Top 10 Sprinter Vans with Bathrooms for Comfortable Camping

When most people imagine van life, they picture waking up next to the ocean or nestled among majestic mountains, with the prospect of another day…

When most people imagine van life, they picture waking up next to the ocean or nestled among majestic mountains, with the prospect of another day of fun and adventure to come. They’ll also most likely picture all that happening in a Sprinter van.

While van life isn’t always that glamorous and exciting, there’s little doubt that the Mercedes Sprinter is the most popular option among van dwellers.

If you’re thinking of buying a Sprinter van camper, chances are you’ll want a toilet and shower inside. In this article we’ll look at some of the best Sprinters with bathrooms you can buy. Later, we’ll consider the advantages and disadvantages of owning a camper van with a bathroom, as well as discussing alternative options. Let’s get right to it!

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1. Winnebago Revel

Photo Credit: Winnebago

The Winnebago Revel is one of the most popular Class B camper vans around, and it’s easy to see why. Built on a 4×4 Sprinter van chassis, the Revel has on-demand 4WD capabilities, meaning it’ll go just about anywhere.

Featuring a beautifully sleek exterior, the Revel has all the efficient and thoughtful interior design features you’d expect from Winnebago. This camper van’s all-in-one gear closet and wet bath includes a flexible shower head, wet storage cabinet, and removable clothes rod. There’s also a cool swiveling cassette toilet with a 5-gallon tank.

With its hydronic heating system, on-demand hot water, and super-powerful 320-amp hour battery, the Revel is ideal for off-grid adventure junkies. While the living space might feel a bit cramped, there is a huge gear garage under the power lift bed.

2. Storyteller Overland

Photo Credit: Storyteller Overland

If you’re searching for an off-grid adventure van, chances are you’ve stumbled across the Storyteller Overland vs Revel debate. Based in Alabama, Storyteller Overland is a fairly new company that’s giving Winnebago a serious run for its money.

There are three models to choose from, each of which is built on a 4×4 Sprinter van chassis. All MODE vans share the same core features, with an emphasis on intelligent design, rugged materials, and modular flexibility. Plus, there’s an amazing Volta power system with a 3,600-watt inverter. That means these awesome vans can go way off-grid for extended periods.

We just love the Storyteller Overland van’s bathroom. In order to save space, the Halo shower system is stored in an overhead cabinet and drops down to enclose a base pan with a cassette toilet. What’s more, the toilet turns into a bench seat when not in use. These guys have thought of everything!

3. Airstream Interstate 24X

Photo Credit: Airstream

With the Interstate 24X, Airstream has created an amazing Class B Sprinter van that’s spacious and comfortable as well as super functional and tough. With close to 100 years of experience in the RV sector, these guys really know what they’re doing!

Built on a 4WD Sprinter van, the Interstate 24X features a stripped-down interior that’s designed with flexibility in mind. There’s a cool L-Track storage system on the walls, ceiling, and floor that’s ideal for attaching bikes, kayaks, and all your adventure gear. Plus, the convertible seating and bed allows for multiple configurations.

After a hard day on the trail, this van’s spacious wet bath will be a welcome relief. There’s a toilet, shower, and sink with articulated mirror in here, as well as a retractable clothesline. What’s more, the van’s diesel heater keeps things nice and toasty inside!

4. Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

Photo Credit: Pleasure Way

The Pleasure-Way Plateau TS is an awesome Class B camper van with an abundance of luxury touches. We think this would be ideal for couples who want van life adventures without having to sacrifice home comforts.

Featuring tasteful LED lighting throughout, this Sprinter van has an electric sofa at the rear that converts to a huge bed. Best of all, the thick memory foam cushions make this situation about as comfortable as you’d ever want. Other luxury features include a generous wardrobe and a galley kitchen with an induction stove, microwave/convection oven, and a giant fridge.

The Plateau TS also features one of the best camper van bathrooms we’ve seen. Seriously, we’re talking corian countertops, a stainless steel sink, a residential-style toilet, and a handheld shower. Plus, the bathroom floor and walls are made from waterproof laminate, so this Sprinter van bathroom is durable and long-lasting.

5. Thor Sanctuary

Photo Credit: Thor

The Thor Sanctuary is a compact Class B camper van that’s been designed for off-grid comfort and functionality. Built on the Mercedes Sprinter 2500 4×4 chassis, and equipped with impressive all-terrain tires, this camper van will take you wherever you need to go!

There are two floor plans to choose from, one with a fixed bed in the rear and another with a fold-out sleeping area. Either way, this Sprinter van features tons of intelligent storage space, streamlined interior design, and easy-to-clean linoleum flooring. What’s more, the Sanctuary is equipped with a 24-inch TV and Winegard ConnecT.

