The 10 Best Cars for Great Sleep on a Road Trip

We’ve probably all had a quick nap in our car at some point. It might not be the most comfortable experience, but it does the…

We’ve probably all had a quick nap in our car at some point. It might not be the most comfortable experience, but it does the trick. But what if we want to sleep in our vehicles on a road trip at night?

A van or truck camper is the most obvious choice, but a car is a suitable option, too. However, you need the right car, preferably one with enough space and plenty of comfort.

Luckily for you, with the help of Reddit, we’re here to outline the best cars to sleep in for a road trip. We’ve got 10 epic recommendations, so let’s get started!

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1. Toyota Sienna

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One of the most highly recommended vehicles on Reddit was the Toyota Sienna. This small minivan offers plenty of room for sleeping and storing your road trip essentials.

One Redditor who drives a Sienna had this to say when talking about the minivan: “Push button climate control with tons of room in the back. The downside is no stow-and-go seats.”

In response, one Redditor recommended the Chrysler Pacifica for anyone wanting a stow-and-go-seat vehicle.

2. Honda Element SUV

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If you’re looking for a beast of a car to hit the road with, look no further than the Honda Element SUV. This quite stunning vehicle is a pleasure to drive, and comes with plenty of space.

One community member has been car camping in their Honda Element for the last two years, and he said, “It gets ok gas mileage but is roomy and nice to drive.”

Other readers agreed, some telling Reddit how they’ve converted their vehicle to make it even more suitable for car camping. To create more space, one user recommended removing the back seats.

3. Honda CR-V

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Another Honda option is the CR-V. According to one car camper, “You can flip the seats down and sleep in the back relatively comfortably if you needed/wanted to.” 

Aside from offering a comfortable night’s sleep, the Honda CR-V has lots of storage space. One driver has even installed a set of sliding drawers in the back of his CR-V. 

When talking about the drawers he installed, he said, “The drawers fit in the trunk perfectly with my cooler, so I can keep the other seats up if I want to.”

It sounds like a solid choice if you ask us!

4. Scion xB

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One member of the r/CarCamping community recommends the Scion xB. Like the other cars on this list, the Scion xB has plenty of room. However, the user who suggested it loves it for more than just its space.

He listed all the things he likes about it. Here are some of the pros he mentioned:

  • Easy to park
  • Oodles of space
  • Good gas mileage
  • Big windows for looking out

If you’re looking for a reliable all-round option, the Scion xB sounds ideal!

5. Subaru Crosstrek

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If you want a vehicle that offers a comfortable car camping experience with minimal effort, look at the Subaru Crosstrek. According to one Crosstrek owner, you don’t need much if you’re going road-tripping for one week.

This user told Reddit to “just have a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag, and a couple of pillows and blankets.” In his eyes, that’s all you need to have a comfortable night’s sleep in a Crosstrek. 

Regarding your other camping essentials, the same Redditor believes there’s plenty of space for everything you need.

6. Subaru Outback

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Another Subaru that makes our list is the Subaru Outback. With a name like that, this car was always going to be an excellent option for road-tripping.

One car camper told Reddit that the Subaru Outback “strikes a great balance between cargo space, fuel efficiency, and offroad capability.” He admitted it isn’t the absolute best at all those factors, but it also doesn’t max out any of them at the expense of the others. 

The opinion we get from Reddit is that the Outback is an excellent option if you seek a great all-rounder. It could be the perfect starting place for your car camping journey.

7. Volvo XC70

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Redditors described the Volvo XC70 as a “big bomb-proof car.” In other words, this Volvo is perfect if you’re looking for a reliable, heavy-duty car camping vehicle!

Admittedly, Reddit didn’t have much to say about this car other than a few things it has to offer, like lots of sleeping space, good gas mileage, and decent storage space.

As well as the Volvo XC70, another user recommended the V70 for the same reasons.

8. Honda Fit

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According to Reddit, the Honda Fit is one of the best cars to sleep in on a solo road trip. The back seats in the Honda Fit fold down flat, leaving enough space for one adult to sleep.

It should be mentioned that the users recommending this car were under 5’5”, so it isn’t necessarily a good choice for taller travelers. 

When talking about the Honda Fit, one owner said, “The Fit is so fun and sporty,” while also telling readers to consider buying a tent to pop over the hatchback. This is a great way to give yourself more space.

9. Mazda CX5

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Some car campers believe the Mazda CX5 is the best car for sleeping in on a road trip if you want all the perks of an RAV4 or CR-V but with more style. Check it out if you want to travel in style and still sleep comfortably at night!

When discussing the Mazda CX5, an RAV4 driver left a hilarious comment: “How DARE you (correctly) imply my RAV4 is ugly!”

This Mazda looks fantastic, and it can be easily converted to allow more space for camping. Some road-trippers have kitted this car out with a wooden bed in the back and storage space, and you could do the same. 

10. Chrysler Pacifica

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Finally, we have the Chrysler Pacifica, a fantastic option for couples. Many car campers regard the Chrysler Pacifica as the ultimate car camping vehicle for long road trips. 

One Redditor sleeps in this car with his wife and dog, and he absolutely loves it. Here’s what he had to say:

“We drove up and down the 395, camping along the way with our dog for 10 days last summer. Back-row seats hide and create a nice long bed platform to sleep comfortably, and there is TONS of space for everything you need for even the longest road trips. And it gets great mile per gallon for a van of that size, too.”

With praise like that, the Pacifica is undoubtedly an option to consider!

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