The Ultimate Pop-Up Truck Campers for Wilderness Explorers

Ready to hit the trails but not keen on the bulk of a full-size RV? Say hello to pop-up truck campers – your ticket to…

Ready to hit the trails but not keen on the bulk of a full-size RV? Say hello to pop-up truck campers – your ticket to adventure with all the coziness of home, minus the hassle. These nifty setups latch right onto your pickup, making it super simple to kickstart your wilderness getaway. They’re all about keeping things light and easy, so you can zigzag through nature without a second thought. Let’s check out some of the coolest pop-up truck campers out there, perfect for anyone itching to explore without being weighed down.

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1. Alaskan Cabover Truck Camper

Photo Credit: Alaskan Campers

Typically, most pop-up campers use canvas sides to extend the roof. However, Alaskan uses solid walls, ensuring that you get better protection from the elements. Better yet, Alaskan camper jacks are hydraulic so that you can set up your truck camper in less time with less hassle.

One central selling point of the Alaskan Cabover is the gorgeous interior decoration. The counters are scratch-resistant laminate with maple trim, and the entire truck camper feels like a luxury hotel room, just a bit on the smaller side. The camper also is well insulated, just in case you want to camp in the winter.

2. Phoenix Custom Slide-In Lvl 2 Truck Camper

Photo Credit: Phoenix Campers

Another advantage of buying a pop-up truck camper is that most manufacturers allow you to order a custom-built model. The Phoenix Mini-Max is the perfect example, as you get to put a wide array of add-ons and interior design elements when ordering your rig. Choose from several faux wood cabinet colors and faux stone countertops.

While the base model is pretty bare-bones, the Level 2 version has many more amenities. In this case, you get a full wet bath with a shower and a cassette toilet. However, if these elements are unnecessary for your travels, you can cut them and put the money toward extra storage bins or exterior lighting.

Another feature we like of the Level 2 truck camper is that the dinette converts into another bed. So, if you decide to travel with two extra people, you have space for everyone to get a good night’s sleep. The cabover portion holds a queen-size bed.

3. Four-Wheel Campers Project M

Photo Credit: Four Wheel Campers

While most pop-up truck campers either slide in or attach to a flatbed truck, the Project M from Four Wheel Campers bolts into your truck bed. Although you can’t remove the unit once it’s installed, the company makes up for that by offering custom-built accessories.

The range of sizes and amenities for this camper is incredible. Basically, no matter what kind of camping or exploring you want to do, you can make it happen with the Project M. This camper can come with one of many roof racks to accommodate your toys and outdoor gear. So whether you’re skiing, hiking, or mountain biking, you can bring it all along.

4. Four-Wheel Campers Swift Model

Photo Credit: Four Wheel Campers

The Swift model from Four Wheel Campers is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple and affordable pop-up truck camper. As we’ve seen with the Project M model, this company makes the best pop-up truck campers by maximizing every square inch of space.

Comfort is the name of the game with the Swift, as it comes with a queen-size bed and a couch on one side. However, if you choose to install a toilet, you’ll have to sacrifice some of your seating area.

This pop-up truck camper is designed for a smaller truck bed, so it can feel a bit cramped if you’re traveling with a partner (or two). However, the Swift comes with lots of storage, a sink/stove combo, and a compact refrigerator. You can also upgrade your model with add-ons like roof racks, awnings, or solar panels.

5. BunduTec Wild

Photo Credit: Bundutec

BunduTec is another company that specializes in pop-up campers. We like the Wild model because it packs a lot in a little bit of space. This pop-up truck camper only fits 6.5-foot truck beds on the large end. However, you get a wet bath, sink and stove combo, a comfortable bed, and tons of storage inside.

This model also includes an outdoor shower so that you can stay clean during your journey. Even better, this pop-up truck camper has an 11-gallon gray water tank so that you can stay out longer before dumping.

6. Overland Explorer Vehicles

Photo Credit: Overland Explorer

As the name suggests, Overland Explorer Vehicles specializes in off-grid truck campers for a wide array of uses. The Backcountry is one of the most rugged options, with powder-coated aluminum siding, durable vinyl flooring that won’t wear down, and marine-grade fabrics. Basically, you can take this truck camper wherever you like, and it will hold its own.

At 85 inches, this is one of the tallest pop-up campers on this list. So, if you’re over six feet, you’ll appreciate the ability to move around comfortably inside. You’ll find a cozy L-shaped couch that converts into another bed and a full kitchen.

7. Outfitter Caribou Lite 8

Photo Credit: Outfitter Caribou

Although most trucks can handle pop-up campers, some vehicles are less capable than others when talking about weight. With smaller trucks, you may run into an overweight issue, particularly when you and any camping partners are inside. One way to alleviate this problem is with pop-up truck camper jacks, or you can buy something lightweight like the Caribou Lite.

At just over 1,000 pounds, this is one of the lightest pop-up truck camper models we’ve seen. So, if you like the idea of lean camping and don’t need many accommodations, this rig might be right for you. Also, the weight and height of this camper are pretty incredible, given that it’s meant for eight-foot truck beds. When the camper is in the down position, it adds only 10 inches to the truck cab.

8. Northstar TC650

Photo Credit: North Star Campers

If you have a smaller vehicle, you want a truck camper to fit your bed. The Northstar TC650 is designed for ultra-short or short-bed trucks, making it the perfect option for these rigs. As with other short models, the camper itself is light on the amenities, such as lacking a bathroom.

That said, the pop-up feature is simple and easy to use, thanks to the motorized roof lift. Although this camper doesn’t have a hard wall, it works well for most weather conditions. If you prefer hard-sided campers, Northstar also offers hardwall versions.

Inside, you’ll find a 3.7 cubic foot three-way fridge with a removable freezer. When it’s time to cook your food, you can use the two-burner glass stovetop. If you prefer something a bit more durable and easier to clean, you can upgrade to an iron stove instead.

9. AT Overland Summit

Photo Credit: AT Overland Summit

So far, we’ve seen pop-up truck campers that offer all the amenities of a motorhome, including a kitchenette, dinette, and sometimes a bathroom. However, the AT Overland Summit is an excellent choice for those who really want to explore the great outdoors. This model is basically an insulated tent that attaches to your truck bed; instead of expanding vertically to give you more room inside, the top tilts up like a lean-to.

Other than a bed, there’s not much to this pop-up truck camper, which is why the base model only weighs 340 pounds. Also, you can buy short versions to fit in a small truck, or you can buy a full-sized eight-foot model to accommodate more gear.

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