14 Exciting Road Trip Games to Stay Entertained on a Boring Drive

What makes a road trip fun? Music, food, and games complete the perfect package. Which game can bring out the fun in your group? Here…

What makes a road trip fun? Music, food, and games complete the perfect package. Which game can bring out the fun in your group? Here are some incredible games you can play even with your kids. 

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1. Watch Your Mouth

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Here’s how to play “Watch Your Mouth”: Before you hit the gas, decide on some off-limit words and phrases. For example, you can ban “Are we there yet?” and “Are we near?” Once you have decided on the forbidden sentences, write them down, and prepare to bring out the list when someone slips up.

2.  Story Time

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To play the game Story Time, you need your creative juices working. One player begins the story and then another adds details to the story. The story unravels until the time limit set is over. 

Record the stories you make. They might be masterpieces just waiting to be told. 

3. Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions is a guessing game that is fun and challenging at the same time. It starts with a player thinking about anything under the chosen category. The other players ask questions that can be answered by yes or no. The player who guesses correctly gets to start the next round. 

4. License Plate Game

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The License Plate Game is one of the simplest road trip games to enjoy. All the players will look at license plates and try to spot all the states. The point goes to the first person to mention the state. The person with the highest points wins. 

5. The Singing Game

Are your friends and family fond of singing? The Singing Game is all about connecting different songs through their lyrics. It starts with a player singing a line of a song and the next will sing a line from a different song. The basic rule is that the lines should somehow connect. The player who fails to give a line loses. 

6. Trivia Game

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Trivia Game is a good option for your road trip if you like hosting game nights in your family or squad. Prepare trivia questions you can ask during your road trip. Make it more interesting by preparing multiple categories and creating easy and difficult questions. 

7. Movie Game

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The Movie Game is similar to the Singing Game, but instead of connecting song lines, you’ll connect movies through the actors in them. The game starts by naming a specific actor. All the players will give a movie title in which the actor starred. The players who give an incorrect answer will be out, and the remaining player wins. 

8. Alphabet Game

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In the Alphabet Game, players need to look at license plates and point at letters alphabetically. The first person to complete the alphabet wins. Players can choose between the right side or left side of the road. 

9. Fortunately & Unfortunately

The Fortunately & Unfortunately game is a funny mix of truth and lies. It starts with one player saying something good that happened and starting with “Fortunately.” The next player has to say something unfortunate connected to what was previously said. Anyone who stumbles and stutters is out. 

10. Animal Name Game

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The Animal Name Game is a connecting game. The first player names any animal of his choosing. The next player gets the last letter of the mentioned animal to name a new one. The chain of the naming game continues. The player who can’t name one sits out until only one player is left as a winner. 

11. Telephone Game

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In the Telephone Game, the first player is assigned as the storyteller. The storyteller whispers the story to the next player, and that player has to whisper it to the next player. All players will try to tell the story word-for-word, with the last one finally saying it out loud. You’ll get a good laugh at how different the story becomes at the end of each round. 

12. Regional Food Master

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Are you all foodies in your family or friends? In the game Regional Food Master, you find a local snack at every stop you make at gas stations. The snacks need to be locally made, and you need to collect one for each city you visit. 

The downside of this game is that you need to spend money on it. The big advantage is you get to eat something new

13. Name That Song

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The Name That Song game starts with one player singing a line from a song. All the other players will guess which song it belongs to. You can make the game interesting by starting with just saying the line and then humming in the next round when no one guesses it. Naming the title and the singer gets double points! 

14. Would You Rather

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In the game Would You Rather, everyone will get the chance to ask questions with only two given choices. Their answers might surprise you. Some interesting questions include the following:

  • Would you rather get a dog or a cat? 
  • Would you rather be extremely rich or extremely happy?
  • Would you rather have super strength or telekinesis? 

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