The Most Dangerous Places Around The World To Travel

Generally, the world is a safe place to explore. There are countless fascinating countries to visit, exciting attractions to see, unique cultures to experience, and…

Generally, the world is a safe place to explore. There are countless fascinating countries to visit, exciting attractions to see, unique cultures to experience, and impressive histories to learn about. 

However, as exciting as most countries are, some are extremely dangerous. Whether it be because of natural disasters, high crime rates, conflict, or political instability, there are countries you’ll want to avoid. 

Today, with Reddit’s help, we’ll look at those countries. This slideshow will show you the 11 most dangerous places to travel. Let’s begin!

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1. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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After reading what Reddit had to say about Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, we can’t believe it isn’t higher up this list. Port Moresby may only be a small settlement, but according to the r/Travel community, it’s extremely dangerous.

Even the people who tried to defend the capital said it was unsettling. However, the most damning comment came from someone who listed the city’s dangers. 

The dangers he listed included rape, intertribal violence, robbery, and animal abuse. In response, someone left a comment that read, “It’s a very dangerous place for sure, especially if you look like you have money.”

It isn’t uncommon for visitors to the area to travel with armed security!

2. Baltimore, United States

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A surprising inclusion, Baltimore makes this list because many Redditors have had a bad experience in the city. For example, one traveler told Reddit they had someone try to break into their hotel room at night.

When leaving the city, the same person was told to crouch in a taxi when driving through a rough area!

One Redditor went into more detail about what makes Baltimore so unpleasant. He said, “Driving through some of those areas was the worst I’ve ever seen. The dilapidated row houses with boarded windows, roofs collapsed, and barefoot zombies walking around. Not anywhere you’d want to be caught after dark.”

3. Memphis, United States

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Another US city that made the list of the most dangerous places around the world to travel was Memphis. Redditors didn’t give many reasons, most simply saying they felt uncomfortable.

One Redditor wrote, “I felt a bit uncomfortable walking in parts of Memphis, TN at night.” Meanwhile, someone else commented, “I can vouch for this. Memphis is super sketchy. I’ve traveled to every state and most major cities for my job and can say that Memphis has a baseline of just being very sketchy, especially right around the airport.”

Like Baltimore, Memphis seems like a city with good and evil, so you should be fine if you plan your trip well.

4. Thailand

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Despite its popularity, a handful of Redditors mentioned Thailand as the most dangerous place to travel. However, the reasoning is slightly different.

The person who first mentioned Thailand did so because of the dogs. They said, “During the day, you don’t notice them, but during the night, when everyone is asleep, every house or business has dogs, and they basically bark and run up at you, and once one starts barking, the rest of them on the street are on the watch.”

Another user quickly backed up the original poster, saying, “The dogs in Thailand can be scary as hell for real. Some of the monkey packs too.”

5. Kingston, Jamaica 

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One of the places the r/Travel community upvoted the most was Kingston, Jamaica, where one Redditor saw “billboards up on the sides of the road advertising for mercenaries.” The same Redditor also had to go through multiple checkpoints “with guys holding machine guns that didn’t look like they were there for any official sort of purpose.”

These comments are interesting because, from the outside, Jamaica looks like a fantastic tourist destination. Another Redditor believes the government hides all the issues on the island from the tourist resorts. 

It’s believed the troubles in Jamaica are the result of poverty. 

6. Caracas, Venezuela 

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According to Reddit, Caracas has been a dangerous place to go since at least 2015. However, it’s got even worse. 

If you want to avoid illegal currency exchanges, pickpockets, and gunfire, steer clear of Caracas. Travelers who’ve visited the city have experienced everything from pickpockets at the airport and muggings to “gunfire hitting hotel walls” and “backstreets with sketchy dudes.”

If Caracas has gotten worse in the last nine years, we dread to think what it’s like now.

7. El Badari, Egypt

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When reading through the Reddit thread, we came across a place in Egypt called El Badari. Someone who visited the town had a scary story to tell. 

The Redditor in question said, “No tourists go there. It’s the place the surrounding areas go to buy guns. I went to go and look at some ancient Egyptian tombs off the beaten path and got chased out by a local. My driver told me I might have been at risk of being shot.”

Don’t know about you, but that’s enough to put us off visiting!

8. Johannesburg, South Africa

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Johannesburg is an interesting city, but it’s also a dangerous one, as several Redditors pointed out. Some of the Redditors that mentioned Johannesburg told Reddit the locals in the city gave them warnings.

Apparently, the city has a high crime rate that has led to many homes and hotels having increased security. One traveler wrote, “After talking to a few locals as they pointed out some of the crime issues, I felt quite anxious the following days. In fact, I didn’t even notice a lot of electrical fences around until afterward, including our hotel.”

Another user added, “A lot of houses in South Africa have really strong home security, which is always a sign that you’re in a sketchy place I feel like.”

9. San Jose, Costa Rica

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While there were lots of people on Reddit who found San Jose unsafe and dangerous, there were others who loved the people. 

However, it still ranked third as the most dangerous place to travel. Here’s what one community member had to say about their trip:

“By day, I felt everyone staring at us like we were easy targets because we didn’t speak Spanish. By night, my husband and I took a taxi to the gastronomy district to meet a friend of mine who owned a restaurant. It was dark, and the driver literally would not leave until he saw us meet our friend.”

This suggests San Jose is somewhere we need to stay vigilant!

10. La Perla, Puerto Rico

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One Redditor used to do a lot of traveling around Puerto Rico. In his opinion, La Perla is a place every tourist should avoid. According to the Redditor, it’s that bad “even the police know not to go down there.”

Someone else wrote, “We left before dark, and we were advised to leave through the cemetery. It definitely feels pretty sketchy.” These two comments alone are enough to stop us from visiting!

11. La Ceiba Honduras

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The most dangerous place in the world, according to Reddit, is La Ceiba in Honduras. In La Ceiba, Reddit’s travelers felt unwelcome, uncomfortable, and unsafe. 

One Redditor shared his experience in the city. He said, “I went to the restroom for privacy to get my cash in order. When I came out, the [restaurant] owner asked me why I was hiding in the bathroom… and said I didn’t belong in town and should definitely leave before nightfall.”

Another Redditor said, “I turned a corner and saw a man walking towards me, dazed, covered in blood from his head. I immediately turned noped out in another direction.”

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