Here’s how to sign up for The Dyrt Pro FREE 90-Day Trial!

So you want to get started with The Dyrt Pro free trial? First, download the app:

Then, just enter this coupon code when you sign up for The Dyrt Pro: wayward90.

You’ll get THREE MONTHS to check out Dyrt Pro features like Trip Planner, Offline Maps, Map Layers for boondocking and Campground Discounts.

Prefer to see step-by-step instructions and screenshots? Click here to see the steps to sign up.

What is The Dyrt?

The Dyrt camping app is like “Yelp” for camping. You can read reviews, search campgrounds by amenities and save your favorite campgrounds for later.

  • The largest campground database – over 44,000 public and private campgrounds
  • The most campground reviews – Over 1 million campgrounds, reviews and tips from campers across the U.S.
  • The #1 ranked app for “camping” in the Ios and Google Play app stores
  • Over 1.5 million website visitors per month
  • A new user joins The Dyrt every 26 seconds

Why Should You Get The Dyrt Pro Membership 90-Day Free Trial?

The Dyrt Pro Membership is an upgrade to the regular Dyrt Pro app. You can do so much more if you have The Dyrt Pro. Usually, you only get 7-days to try the membership for free, but we can offer you 90-days! Click here to see the instructions.

Here’s a few of the features:

  • Plan camping road trips with Trip Planner
  • Find free dispersed camping with Map Layers
  • Use our app anywhere with Offline Access
  • Unlock camping and gear Discounts

My very favorite feature of The Dyrt Pro Membership is that it works when you’re offline!

An option to download a map with The Dyrt Pro Membership
Download maps before you go

Hit the Road with The Dyrt PRO In-App Offline Search and Downloadable Maps. These features allow campers to:

  • Spontaneously find camping offline without wifi or cell service while on the road
  • Read campground reviews while offline
  • Download maps within The Dyrt PRO App which includes data on campsites, campground info, and campground reviews

The Map Layers in The Dyrt Pro Membership are super cool

We also love the Map Layers feature so you can see Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service and National Parks land. This makes it really easy to find boondocking spots.

A view of Map Layers in The Dyrt Pro Membership

The Trip Planner is another great feature in The Dyrt Pro Membership

The Dyrt Pro Membership Trip Planner lets you plan stops, campsites, gas stations, you name it. Another great feature!

Choose your route, camping style, driving preferences, and find top-rated camping along the way.

The Trip Planner when using The Dyrt Pro

Here’s how to get a FREE 90 Day Trial of The Dyrt Pro Membership (usually just 7)

Usually, you can try The Dyrt Pro Membership for just 7 days. But we’ve partnered with The Dyrt to offer you 90 days – 3 whole months of exploring and using this awesome app.

You can sign up for a 90-day free trial of The Dyrt Pro Membership with just a few clicks.

Keep in mind you can use The Dyrt Pro Membership on your phone, on a tablet like an iPad (which I prefer), or browse sites on your computer. However, you’ll need the app to download maps.

Step 1:

  • Copy the coupon code to your clipboard: wayward90

Step 2:

Step 3:

Sign up for Pro!

Click on Get Pro Free for 7 Days (We’ll add your 90-day discount code at the next step). If you want to browse the app first, you can always close this out and add your discount code in later, when you sign up for The Dyrt Pro Membership. Just remember this code: wayward90

On the next page, you’ll need to scroll down until you see where to add your discount code of wayward90:

You’ll add your Discount code of wayward90 at the bottom of the page:

Once you enter your code you’ll be signed up for 90 days instead of 7! Way more time to try out the app!

Once you hit Next, you’re all set!

If you don’t want to be charged for the yearly plan, just hit cancel in your account on The Dyrt Pro Membership before your 3 months is up. You’ll get an email 7 days before your trial expires if you wish to cancel.

We love camping for free, and even finding campgrounds using The Dyrt Pro Membership. We hope you enjoy it, too!

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I hope to see you out there!

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