The Thor Sanctuary’s campervan bathroom is fairly small, but there’s everything you need. You’ll find a cassette toilet and a shower with a deluxe curtain in here, as well as a dedicated vent fan with a wall switch. Plus, thanks to the Truma Combi Eco Furnace and water heating system, you’ll never need to skimp on hot showers!

6. Tiffin Cahaba

Photo Credit: Tiffin

In case you hadn’t noticed, off-grid adventure wagons are all the rage at the moment. Little surprise, then, that Tiffin’s first Class B camper van is reminiscent of the Winnebago Revel and Storyteller Overland vans. That’s not to say this Sprinter conversion is a poor imitation — quite the opposite.

Although the Tiffin Cahaba doesn’t have 4×4 capabilities, it’s still a rugged vehicle with off-road wheels and all-terrain tires. Inside, the stripped-down interior features all you need, including tons of storage space, a utilitarian kitchen, and a bench seat that converts to a bed. What’s really cool about this camper van is the massive roof rack and MOLLE gear and bike rack. What’s more, the Volta power system is ideal for extended boondocking adventures.

The Tiffin Cahaba has a full bathroom with a toilet, shower, and retractable shower door. Although space is tight, you’ll be glad of an indoor shower after a hard day’s skiing!

7. Coach House Arriva

Photo Credit: Coach House RV

If a truly luxurious camper van experience is what you’re after, the Coach House Arriva will really deliver. Built on a Mercedes Sprinter 3500 extended chassis, this is the biggest Class B Sprinter van on our list. And you know what that means: plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy van life!

Inside, the Coach House Arriva features lovely touches, including wooden cabinetry and atmospheric LED lighting. Twin beds convert to king-size monsters, and the kitchen has double countertops as well as an enormous fridge/freezer. What’s more, there’s a ducted air-conditioning system and a pair of HD TVs.

Another feature that sets the Arriva apart is its bathroom. Sure, there’s a porcelain toilet and generous sink. However, instead of the typical wet bath, there’s a fully enclosed shower with tons of standing room. See, we told you this was a luxurious camper van!

8. Airstream Atlas

Photo Credit: Airstream

If you thought the previous camper van was luxurious, just wait until you check out the Airstream Atlas! Sure, this Sprinter van will set you back some serious cash, but it’ll be worth every penny if you can afford it.

Packed with luxury features, including European-style cabinetry, sumptuous upholstery, and an outrageous kitchen, the Atlas will have you cruising in style. Best of all? This camper van has a powered slide-out, which you almost never see in Class B vans. Not only will you get more living space, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the van’s awesome Murphy bed.

As you’ve probably guessed, the Airstream Atlas has a pretty fantastic van bathroom on board. Located at the rear, there’s a three-piece residential-style bathroom that’s likely nicer than what’s in your house. There’s a closet, vanity, toilet, and a full shower compartment with teak inlays and LED lighting. How cool is that!

9. Rossmonster Ajax

Photo Credit: Rossmonster

Rossmonster is one of our favorite van conversion companies, and will work with you to create the camper van of your dreams. With that said, you can choose from one of their tried-and-tested designs, like the Ajax.

This Sprinter 170 4×4 van conversion features plenty of stylish touches, although it’s definitely functional too. Inside, there’s a beautiful pine tongue and groove ceiling, butcher block countertops, and a fixed bed at the rear. We love the bench seating up front with its pull-out ottoman and retractable table.

As you’d expect, there’s tons of power on board, as well as a pull-out gear tray that’ll fit bikes, skis, and other equipment. The van bathroom is really well-designed and features a shower and a teak grate. As a bonus, the toilet is neatly stowed under the shower and pulls out when needed.

10. El Kapitan Dream Weaver

Photo Credit: El Kapitan

Based in Huntington Beach, California, El Kapitan is a van conversion company that produces some truly gorgeous builds. There are several different floor plans to choose from, but those looking for a Sprinter van bathroom option should definitely check out the Dream Weaver.

Built on a 170 Sprinter van chassis and available as 4×4 or standard, the Dream Weaver is available in a variety of floor plans. All floor plans offer beautiful interior touches, including Mahogany luan walls and ceiling, Marine-grade plywood floors, and fully loaded kitchens. There’s also a ton of storage spaces including drawers, overhead cabinets, and mule bags.

This Sprinter van conversion features a fully enclosed shower made with honeycomb aluminum walls. As for the toilet, it’s located in a separate pull-out drawer, which is typical of the nifty space saving design features in this van.

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