Five design hacks to make your tiny house seem big

441 shares (This is a guest post by Molli McGee of The Tiny House Society. Molli is a U.S. citizen currently living in Cape Town, South Africa….

Tiny House Design Hacks to make your house seem more spacious

(This is a guest post by Molli McGee of The Tiny House Society. Molli is a U.S. citizen currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from writing about tiny houses, Molli loves to be at the beach and eat food (often at the same time). As an avid surfer and beach-goer, she does her best to promote a sustainable way of living. Website:

Like many of us tiny house enthusiasts, you probably see tiny homes as the ideal way to live more with less. However, learning how to make the most of your small space with creative tiny house design can sometimes present a challenge.

The tinier the house, the more important it is to have space-saving tricks up your sleeve (and most tiny homes are no more than 400 square feet).

Where tiny houses lack in square footage, they make up for in spaces that are as beautiful as they are clever. By creating functional tiny house design, tiny homeowners can go far with a little. Let’s take a look at some decor ideas to make your tiny home feel big.

1. Wall art with a purpose is great tiny house design

Incorporating wall art into your tiny house is a good tiny house design step

This is where your creativity comes into play! While paintings and photographs rarely have a secondary purpose; consider jazzing them up by hanging them with industrial-chic, metal clips.

Not only does it look good, but you can also use it to hang notes or the shopping list. Another functional design option is to hang funky containers on the wall.

You’ll keep your surfaces clear and create even more tiny house storage.

Want even more storage? Check out tiny house storage ideas to maximize your space!

2. Stick to lighter colors inside your tiny house

White Room with a bright green plant is great tiny house interior design
While darker colors absorb light and make the room darker, a light color palette (think white or yellow) will harness natural light from outside and open up the space.

An all-white space with either an accent wallm colored pillows or bright green plants will make your tiny home appear bigger, but also allow you to have some vibrant splashes of color.

3. Bring the outside in

Succulent plants work well to make a tiny house seem bigger

A cluster of cactuses or hanging plants with long leaves can really open up a small space by bringing the outdoors in. The pop of green also works really well with minimalist design!

Plants also trick the brain into thinking the room has more depth because that’s where your eye is drawn first.

4. Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Hanging mirrors are a great design hack to make a tiny house look bigger

You can decorate your tiny house with mirrors without making it feel like an 80s suburban home. Not only do mirrors add depth to a room, but they also reflect light.

A strategically placed mirror across from a window can create the effect of a second window.

<Additionally, a few small mirrors placed amongst gallery-style photos or paintings is a great tiny house design touch.

5. Make sure to include lots of windows in your tiny house design

Tiny house design with plenty of windows

The more windows you have in your tiny home, the bigger it will feel! Add in all that fresh air and natural sunlight, and you’ve got yourself a space that will make you feel like you’re outside.

A sliding glass door is also a great alternative to a standard front door because it takes up less space, but also lets in more light.

Saving space in a tiny house is all about finding creative solutions and making the most out of the available space. And these tips are not just limited to tiny houses–some of these ideas can help with organizing and saving space in a home of any size or type.

With a bit of creative thinking and the ability to adapt; you too can make your tiny home feel spacious.

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