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Making your tiny home look a little bit bigger is one of the main conundrums of people who choose to downsize and live a smaller life. You probably moved into a tiny home for a reason, and now it’s time to get creative making that space the best it can be.

Double Up!

Using one item that doubles as two is a fantastic way to save space. There are ottomans that can double up as a footrest or little coffee tables that fold away. Whatever little space you have, there’s no need to overdo it with items that serve only one purpose.

Redo The Floor Space

The layout is the main thing to get under control, and this can mean starting from the ground up, literally. Look at your floor space, can it benefit from a little retouching?

If the floor is dark carpet, this can absorb a lot of the light, which will make it feel a lot more claustrophobic. If you change your carpet for hardwood floor, is especially something a little glossier that can help to reflect the light, this will create that illusion of space and will feel freer. You can have a look here for a hardwood floor refinishing company that can add that extra layer of gloss to your floor, but after that, it’s worth looking at your layout, and seeing if you can move things around to make the┬ámost of space. For example, instead of having items in the middle of the room, such as a couch, start to use the corners.

Functionality wins every time!

If you live in a long and narrow space, you need to think about your everyday needs in that room. So, by creating a pathway that goes through your long and narrow space, this will stop you being frustrated every time you bump into an item that is sticking out, or if you live in a more rectangular shaped home, look at utilizing the corners and play with height. In a small space, height is your friend, so take advantage of it.

Use mirrors

Much like a glossy floor will help to have that little bit more light in the home, by hanging mirrors cleverly, you will help to bounce light around the room, creating the illusion of space. This is a very useful trick, especially if you don’t get much light coming through the windows. A handy trick if you live in a long and narrow home, at the end of hallways, hang a mirror on each side, and this will make the hallway appear much longer.

It’s painfully frustrating when you do live in somewhere that is too small to contain you. And while needs must, you don’t have to live in a cramped manner just because it’s a cheap property. Do what you can to take advantage of the size of a property, and add some clever little tricks to create the illusion of space.