Through her popular blog, The Wayward Home, Kristin hopes to inspire others to live a simpler, more rewarding life, whether that’s by living in a tiny home, van, sailboat or RV. She also hopes to give people ideas on how to break free from the 9-5 and pursue a life of freedom and adventure. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area on a sailboat with her boyfriend.

The Wayward Home has been featured in SF Gate, Nerd Wallet, Time Money, and The Coast News.

For media or PR inquiries or additional information, please email [email protected]

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Demographics and Site Statistics

The Wayward Home is a great place to promote your business or product. This blog has over 50,000+ monthly pageviews and an email list over 2,200.

The Wayward Home’s readers are split evenly between men and women, with age ranges of 25-65 who are interested in finding cheaper, more fulfilling ways of living. The readers of The Wayward Home have an adventurous spirit, curiosity, and are eager to learn to embark on their life of freedom.

Readers also love finding ways to save money, live frugally, and find ways to work remotely from their van, RV or sailboat.

Opportunities Available

Underwritten Post or Series: Sponsor an in-depth post or series written by Kristin on a topic of your choice. These posts typically have longevity as they get continuous attention on social media and are optimized for search results. These are high-quality posts that resonate with readers. For pricing information, email [email protected]

Product and Service Reviews: Kristin is willing to review products and services that appeal to her readership on The Wayward Home. Products must be within her niche and be applicable to her core group of readers. Please email [email protected] for product and service reviews.

Freelance Writing: As a seasoned journalist and writer, Kristin is available for freelance writing on a variety of topics, from her life downsizing and living in a car, tent and sailboat, to interview pieces with others who are living a smaller life. She is also available to write about budgeting, personal finance, and making money remotely.

Other Opportunities: Kristin is happy to work with your company and brand in innovative ways. Just reach out for a brainstorm session!

You can email Kristin directly at [email protected]