The 10 Rudest Things You Can Do On a Plane

Getting ready for your next vacation? British etiquette consultant Jo Bryant and travel experts at SkyParkSecure shared some of the biggest plane travel turn-offs with…

Getting ready for your next vacation? British etiquette consultant Jo Bryant and travel experts at SkyParkSecure shared some of the biggest plane travel turn-offs with The Wayward Home. 

Jo believes these 10 etiquette blunders would leave a seasoned globetrotter “cringing with embarrassment and scratching their head.” No one does courteousness quite as well as the Brits do. So take notes.

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1) Taking your shoes off

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Unless you’ve just gone for a pedi and your feet never sweat, don’t take off your shoes on the plane. Your neighbor won’t thank you for sharing “eau de foot!”. 

2) Showing up drunk at the gate

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Having a glass or two before a plane ride is fine. But being loud is rude, struggling to move through the cabin is embarrassing, and being sick on the plane is a no-no. 

3) Asking to switch seats for no good reason

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If you didn’t pay for your seat and end up in the middle seat, refrain from asking your neighbor to swap seats for no good reason. It’s not polite.

4) Clapping after landing

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Clapping after landing isn’t just uncool; Jo thinks it’s rude to the pilots. If you clap after a good landing it sends the message you’re surprised they can land. And if you clap after a rough landing, you’re being sarcastic.

5) Holding up security

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You know those people who aren’t prepared to go through the metal detector? The ones who don’t take their belt off in advance and the guard finds liquids and electronics in their hand baggage? Don’t be that person.

6) Eating smelly food 

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Bringing smelly food on board to eat, like fast food or a tuna sandwich, is rude to your neighbor’s sense of smell. Stick with dry snacks and plane food.

7) Being late for boarding

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Keeping a plane load of people waiting for you never classifies as being ‘fashionably late’. The crew will hate you and most passengers will be annoyed.

8) Pushing to get off the plane

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We get it – you’re in a rush and you need to get off the plane ASAP. But pushing other passengers so you can get to the exit faster is rude.

9) Forcing conversation

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If the person sitting next to you doesn’t look eager to chat, don’t tell them about the terrible date you had last night. They probably don’t want to speak to you at all, let alone hear about your private life.

10) Reclining at mealtime

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If you keep your seat reclined at mealtimes the person behind you can’t use their table or they’ll have to balance it on their legs. Not fun.

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