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One big challenge of downsizing into a tiny home is this: Where the heck do you put all your stuff? Yes, you have to get rid of most of it, but one thing to keep in mind when designing your tiny is using multi-functional furniture.

You’ll essentially be purchasing a single piece that can serve different uses, which helps save space and cut costs. For instance, an extendable table is a really simple way to add more dining space to an otherwise small home, and a nested coffee table is fantastic when you need a bit more space for guests.

But what’s life like with multifunctional furniture? In order to embrace the convenience of it, you do need to make a few compromises and there are some slight differences. To help you cope with the change, here’s how you can embrace the idea of owning transformable furniture.

Keep in mind it takes setup and regular tidying

Multifunctional furniture isn’t advanced enough to just transform at the push of a button yet. You will need to slide things around, you’ll need to tidy it up afterward and yes, there is a chance of it breaking due to the mechanisms involved. However, multifunctional furniture is sturdy enough nowadays that unless you treat it poorly, there’s almost no chance of it actually breaking under use.

You still have to keep in mind that setting up multifunctional furniture can be bit of a problem, especially if you’re buying cheap low-end stuff. Many multifunctional pieces come as flat-pack furniture, meaning you’ll need to put it together and understand the mechanisms involved to transform it.

Thankfully, there are also multifunctional pieces of furniture that come pre-assembled, but these are usually a bit more expensive and a pain to get into your home.

Since you need to put some effort into transforming the furniture, it can occasionally be a bit of a pain. For instance, if you use your dining table in its regular mode then you’ll probably have a tablecloth over it and some accessories like a fruit bowl. However, if you’re expecting guests, then it does take a little time to take off the tablecloth, take off all of your accessories and items, extend the table, then place everything back. Once they leave, you’ll need to go through all the hassle of cleaning it up and setting it back into its original spot again–definitely not appreciated especially after a long day entertaining guests and cleaning up.

Is this worth it for you? It depends on what you want to use your multifunctional furniture for how and often you’ll be transforming it. There are some sofa beds that can easily switch between modes, and nested coffee tables don’t exactly require much setup.

Trendy and unique furniture

multifunctional furniture

If you’re willing to embrace the convenience of multifunctional furniture, then you’ll find that there are some unique options available that will really set your home apart from the rest of your neighbors and friends. For example, bean bags are fantastic lounging alternatives to sofas and fit really neatly into tiny homes. You could shop today and bring home a huge bag that is suitable for working, resting and even sharing with your friends and family. It’s just one example of a trendy piece of furniture that can fit into a small home, serve many functions and not be a nuisance to use or set up.

Of course, not everyone will appreciate being told to sit on a bag instead of a sofa. Some people are far too traditional to embrace unique pieces of furniture like a bean bag and they might even say it looks weird. If you’re planning to impress guests, then it might actually be wise to not invest in multifunctional pieces of furniture.

But if you want to appear trendy and make the most of a tiny home, then multifunctional furniture will be your best option. Many modern furniture designers are embracing the idea of multi-use furniture, creating wonderful new pieces that are vague in their use so that you can apply them in any way you want. It’s important to think outside the box when you’re trying to furnish a small home and you need to have an eye for creativity.

To keep things simple, you may want to design your home interior from the ground up to support multifunctional pieces. For example, a bean bag chair does take up a considerable amount of space and it doesn’t look great when you simply force it into a room’s furniture arrangement. To introduce more trendy furniture into your home, you’ll need to get rid of the old and boring pieces to make way for something new.

Keep in mind that some of the more unique styles of furniture may require a hefty investment. Sure, some transforming furniture pieces can be a great way to save money and it’s usually one of the biggest selling points, but if you want it to look unique while still remaining functional then you’ll need to cough up a bit more cash than you’d expect to spend.

Some final words

Transforming furniture is trendy, looks great and serves many functions. It’s the perfect addition to a small home and there are many ways to integrate transforming furniture into your lifestyle. Sadly, it can look a lot different to what you’re used to and not everyone can appreciate the growing trend.

If the main allure for you is to save money, then it can look rather basic and you will need to spend time setting up and tidying away the furniture. If you want it to look stylish and modern, then you’ll need to spend a bit more money. Living with it can be convenient, but there are always going to be negatives to keep in mind.