These 10 Iconic Songs Will Have you Singing Your Entire Road Trip

37 shares Hit the road with the ultimate playlist! Music isn’t just a background element; it’s the heartbeat of your journey, turning every mile into…

Hit the road with the ultimate playlist! Music isn’t just a background element; it’s the heartbeat of your journey, turning every mile into a memorable adventure. Don’t sweat it – the internet is bursting with playlists curated by experienced travelers, each tune a road-tested gem.

Here are our top picks to keep you moving and singing on your next road trip.

1. Red Eyes By The War On Drugs

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A song by The War on Drugs is what you need for a fantastic start. Enthusiasts claim that the unique thing about this song is that its tunes are flawlessly submerged; instead of drum, brass rolls, and guitar rhythm, you’ll hear a perfectly well-mixed sound. The song is roaring and emotional at the same time. The track has a captivating meaning that delves into the complexities of human emotions.

2. Freeway By Kurt Vile

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Freeway is a rock song released on June 7, 2006, by Kurt Vile. The song provokes your soul for a road trip as the lyrics explore themes of freedom and escapism. Song listeners stated that the song is divided into two halves. The opening part of the track is classic rock, while the second part reflects the power of imagination and mental escape.

3. Come In Please By Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

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The track was released in 2009. This song is by two brilliant artists, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, who are well-known in the music industry. This song is so soothing that one of the commenters writes, “This song is incredibly uplifting that he feels like his body is going to burst in the sunlight.” It could be said that the artists created a masterpiece enough to make you feel like you are in a beautiful garden full of butterflies and a slow breeze is blowing.

4. Money By Pink Floyd

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Money by Pink Floyd is a vintage rock song released in 1973. Music lovers agree that although this track is old, it’s worth listening to. Moreover, the song lyrics uniquely blend money, humor, and irony. The root meaning of this song is that money in anyone’s life brings success and higher status but, at the same time, is the root of all the evils.

5. Breathe (In the Air) By Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd is known to deliver masterpieces as their songs are widely praised. Breathe is from the album The Dark Side of the Moon. The song is crucial for a road trip as it makes you realize that you have gone too far from the things you once thought you could never overcome. Furthermore, The song motivates you to deal with everything with the same bravery you once showed.

6. Out On The Road By Golden Grass

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Out On The Road by Golden Grass from the album was released on March 30, 2018. A user believes that the song offers a wide range of thoughts about the hardships you’ve been through in your past and dealt with every one of them.

7. Brothers By The War On Drugs

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This melody by The War On Drugs has an alternative/indie genre and was released in 2011. The lyrics convey a sense of pining and belonging. The narrator blueprinted his experiences in life and his desire for understanding and love. Listeners have confirmed that the song helps to uplift your mood, and you’ll get the urge to roll down your windows and spread your arms outwards as if there is nobody except you.

8. The Passenger By Iggy Pop

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Iggy Pop released The Passenger in 1977. The song refers to the long journey of the rock iguana on the Berlin S-Bahn line. What catches the audience’s attention is that the lyrics are very catchy and straightforward but brilliantly written.

9. The Weight- Remastered 2000 By The Band

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The Weight by The Band is a folk song that revolves around the idea of people asking a person to take responsibility and burdens. Many music enthusiasts praise the song because they claim that it is perfect for a long drive. It allows your thoughts to be diverse on different matters of life and is heart-warming at the same time.

10. Vidage By 1000mods

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The song was a top hit back in 2011. 1000mods sang Vidage, and this showed the singer’s craftsmanship. Vidage is a French word for emptying, and the song highlights the narrator’s thoughts that sometimes you just want to sit back and let things happen as they are destined to. Experienced explorers consider this song a must for your road trip as it helps you escape from reality.

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