Sierra Eberly

The Wayward Home Writer Sierra Eberly

Sierra Eberly is an avid trail runner, dog mom to Snow, and solopreneur who has been traveling full-time in a campervan since 2020. 

Having grown up in the wilderness of Northeastern Washington State, the idea of living nomadically and exploring our public lands seemed like the perfect lifestyle to appease her love of trails less traveled, solitude in wild places, and, of course, trail running with her best friend four-legged friend. 

Travels to date have taken Sierra and Snow through the Pacific Northwest and Southwest. From the Mount Baker National Forest in Washington to the Gila National Forest in New Mexico, every wild place has been an adventure. 

After over a year of being on the road working a corporate job remotely, she decided to follow her true (business) passions of writing and marketing strategy, supporting like-minded small businesses with their big aspirations. Boondock Consulting was formed, and Sierra was able to quit her corporate job in 2021 to focus on her own business full-time. 

Since then, Sierra and Snow have continued to travel, balancing work and play while trying their best to make a minimal impact on the planet and enjoying everything it has to offer. You can follow along with their travels via Instagram or Sierra’s personal website, Sierra’s Traverse.

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