12 Spooky Routes for an Exciting Cross-Country Road Trip

0 shares Haunted stories have a way of capturing our imagination, particularly those set along America’s eeriest highways. More than just eerie tales to tell…

Haunted stories have a way of capturing our imagination, particularly those set along America’s eeriest highways. More than just eerie tales to tell in the dark, these legends often intertwine with genuine concerns about the unfamiliar and safety on these less-traveled roads. Feeling adventurous? Join us as we explore America’s most haunted routes, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

1. I-4 Dead Zone

foggy highway
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Have you ever traveled the eerily infamous stretch of the I-4 near Sanford, Florida, known as “The Dead Zone”? This part of the highway, particularly at the south end of the I-4 bridge, has gained a notorious reputation. Many travelers report bizarre occurrences here, from unexplained electronic malfunctions and lost phone service to mysterious lights emerging from the void. It’s a place so riddled with these strange happenings that it’s often called “cursed.” Those who’ve dared to traverse this stretch have shared spine-chilling tales, adding to the mystique of The Dead Zone.

2. Boy Scout Lane, Wisconsin

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Steven’s Point, WI, is a town with chilling tales to tell. Along the Highway 66 Bridge, there’s an eerie legend about the ghostly figure of a bride, tragically killed en route to her wedding. They say her bloodied apparition appears in the backseat of your car, visible only when you glance in the rearview mirror. A short distance away lies Boy Scout Lane, a road shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that a troop of Boy Scouts vanished here, never to be found. While their fate remains a mystery, travelers have heard echoes of their laughter in the surrounding woods, a haunting reminder of their unsolved disappearance.

3. Dead Man’s Curve, Bantam

dark highway in the woods
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Often regarded as Ohio’s most haunted hotspot, Dead Man’s Curve carries a legacy tinged with the supernatural. Nestled between Amelia and Bethel in the village of Bantam, Clermont County, where Route 222 intersects with Route 125, this stretch of road is cloaked in eerie tales. The most spine-chilling of these involves a faceless hitchhiker, a spectral figure haunting this area. Witnesses often report seeing him late at night, typically between 1:20 and 1:40 AM. Some say he suddenly appears in the middle of the road, causing drivers to swerve or think they’ve hit him.

4. Annie Road, New Jersey

dark road at night
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Riverview Drive is its official name, but it’s better known for its haunting reputation, drawing in both curious drivers and paranormal enthusiasts for years. This road, a hotspot for supernatural occurrences, has stirred up quite a bit of unease and disruption in what used to be a peaceful town.

Ghostly sightings and eerie apparitions on this road date back to colonial times, fueling its spooky lore. Central to its legends is the tale of a bride who met her tragic end here; her restless spirit is said to haunt travelers still. Numerous motorists have recounted unsettling experiences along this stretch – hearing unexplained screams, encountering sudden patches of mysterious fog, and even facing disruptions in their electronic devices like phones and cameras.

5. Railroad Bed Road – Brooklet, GA

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In Brooklet, Georgia, a small town near Statesboro, the charm of small-town America comes with a twist. Known for its annual Peanut Festival and unique Slow Tractor Race, Brooklet, with a population of just over 2,000, also harbors a ghostly secret. The town’s Railroad Bed Road, locally known as “Ghost Road,” is infamous for its paranormal activities. Here, drivers report unexplained lights and apparitions at night, with legends of a headless man haunting the area, adding a mysterious allure to this otherwise idyllic town.

6. John’s Bayou Road, Vancleave, MS

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A series of car accidents have been reported on this particular road in nearly the same spot. Remarkably, the survivors have recounted strikingly similar experiences. Each driver mentioned halting their car because they saw something that looked like blood on the road. Upon checking and returning to their cars, they all experienced a chilling sequence: headlights would abruptly emerge from the darkness, followed by a collision with a dark-colored van that seemed to vanish into the night just as quickly as it appeared.

7. Devil’s Highway

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Arizona’s most perilous section of the former Route 666, now known as Route 191 but still commonly referred to as The Devil’s Highway, is close to the Mexican border. Despite the official name change, locals haven’t forgotten its ominous nickname. Travelers on this stretch have reported terrifying encounters, including being chased by ferocious wild dogs, locally dubbed “Hellhounds.” There are also tales of a ghostly, flame-engulfed big rig, shrouded in black smoke, that appears suddenly and tries to force vehicles off the road.

8. Haynesville Road, Maine

highway in maine
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The Haynesville Woods road, immortalized in Dick Curless’s “Tombstone Every Mile,” is notorious for its ghostly tales. This dangerous stretch is known for the numerous truckers who perished here. The most famous ghost story is of a young, distressed bride who appears to drivers, claiming her husband is injured from a wedding day car crash, only to disappear near the road’s end. There are also eerie sightings of little girls by the roadside, vanishing when approached, possibly linked to a tragic accident in 1967 when two girls were hit by a truck.

9. Ortega Ridge Road, Montecito, CA

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Over a hundred years ago, a tragic event unfolded when three nuns from the Santa Barbara Mission set out to deliver food and Bibles to the Chumash Native American village. Tragically, they never reached their destination, falling victim to highway robbers who took their lives. Today, on Ortega Ridge Road, locals report seeing the ghostly figures of these three sisters, known as Las Tres Hermanas.

Dressed in their traditional black-and-white habits and standing together hand-in-hand, they appear to be in a state of solemn prayer, their spirits lingering on in a poignant reminder of their fateful journey.

10. Jack Cole Road, Alabama

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Jack Cole Road, a rugged, unpaved path shrouded in dense forest off Highway 7 in Blount County, harbors a dark history. Since the 1890s, it’s been the site of 68 reported deaths, 60 attributed to a cholera outbreak in 1900, while the remaining eight involve more sinister circumstances, including murder.

The road is rife with eerie occurrences: unexplained lights in the woods, loud, unidentifiable noises, ghostly figures seen wandering, and most bizarrely, sightings of a creature resembling a cross between a wolf and a human, reminiscent of Bigfoot. Given these unsettling phenomena, Jack Cole Road is hardly the place for a leisurely weekend drive.

11. Jeremy Swamp Road, Connecticut

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Be wary of car troubles in Connecticut. Across the state, including on Jeremy Swamp Road, there are tales of stranded motorists mysteriously disappearing before their rescue arrives. Local lore suggests these vanishings are the work of the “Melon Heads” – bizarre, humanoid entities with oversized heads, said to emerge from the forest and prey on those unlucky enough to be stuck on these roads.

12. Sandhill Road, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Adventurers daring to explore the flood tunnels beneath Sandhill Road often emerge in a state of panic, haunted by the sounds of eerie scrapings and chilling screams echoing through the darkness. The most intrepid explorers, venturing deep into these tunnels, have stumbled upon bones marred with marks resembling human bites.

Yet, as the unnerving shuffle and moans akin to those of the undead grow nearer, even the boldest visitors retreat in haste, unable to gather any tangible evidence, left only with the haunting memories of the sounds that seem to whisper of the undead.

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