Elena Manighetti

Elena Manighetti is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping and wild camping with her husband Ryan and their border collie Ziggy. She’s been writing for The Wayward Home since 2019, and is an experienced content creator.

Elena grew up going on motorhome holidays with her family. Together, they toured much of Europe aboard an old-school Fiat camper, including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, and Norway. They skied in the Dolomites and snorkeled in Greek waters every year, staying at campgrounds and boondocking on the beach. 

Elena camping as a child

The fondest memories of her childhood are linked to those fun RV holidays. That’s probably why, even as an adult, Elena feels the most relaxed while camping.Later in life, Elena tried out the boat life when she set off to sail around the Mediterranean and to the Caribbean with Ryan. They started off in a 26ft catamaran and continued their cruising aboard a classic Tayana 37. Take a look at her YouTube channel and read about her adventures here.

Elena now lives in Northern Italy, near the Alps. She is a freelance writer and content strategist with 10 years of experience. She enjoys writing about van life, camping, boondocking, camper conversions and boat life.

Elena camping with her dog

In her spare time, she goes hiking and rock climbing, although she wishes she lived near a big lake to go SUPping, too. 

Elena is hoping she can start living the van life part-time soon. She’s currently weighing her options, as conversions aren’t straightforward in Italy. Van conversions need to be fully removable and cannot be attached to the van’s body with any bolts or screws. While she looks for a reasonable solution to this quandary, she keeps her dream alive by writing on The Wayward Home.

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