19 Tips for Planning Your 2024 Eclipse Trip

With the eclipse looming, it’s the perfect time to prepare for an eclipse trip. You need to settle everything before April 8, 2024, from things…


With the eclipse looming, it’s the perfect time to prepare for an eclipse trip. You need to settle everything before April 8, 2024, from things to bring and accommodations to book. A well-prepared eclipse plan translates to a more enjoyable and carefree viewing experience. Here are several tips to help you make this day perfect. 

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1. Take a Day Off

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If you’re set on making a trip out of the coming solar eclipse, schedule a day off. Send a request for a vacation day on April 8, 2024, and since it’s a Monday, see if you can plan a weekend trip. You can plan a mini-vacation, where the final destination is the perfect place to watch the eclipse. 

2. Plot the Solar Eclipse Path on a Map

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Get a map and plot the center line of the solar eclipse’s totality. Note the places near that line and which are closest to your home. The eclipse will cross 15 states, including Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, and Maine. Choose the nearest state for the best view. 

3. Consider the Date’s Weather Forecast

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Check the weather forecast on the date of the solar eclipse. While it’s not an exact science, you can get a general prediction. The Windy app can help you check if your spot promises clear skies. 

4. Choose the Perfect Place for Viewing

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Find the perfect viewing spot for the solar eclipse. You have two options for viewing the solar eclipse: partiality or totality. The former shows the moon taking a playful bite at the sun, while the latter offers a grander look with the sun’s crown in full view. The viewing location will dictate whether you get a partiality view or a totality view, so choose the perfect place for the event. 

5. Incorporate a Road Trip to Your Plan

Create a road trip that includes solar eclipse-watching. Considering the date is Monday, you can make a road trip out of it. Visit popular destinations along the way towards your viewing spot. Rent an RV or campervan and call your friends to make the trip even more fun. 

6. Stay Flexible

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Keep the eclipse day as flexible as you can. Avoid scheduling adrenaline-filled activities like rock climbing and adventure trails before the event. Instead, prepare for a laid-back day by setting up chairs and grills on the ground.

Be aware of the current weather. If the day turns cloudy a few hours before the totality, go to a different location for the viewing. 

7. Go to the Bathroom Before the Event

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Relieve yourself in the bathroom before the exact time of the solar eclipse’s totality. It’s important to be comfortable and focus on the masterpiece in front of you. Go to the bathroom before the totality starts to avoid standing in a long line and missing the eclipse. 

8. Bring Snacks and Drinks

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Make sure you have enough food to last until the totality ends. You won’t be able to enjoy the view with a grumbling stomach. Keep hydrated and have a bottle of water on hand. 

9. Bring a Chair or a Picnic Blanket

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A chair or a picnic blanket can save you from standing for a long time just waiting for the eclipse to start. Lay the blanket down and be comfortable as you wait for the event to start instead of standing and tiring yourself before seeing the eclipse. 

10. Bring Sunscreen

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Waiting for the solar eclipse means staying under the sun for some time. A sunscreen can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. An umbrella can also help, giving you enough shade to rest in. 

11. Prepare the Filter

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To maximize the viewing experience, get a filter that will let you safely view the eclipse. Some stores sell affordable eclipse glasses, so try to get one before they run out. Wearing one will protect your eyes from ultraviolet and infrared radiation. 

12. Look Into a City Eclipse

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You don’t have to go to the outskirts of the country to enjoy the solar eclipse. Because of the position of this eclipse’s centerline, you can see this stunning view even when in the city. If you live in the large cities of Dallas, Montreal, Indianapolis, and Cleveland, you’re lucky you don’t have to go far to see the eclipse’s magnificence. 

13. Choose Binoculars Over Cameras

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Watching the solar eclipse’s totality is a rare experience that only comes every few years. If you want to cherish the moment, use binoculars to see it more clearly and close up.

When you use a camera, you may miss the experience and not fully see it with your own eyes. It’s important to be present in the moment and not get too caught up in taking pictures.

14. Invite a Friend Owning a Solar Telescope

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A telescope can elevate your viewing experience, but you don’t need to buy one. You can just invite a friend who owns one. Remind your friend to bring the telescope and prepare the solar filter for a safer and closer look. 

15. Attend an Eclipse-Related Event

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With the eclipse’s wide media coverage, many may organize events dedicated to the wonderful phenomenon. Check out your local planetarium and science center for any activities they may have prepared for the event. Join them for a more in-depth eclipse experience. 

16. Stay Put After the Totality Ends

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Bask in the feeling of awe and happiness after watching the stunning solar eclipse. Don’t just pack up and leave as if nothing happened. Stay after the totality and talk to your friends about their experiences about what they saw. 

17. Don’t Be Too Focused on the Centerline

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While the centerline is important in a total solar eclipse, you don’t need to obsess over it. If money, time, or distance limit your ability to view the centerline, don’t force it. Go to the nearest place where you can view the eclipse, however fast it may be. 

In Canada, you can enjoy the totality in less than 3 minutes. However, if you’re lucky enough to live in Texas, you can enjoy it for 4 minutes and 27 seconds. 

18. Look Beyond the Solar Eclipse

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While waiting for the totality to start, appreciate the sights around you. While you camp during the eclipse, take a moment to appreciate your surroundings. You may also enjoy observing the unique sunrise and sunset that the solar eclipse brings.

19. Schedule or Join an After-Eclipse Event

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Create an after-eclipse event to wind down after the glorious experience. You can plan an after-party or a simple meal with friends to make the most of this rare day.

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