The Best Countries Digital Nomads Are Raving About in 2024

A recent news article revealed the massive growth in people becoming digital nomads. One expert “expects the global number of digital nomads to top 40…

A recent news article revealed the massive growth in people becoming digital nomads. One expert “expects the global number of digital nomads to top 40 million this year.”

With so many people seeking the freedom to travel and work, only one question needs answering: What are the best countries for digital nomads in 2024? To answer that question, we’ve turned to Reddit for help!

Redditors gave their top suggestions, and we’ve put them into a list. Today, we’re going to share 10 of the most popular suggestions.

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1. Greece

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Greece checks all those boxes if you’re looking for somewhere that offers sunshine all year, turquoise waters, historic landmarks, and delicious cuisine. A vacation hotspot, Greece is also becoming a popular destination with digital nomads.

Why? According to Reddit, Greece offers an excellent tourist visa that allows digital nomads to stay for up to six months. That’s enough time to establish a base to work from, visit the main attractions, and enjoy the sun.

When discussing Greece as a digital nomad destination, one Redditor said, “The cost of living is cheap, and it’s a beautiful place.” What more can we ask for?

2. Croatia

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Croatia is a beautiful country with a rich history, gorgeous landscapes, and historic cities. However, these aren’t the main reasons digital nomads travel to Croatia.

Most experienced digital nomads on Reddit said, “Croatia has the best nomad visa in Europe.” This suggests it’s a very easy place to travel to if you want to work remotely. 

A quick look online tells us Croatia’s Digital Nomad Visa allows foreign workers to live in the country while working for up to one year. That gives you more than enough time to explore the ancient city of Dubrovnik, head out on a catamaran tour, and soak up the sun in Zagreb.

3. Kenya

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Some digital nomads might find Kenya a surprising inclusion on our list. However, when we take what Reddit says into account, it isn’t surprising at all.

According to Reddit, Kenya is a top choice because there are lots of things to do, excellent facilities, and it’s affordable. When asked about why he likes Kenya so much, one Redditor said, “The internet is very fast. The capital Nairobi is buzzing and is very affordable. Also has a significant expat community. Very friendly Citizens too.”

For us, the opportunity to spot lions on safari is enough to draw us in!

4. Turkey

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Turkey isn’t generally seen as a must-visit destination for digital nomads, but the few nomads who’ve spent time in the country have enjoyed it.

One digital nomad decided to work from Bodrum. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s fairly affordable. I rented a two-bedroom condo in Bodrum downtown for $350 a month (1-year agreement), and food is about $5-10 a meal. The people are nice, good nightlife, and good internet.” 

Somebody who agreed also said, “Turkey is my #1 for remote work earning dollars. The bang for the buck is amazing, the country is beautiful, the people friendly and the food to die for.”

It’s hard to argue with reviews like that!

5. Spain (Tenerife)

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A few Redditors from the r/DigitalNomad community recommended Spain, particularly Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, and it has a lot to offer digital nomads.

Digital nomads most appreciate the island’s great weather, attractions, and low tax rates. Of course, the Spanish cuisine is magnificent too. 

When you’re not working hard, you’ll be sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand and a selection of delicious tapas dishes. We’re feeling jealous already!

6. Mexico

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Mexico was mentioned by a handful of digital nomads, all of whom had spent a substantial amount of time there. One of these Redditors simply said, “Viva Mexico! Been here for 2 years now.”

Luckily, another Redditor went into more detail, saying, “Mexico has certainly gotten more expensive since I arrived. But relatively speaking, it is so much cheaper than the US. The country has everything.”

Mexico is undoubtedly an appealing destination, especially if you love tacos and nachos, but safety is sometimes a concern. One digital nomad wrote, “The safety issues do grind me after a while.”

This is definitely something to take into consideration when making plans!

7. Latvia

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One community member believes Latvia is perfect “If you’re looking for a good place to get a lot of work done with pleasant people, good food, and nice coffee shops.”

It isn’t the best place to go if you’re looking for a party atmosphere, but the capital (Riga) is an excellent place to spend some time and save money. It isn’t the warmest of cities either, but there’s plenty to see and do. 

The city itself is stunning and picturesque towns like Kuldīga are less than two hours away. 

8. Thailand

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We’re quite surprised Thailand didn’t take the crown. The country is perfect for digital nomads. It’s super cheap, has stunning scenery, and the weather is pretty great all year.

A well-traveled digital nomad mentioned Thailand. He said, “Been a digital nomad for 4 years now and it’s so comfortable, fun, and affordable.” Another Redditor wrote, “I really loved Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The islands are great too… Thailand is so cheap, the food is amazing, the country is beautiful and very safe and the infrastructure is decent. Very good place for remote work.”

The one downside with Thailand, as one user pointed out, is its distance from America and Europe. Maybe that’s why it isn’t number one!

9. Andorra

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According to Reddit, Andorra is a beautiful country well worth a short trip. Never heard of it? Andorra is one of the smallest European countries, and you’ll find it in the Pyrenees Mountain Range between France and Spain.

A digital nomad who’s spent time here told Reddit, “I loved Andorra during my very short stint there. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Not sure I could nomad there for a long time, but a short trip I’d absolutely do.”

Conveniently, Andorra offers easy access to other European countries, so you could spend some time here before moving on to Spain or France.

10. Albania

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Albania is a good option for Americans because it’s more affordable than other European countries, and getting a visa is relatively straightforward. One digital nomad described getting a visa to Albania as very easy.

Another Redditor told readers what to expect from an Albania visa. He said, “They allow US citizens to stay for a year before having to get a residency permit. That is quite a long time span compared to other places.”

Someone else shared some of the best Albanian locations to visit. They commented, “There are some tourist cities like Berat, Kruja and Shkodra with historical castles. Also in the north, there are some beautiful villages.”

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